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PowerA Pro Elite Wireless Controller

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Customer Reviews

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  Best Alternative Controller For PS3

| | See all ZADSoft's reviews (1)

While I am a 100% fan of the PS3 and it is my console of choice I also own an XBox so I can play with friends and family. Due to the stupid positioning of the Analog stick on a PS3 controller (in my opinion, the only failing of the PS3) I always have problems switching between the two consoles. The PowerA controller is the perfect solution as the Analog stick is in the correct place. Being slightly larger than the PS3 controller I also find this a better fit to my hands. The PowerA controller is also covered in a very nice tactile covering which also makes it feel good in the hand. It also has back lighting so you do not need the light on when you get confused over which buttons to press. Not to mention full 6-axis control is supported and force feedback.

The only drawback to the PowerA controller is that it uses its own WiFi dongle rather than the proper built in WiFi supported by the PS3.

Overall, the best controller I have ever used.

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  Not Bad, But Not Great

| | See all Siera114's reviews (3)

i have to agree with PerUlven on this one.
i didnt buy mine from Play, but its the same controller. i found it comfortable to hold and it has the sticks the same way as the Xbox. i bought this because most of my friends have xbox's and complain when using the Ps3 controllers because of the sticks (i dont see why its a controller right?)
but the bad thing with it is that my Right stick gets stuck when you push up, and on Call of Duty thats not a good thing.
the red light up buttons are cool, the front L's and R's are easy to use and if you have big hands it fits well,
if you dont. dont buy this. you'll end up giving yourself a hand cramp trying to reach the sticks.
All in all As a Main stay controller. i'd say no.
get it for them times when everyone comes over and your one controller short.


| | See all Tricky6six6's reviews (3)

I purchased this controller because i have always felt the PS3 controllers are too small, the toggles are in the wrong place and the triggers are utterly useless as your fingers just slip off of them. This one seemed to take more of an Xbox 360 style approach with better toggle positions and curved in triggers. The grip too also appealed greatly to me.

Unfortunately this device, while extremely comfortable, seems to only work within a few feet of the console to the point where I've decided to just keep it plugged in to play. If i didn't, it just keeps cutting out every few mins or if i lean back into my chair its suddenly too far away (maybe 7ft).

I've also noticed that the controller needs to have a direct line of sight to the USB sensor required to make it work with the PS3. Sometimes i sit at my desk in the corner of the room as opposed to the sofa directly in front of the TV. From this angle the controller will not work where as the PS3 controller does. Sometimes blocking it with your knees whilst sitting back will interrupt the connection.

I really find myself wanting to use this controller due to how comfy it is but find that i dont trust it at all to stay connected without a cable plugged in

My verdict is:

Good to hold
Excellent feel

Terrible connection distance
Cuts out frequently

  Fantastic Product

| | See all Paul3891's reviews (8)

this controller is easy to use and is like the 360 version but better, the only downside is the padded size what crinkles your hands every 10 minutes into the game.. recharging is easy as it comes with a usb cable and also it tells you when you need to recharge it just like the offical sony one

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  Good controller, although bad dead zone

| | See all PerUlven's reviews (1)

This seemed like a good alternative for those of us who want a controller for the PS3 more like the 360 controller. Unfortunately, this controller has some flaws.

- The feel and touch of the controller is very nice, and it fits good in my rather large hands. My wife said it fit great for her too.
- The buttons and D-pad work like they should, and the four buttons on the right have a cool red light in them (that can be turned off).
- The L2/R2 triggers are very nice

- Very bad dead zone in the analogue sticks

This controller works great for most games but FPS/Shooters or other games where precision is needed, as the dead zone makes aiming very hard compared to the Sixaxis. So a good controller, let down by its analogue sticks.

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  If you like the XBOX360 controller you will love this one!

| | See all GeertK's reviews (1)

I used to own a XBOX360 and loved the controller and with this controller you will get the same feeling on the PS3.

So if you have/had an XBOX360 get this controller for the PS3.

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