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Mass Effect 2

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  Mass Entertainment

| | See all PancraseKid's reviews (6)

Mass Effect 2 introduced me to the series and is the game that made it an absolutely unforgettable IP. The character development is about the best Ive ever seen in one game and it was a pleasure to experience. In Mass Effect 2, you really get to know and appreciate your comerades and it helps to motivate your progress throughout the game. The gameplay itself is hardly groundbreaking but it is a solid third person shooter with some fun added abilities at your disposal and an (albeit simplistic) leveling up system for a sense of progression. This game absolutely blew me away with an amazing mix of high level visuals and strong character interaction combined with solid gameplay and tight controls. The best action RPG on the system and one of a kind.

Note: I had a problem during one play through. There was some kind of loading error and my save file was corrupted and irretrevable. I dont know if this was a one off but Id recommend backing up your save on a USB every now and then.

  You should get it

| | See all MassiveAcid's reviews (7)

On the plus: The game is massive, Super good graphics. There are many ways to play it, the story is detailed, and solid. Packed with action, drama, romance, etc. It has great replay value as well (unlike many other single-player games these days), and as well as side-missions. I'd say its kinda open-world, freedom to choose what side-missions, options to upgrade your team, etc. I enjoyed it a lot even thought I'm not much into shooters (although you need not play it as a shooter). Good for even casual gamers like me, who play with 'easy' difficulty.

Some few minor drawbacks: At times, the game can be 'glitchy' in the sense of frames jumping or minor freezes in your gameplay, even though the game has never completely froze on me. Sometimes, the voice acting sounds rushed because it cuts off/jumps the last words on the sentence. But nothing major. I'm using the ps3 slim, so I'm not sure why that happens. Other minor issues have to do with the technical details and game design, I shall skip those because I don't want to spoil anything.

I recommend getting this game.

  Personally Disapointed However Still A Great Game

| | See all Calum122's reviews (6)

Straight to the point. If you haven't played the first Mass Effect then you can completely Dismiss these points and may skip to the next paragraph. I LOVED Mass Effect 1. I Believe i racked up a good 70 hour save file on one profile. Every aspect about Mass Effect 1, Personally, was amazing. So i was frustrated that everything I loved about Mass Effect 1 has been taken out of Mass effect 2. What the Hell! No longer can you do jumps in the Mako on any planet you fancy whilst battling Gigantic Worms. Or take out an outpost in the Mako. Or search for resources using the mako. Gone are the many attribute points in which you can assign power ups to. No longer can you add powerups to your armour, Wepons and grenades. All of these separated this RPG from others. All for me were just loved features of the first. What I was hoping they would keep.

However if you've never played the game then this game will blow you away. Story telling is awesome. The story itself is better. There is a huge diversity in the gameplay. The graphics are epic. The combat has been significantly improved. Personally the combat was a feature that gave its predecessor some character.

This is an excellent game. But DON't expect it to be like the first. The only similarities is the universe in which Mass Effect lies. Everything else has been stripped out and revamped. That said not everyone liked the features that I enjoyed in Mass Effect 1. So for many it was a massive improvement.


| | See all TheKurgon's reviews (7)

Absolutely brilliant game, start to finish. Being a PS3 owner never played ME1, which doesn't effect this game at all. Racked up close to 45 hours of pure fun. It has it all, great story, characters, graphics, game play, space totty and serious guns, similar to Rogue Troopers mighty firearm! Can't wait till ME3 arrives!

  Such a good game.

| | See all nrd300's reviews (6)

Do not hesitate to buy this amazing follow-on to ME1. This is without a doubt one of the best games I have ever played. There is always a reason to complete the game again by choosing different choices and just doing the story differently. Each time I played I completed the game FULLY in about 40hours.
Worth the money 100%.


| | See all sackoff's reviews (1)

I don't normally write reviews but I got this game two days ago and I can't put the game away.But had to pull myself away from it to write this very fast review all i can say is buy it ,its one of the best gameI have played in a long time.

  Great game

| | See all zebragirly's reviews (1)

I'm a huge scifi fan, so I really wanted Mass Effect 2. I like the game a lot but I finished it yesterday, a lot sooner than I thought I would. It isn't very long, maybe 30 hrs or so for the main story. And actually all you do is recruit your teammates! The storyline could be way more interesting and longer if they had put more time in it. I was really disappointed about that. Loading times were really long, and there were some glitches, but that wasn't too bad. I enjoyed the game, it's great, but not 5 stars.

  Another excellent Bioware RPG.

| | See all Caramon's reviews (77)

Following on directly from the original MASS EFFECT game (available on PC and X-box), this brilliant sequel sees Commander Shepherd joining the Cerberus organisation two years after the original games adventures.

A Dark Horse Comics backstory graphic novel sets the scene, allowing the player to inform the game of the choices you made in the original MASS EFFECT game (which is not available on PS3) or to give you a first grounding in the MASS EFFECT universe. It is advisable to actually play the original game, to help give the sequel some context, though, and as an added bonus MASS EFFECT 2 saved games will be able to be imported into the forthcoming third instalment being written at the moment, when it is released next year.

Creators Bioware have a strong tradition for producing first class character-driven stories, and MASS EFFECT 2 continues this trend admirably. The main story is compelling, the side quests interesting and the DLC good value for money. The graphics are stunning, the voice acting is good, and the music most atmospheric. Some characters from the original game appear in this sequel, and it is nice to hear the same voice actors reprising their roles.

Length-wise, the game will take between 42-60 hours to complete, depending upon how much time you wish to devote to side quests and for gathering resources from planets, which is a necessary for upgrading your weaponry and other equipment.

MASS EFFECT 2 is certainly one of the greatest games on the PS3 platform, with a massive scale, and the willingness to explore the entire universe on offer is strong. I completed the game twice in order to gain every available trophy (including DLC ones) and I fully expect most players to enjoy doing just the same. Another excellent Bioware game.

  Real SCI-FI

| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

I'm about 20 hrs into this game now & getting more into it as I play.
Graphics are good, not as polished as Dead Space 2 but still very good.
There's a lot of game here for your money, loads to do & a variety of ways to do it.
You form your own character both in appearance & personality.
Lead your team into various missions on various locations, space stations, alien planets etc.
Only slight & minor draw back I would say is weapons are not that great until upgraded, commanding team & some controls can be a little confusing & back drop graphics in places are a little mushy, but I'm being fussy here.
A must buy!

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