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Virtua Tennis 4 (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Virtua Tennis with move controller

| | See all HoroRele's reviews (1)

I thought this game would have full move support. Not at all. World tour is only playable with Dualshock.
Move controlled gameplay also lacks control of power. I couldnt make drop shots at all. Even the slowest shots seems to land near opponents backline.
Navigation controller is not supported. So positioning your player the way you want is out of a question.
With dualshock 3 stars.
With move 1 star.

  Good But Short

| | See all mickowaring's reviews (3)

The game play and all the different things you can do on this game are brilliant and the world tour is addictive but only lasts four seasons which is your whole career! Once thats finished you cant carry on you have to reset the charecters progress and do it all over! You have to win every event to win stars and beat the likes of nadal with your player at the lowest skill level which is hard as your player hits the ball with no real control or conviction.

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  Virtua Tennis (Move opinion)

| | See all jayman07's reviews (6)

Bought this yesterday with all the Move paraphernalia and was expecting to be a little disappointed with how it works with Move.

However, aside from the time it takes to get used to the first person camera and the occasional shot that you just can't seem to hit this is a brilliant recreation of tennis. The controller detects not only the power of your swing but the angle of your wrist making shots translate 1:1 on screen. This makes it VERY fun and truly immersive. If you like tennis and have/want Move, this is a must have title.

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  PS3 Move Controlled Tennis

| | See all AndyGovan's reviews (1)

Virtua Tennis 4 creates a realistic tennis experience with its new PS3 Move controls. Even without being integrated into the main game and a lacklustre application of spin, the joy of real tennis is convincingly recreated for those with a genuine interest in the sport.

If you follow tennis videogames as closely as I do you will no doubt have realised that the last few instalments of Virtua Tennis (Virtua Tennis 3 and Virtua Tennis 2011) have been less than convincing. The heady days of the power and importance of the Virtua Tennis arcade experience are long gone, as competitors like Topspin steal ground.

Anyone who plays tennis in the real world knows that success is as much about touch, clear thinking and consistency as it is about power. Although there is no denying that there will always be space for the likes of Sampras in the history books, the modern game demands a more rounded approach as Federer and after have shown.

This is a broadly helpful analogy for the recent form of Virtua Tennis which, like the misguided focus of young players on developing a blistering serve, became distracted with novelties instead of sticking to the simplicity of its core experience. Virtua Tennis felt the need to add a range of gimmicks and minigames that really added very little to the overall game. Indeed, if these were intended to draw in a more casual audience they also seem to have failed and in fact driven away those who used to enjoy the more accessible original.

Thankfully for all involved, Virtua Tennis 4 is a new chapter for the franchise. The game has been returned to the original developers, something that is instantly telling in each version -- the game is available on Wii, 360 and PS3, each with their own platform specific control scheme.

If you have not read many of my sporting reviews you may be surprised to hear me sidestepping the central game-pad based gameplay. Granted, this is where many hardcore gamers will find the most value and the traditional controls are precise and easy to use while at the same time offering a genuine challenge.

However, I am actually more interested in how well Virtua Tennis 4 replicates the feel of playing tennis in the real world with its motion controls. So far I have only had a cursory glance at the Wii's MotionPlus and 360's Kinect implementations, so I will reserve judgment on them for a later date. I have however had plenty of time to work with the PlayStation 3 Move controls, and it is here that I want to focus my critique.

My initial reaction to the Virtua Tennis Move offering was disappointment. Rather than include the controls as part of the main game they are found in an adjunct section called Motion Tennis. Here, you can play one-off games against a computer or human opponent (provided you have the requisite Move controllers to hand).

The Move controls themselves turn out to be much more exciting though. Rather than remain in a third-person perspective, as we are used to in other motion controlled sports games (and really, Grand Slam Tennis and Wii-Sports Tennis are my only points of reference here) the additional graphical horsepower is put to impressive use. As the ball approaches your player the camera flies down to a first person perspective.

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