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Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Slim Console With 320GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all jangofett2's reviews (9)

A brilliant machine replaced my Western Digital player one thing doesn't play MKV files great shame the definition of the picture fantastic.

  As expected

| | See all n1ntai's reviews (13)

Do you want an all-rounder with Blu-Ray and web browser or a pure games console?
All-rounder = PS3
Games only = Xbox360

People don't realise that although the PS3 is 'technically' a more powerful machine, it only utilises half of it for gaming. The exclusive titles on PS3 look excellent, however the majority of blockbuster games such as CoD, BF3, Fifa, Skyrim etc. are multi-format titles and the Xbox versions are simply better than PS3, albeit not leaps and bounds in most cases. I was actually shocked at how poor the visuals were for Black Ops and MW3 on PS3. I own both consoles btw and only recently started playing the dusty PS3 again for Metal Gear Solid Collections, which says it all really. Oh and PS3 servers are laggy compared to 360 servers (I have 50mb so it's not the inet), as always you get what you par for. Great all-rounder though so if you only pick up a game every now and then and don't have a Blu-ray player, look no further.


| | See all MattClayton's reviews (1)

The PS3 really does everything. The graphics are incredible, so much better than the 360s graphics, just look at Uncharted 3! Plus you get a blu-ray player, rechargable pads, free online service, reliability (i've owned 4 360s due to them always breaking down), insane exclusives and you know it's not going to be replaced for years, the 360 has none of these qualities. BUY ONE!


| | See all whopperchopper's reviews (2)

excelent blu ray player and to save photos on but nothing else. if u want a games console get the xbox 360 and kinect blows ps3 out the water.

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  have to agree with the 1st reviewer...

| | See all Dave101t's reviews (12)

i have 2 x xbox 360's and havent had a ps since 2000. but it does alot more, im especially happy with the 3d support as the xbox is only in 360p due to the graphical limitations, and very few supporting games.
both great but this is a ps3 review so recommended!

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  great console

| | See all minky987's reviews (24)

With such a large HDD which can store loads of games and downloadable content, a Blu-Ray player, great graphics, media player, internet browser and built in chat who wouldn't want to own a PS3? it is an amazing console, and the controllers are really good as they are wireless. i currently have three games (just cause 2, gt5 and moh) and i have only used around 22gb! also the design
is sleek and very modern!

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  In A Word 'WOW'

| | See all Stokie1863's reviews (23)

Let start by saying, I have always been an XBOX fan, I had the 1st xbox then xbox 360 and the new 360s 250gig consoles, I got a PS3 for the Blu-ray player as the price of a decent one was'nt much less than the PS3, And ho boy what a machine this is.

It does everything, Play's game's, full internet browser, Blu-ray player, BBC and ITV player and Channel 4, music player, it's a full media center, where as the Xbox does none of this.

Playing game's the graphics look far crisper on the PS3 than xbox, and you also dont have to pay 35 pounds per user to go and play on-line. It has a massive hard drive (320G). I love this machine, so much so I have now sold my XBOX as the PS3 is a far better console.

So if your looking to buy either the PS3 or an XBOX 360 take my word for it, out of the two the PS3 is by far the better console.....

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