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Resistance 3 (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  single player thumbs up, online thumbs down

| | See all Wrathchild68's reviews (6)

Single player is good but everybody knows online is where it's at. It's taken then 3 patches totally nearly 700MB to get this game running about 90% properly. Matchmaking in this is totally unfair. Being put into games where you're only a low level (10) against people who are level 55+ is wrong. This means that they have better weapons and perks and you are unable to compete with them. Save your money people and rent it just for the single player.


| | See all GlennFOAE's reviews (1)

As a massive fan of the first game, and slightly disappointed with the second game, i didn't know quite what to expect... However i'm glad to say that they have really pulled through!

The graphics, gameplay, attention to detail etc is all fantastic, and is a MASSIVE improvement on the second game, and overall i'd say better than the first. Resistance 3 brings back what i loved about Resistance FOM, it is dark, tense, immersive, and kept me on edge in many parts - which is good! They seemed to have lost all the vital aspects of what made resistance good in the first place in the second game, but Resistance 3 is just simply awesome. I haven't played online yet, so i can't comment on that, but i'm just about to start what i believe is the last chapter - 20 - and can't wait to see how they've brought this (mostly) epic trilogy to a close(?).

  pants and meh

| | See all xenokiller's reviews (1)

I do not understand the other reviews,this is the worst game ever the graphics are below par with mw2(that being 2 yrs old+).The online is a joke,that is not funny.The game when you first put it in the ps3 needs a 600mb update.I love my ps3 thats why this was traded in once I finished the short story mode.Disappointing:(

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  good but too short

| | See all ZOPPEY's reviews (19)

if you want that feeling you first got from playing HL2 on pc all those years ago buy this. For me i could not stop drawing comparisons between valves old fps. One thing that lets Resistance down is its story lengh its very very short. I bought it and traded it in the same week but i did enjoy the game. The multiplayer aspect is good but nothing new and for mr couldn,t justify keeping the game after i clocked the story. You decide. Graphics 9 sound 9 story 9 but replay 3

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| | See all Burracho's reviews (2)

Great game, perhaps a short-ish campaign (still about 8 hours on normal more if you look for journals) does not ruin the fact that it plays superbly. You'll love every minute of it or there is something wrong with you. Dark, gritty and tough, try playing it on Superhuman and beat it that way. A great game and hopefully not the end of the series.

The best bit is playing split screen co-op. If you want a 2 player shooter, this is it.

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  good game

| | See all Craiginho's reviews (7)

i think that this is a good game but not perfect. the graphics arent up there with the best of the best (eg uncharted, call of duty mw2 ect)i have a gaming pc so maybe thats why im a bit dissapointed??the scenery looks good but i think the characters are pretty poor so overall they are ok. i think the storyline is fantastic and keeps you interested until the end. the multiplayer is ok but i dont think as much fun as the call of dutys or battlefields, but i havent played it too much online and i hope there is a hardcore mode for this as enemies take loads of bullets to die!!!having said that it is quite good fun and an overall worthy addition to my collection so its 4 stars from me!!

  epic game

| | See all smityboi's reviews (1)

having played the last two resistance's i must say i am in awe of this game. the story, gameplay, graphics, AI is all awesome. the only little minor things is that its a little laggy and the story could be alittle longer but in hand a truly excellent game which i recommend to everyone as people were maybe put off from resistance 2!!

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  Online mode - like stepping back 10 years

| | See all sirlylos's reviews (10)

Played the online multiplayer and was very disappointed. The graphics are poor and it's like stepping back in time. If you like decent online multiplayers like Call of Duty then stay away from this one.

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  Very disappointing!!!

| | See all Sportmonkey10's reviews (2)

The game itself is very good but much much too short! For people who like the online multiplayer then I think you will be dissapointed as there are so many issues that I just don't have time to list. Insomniac should really have made the game larger and not worried about the multiplayer unless they could do it well! It is such a shame as the first 2 games were very good!

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