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PlayStation Move: Zumba Fitness (With Fitness Belt)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Good fun with one major problem

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I have discovered through trial and error that actually mimicking the steps on the screen doesn't get you anywhere at all - the character will go green far more often if you simply leap up and down and side to side. This does defeat the object of trying to copy the instructor but does give you a more energetic workout! Unless you can get lots of green and hence earn energy, it doesn't seem like you can unlock other levels.
I do enjoy playing this but it is no replacement for a real class.

  Brilliant Zumba game, similar to a class!

| | See all abih90's reviews (6)

Zumba Fitness is brilliant, I got a new PS3 for Christmas and everyone knows I really love the Zumba classes at the gym, they are so fun and easy to get into, time flies by, so I was so excited to have it on PS3, now I can do Zumba in my own bedroom!

Zumba Fitness has tutorials for beginners, even though I know how to do Zumba I went through them to make sure I knew what to do, I went through them quickly, but my mum who is a Zumba beginner took a little longer to do them, even so she enjoyed it.

The songs are great, the routines are great, even some were similar to my class which I really wanted, lots to choose from and there is even a Zumba party option to just keep going and going.
I haven't had chance to go through it all i've only had it 2 days.

You can also enter your weight and target weight and see how your doing.

I was pleasantly surprised with the belt, having done EA Active on Wii I had used the belt to go around the leg and I didn't think it fit very well. The Zumba belt has velcro around the inside and outside so no matter what shape or size the belt should definitely fit, i pull it a bit tighter to make sure it stays in place, the move controller fits into a slot on the inside of the belt which I think is a better design. Not once has it flopped off or moved around, really good.

Perfect for Zumba lovers, who want to do Zumba at home.

  Great Fun and Great Workout!

| | See all stephm84's reviews (1)

I recently got the Zumba Fitness on PS3 for my birthday and cant stop playing it! I do agree with some of the reviews with regards to the menu, I even took to reading the little booklet that came with it but it has no further explanation, but I am not too fussed about getting the moves exactly right, the whole point is to have a bit of fun and burn off some calories.
I have done a few Zumba classes in the past which definitely helped but unless you treat it like a dance competition, this is a great workout that is lots of fun! There is the possibility to set your profile to easy at the start and then up the difficulty when you have mastered a few moves, which means the workouts can always be made a bit more challenging.

  Zumba game

| | See all ally020988's reviews (1)

It's true that the remote fall from strap when dancing, but if you make it right it would'nt. If you find it difficult to manage with the move remote use the normal joystick it's better that way. When I do the 20 min routin I sweat alot so It' works alot for me :-)

  ZUMBA-LICIOUS. Cant wait for Zumba Fitness 2.

| | See all Musbird's reviews (89)

I brought this game the first day it came out and im about to unlock the trophy for "30 days in a row".
You dont need to navigate the menu with the move control - this can be done with the normal PS controller. The game is so fun! I do 7 workouts a week as it is that much fun!!.
The tutorials are useful but felt that they go from v basic to hard too quick - however if you look on U tube that is how the instructors teach it so not going to knock the game down for that.
Beginner classes - you learn the moves virtually straight away so by the 2nd go you feel at home.
Intermediate - is basically the same as Beginner but with a few extra moves and in some cases longer.
With the Intermediate 45mins - you will sweat!!!
Just moved onto the Expert classes and I feel the jump to expert is quite a big one and I feel the expert classes are more "toning".

****You are not gonna be a dancer in 5mins****. The game cannot be mastered in a few days. Yes the belt doesnt pick everything up but you really have to move your hips (which is the whole point of Zumba). It Also wont pick up moves where you are just moving your arms or moving very slow. It will only pick up moves where there is hip action.
Also the other point to bear in mind, if you "just follow the moves" you are either gonna be on no colour or on yellow which means you hear the music. You only score Green when you "feel the music" which takes time. Even though I have done more than 30 workouts in total - there are still timings I miss or moves I havent mastered yet. Also you have to add a little bounce into it. Its not just copying arm/foot/hip movements, its also about adding that spring in your step.

And really - all the green energy gets you is more silouhettes on the dancefloor so dont let the fact that the control may not pick up every little movement. I find I have so much fun that I dont care!!

I highly recommend this, im having so much fun with this. Its a fun way to excercise and you will see it as a "treat". I love it and it was worth the wait. Cannot wait till Zumba 2 comes out.

I may even go to a class and show off my moves.

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  Good workout - Bad controls

| | See all bethy24's reviews (1)

I very much had a similar experience to the review below. Menu screens are quite hard to naviagte with the Move controller and there are no explainations about each part of the Menu.

I thought the tutorials would give me an intro into the game but it goes straight into the steps which don't really help when you do a routine. I also seemed to have the problem that my move controller wasn't being picked up properly and wasn't recording what I was doing. Very demotivating when your stuck in orange section no matter how much you move your hips.

But saying that it was still a very good workout! The steps were very fast and it took me a few goes at a step to get it right (by which time it had moved on).

If my responses were picked up better by the camera and there was a better 'beginners' section I think I would get on a lot better with this game

  Frustrating yet kind of fun....

| | See all Elisaday85's reviews (1)

I've never done any Zumba before in my life, but I was looking for something that was a more advanced aerobic workout as the EA Active 2 aerobics was just a little too boring and basic for me.

I was so excited to use it, but the actual menus were so frustrating it almost made me give up, there is little to no explanation of the moves, even the step by step tutorial was pointless as once again there was no spoken word of the steps or of the countdowns or anything like EA Active 2 does. It also jumps from really slow to really fast moves without any explanation of changes in movement/time. I know that it would help to have some basic dance moves down but they could at least have taken into consideration those who don't have time/money to go to Zumba classes but want to join in on the fun.
The game is also really jumpy, it often skips and the music on our TV sounds horrible, even though we have a newish tv, it just sounds really tinny without the bass turned up.
The belt has a tendancy to slip down whilst you are moving about and once or twice the controller has flown across the room. I don't think that my PS3 picks up the motion all that well either and so I spend most of my time in the 'yellow zone' with occasional blips into green :/
I'm sure this game would be much better on the Kinect, or if you know the dances. I'm just going to persevere and learn them myself by repeating them over and over till I get my monies worth!
I just kind of wish it had more of the excellent features of EA Active 2 on Zumba (calorie counting/HRM etc).

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