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Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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| | See all MJC198923's reviews (3)

Originally bought as a co-op offline game to see what it's like. Wow after hours of gameplay inventive story lines great add ons I'm completely addicted one of the best games ever made. Brilliant!


| | See all sarris's reviews (1)

Loads and loads of hours of gameplay, you are going to need a month of gameplay in order to finish the game and the 4 new maps! Fantastic game with un-stopable action! All this for a very good price, enjoy:)

  Buy it

| | See all MataFeas's reviews (1)

Very interesting game it's a shooter RPG. I recommended 100% and if you are asking if it's in spanish, yes it is. I think all the games in this page are in multi 5 .

  Very good game

| | See all DJPearson's reviews (5)

A lot like fallout, but with a lot less talking which i find a good thing. can tell it will be a huge game that will take a while to complete as i've still only discovered a fraction of the map. a kind of gory game with comedy. the graphics are a bit different to most, but dont let it down at all

  Cudda bin great!

| | See all drummop's reviews (97)

Might have been a 5 star game if not for the respawning!! Hopefully for no. 2 they will have sorted it out - remember game developers, if we kill'em once we don't want to kill'em again!

  Incredible Value!

| | See all woodyP's reviews (5)

The main game and four add-ons will provide dozens of hours of game play, you'd struggle to find a bigger game at this price!

This is NOT like COD or Battlefield. I would describe it as a loot-shooter, you shoot things and pick up loot, getting better and better guns is very addictive and this game is best played in coop online or splitscreen so make sure some freinds have it too.

  Best Bang For Your Buck

| | See all ZappaInMyVeins's reviews (6)

What can i say? It's borderlands with even more Borderlands? Hell yeah it is!

My Borderlands adventure started at a friends house. He wanted me to play on of his game called "Borderlands" I was completely interested in the game purely for the weird graphics. Something i've not seen before.

After a couple of hours i became hooked and loved it so much i got it for my Xbox360 right away. After i swiched to a far better console (Playstation 3) But my first copy was the original, without the dlc.

I wanted to play the dlc and got the Game Of The Year edition, such an epic collection of interesting places and characters. SO much to do for the cheap price it as (around 15 pounds)

BE AWARE that this game focuses on missions, be prepared to be going back and forth many times, but you'll get used to it because its so fun shooting things up!

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  This is easily in my top 5 games of all time!!

| | See all McTurps's reviews (1)

What more can be said about this game that already hasn't? Just forget all that Call Of Duty nonsense and Halo.
Borderlands is where you want to go. This is one of the most addictive games i have ever played, it has its bugs and a few flaws but its just so addictive. After recently buying the game of the year edition i must say at the price its being sold at by play.com 12.99 at time of writing it's now its a superb deal. Don't take my word for it just go and play this game its totally BAD BOY !

  A great game with all four lots of DLC included free!

| | See all Caramon's reviews (77)

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this First Person Shooter/Role Playing Game hybrid is set apart by its excellent cell shaded graphics. Looking rather like a playable Manga cartoon, four characters are available to play, each with a unique set of skills, weaponry and a special ability.
The game is a standard FPS with RPG elements such as Hit Points, Experience, Character Levels and a host of weaponry, armour and items to collect as you explore the world of Pandora, searching for an ancient Vault containing powerful alien technology.
Initially appearing dull and muted, the dark colours used throughout the game do hold an atmospheric appeal, and fit the game perfectly, particularly in conjunction with a first class musical score.
Like any RPG, there are quests galore to complete for items, cash and experience, and the more of these you complete, more areas of the game will unlock. All quests can be completed in single player, although two players on the same system works just as well, as does three or four people playing together via the internet. All quests offer a set number of experience points, but experience gained through monster kills depends upon the level of the character and the level of the monster he is slaying; more experience for tougher monsters, and little or no experience for very weak monsters when your character is far more powerful.
The main quest is compelling, the side quests good, and with all four lots of DLC included for free on this disc, there is enough here to keep you playing for months. If you can get used to the cell shaded graphics and enjoy your games violent and gory, BORDERLANDS is certainly a game you should try. A large amount of available Trophies is an added incentive to play this excellent game.