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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  Some are easily pleased

| | See all Gagsyc's reviews (2)

It's an ok game that becomes very same old- same old after about an hour and the actual game doesn't take that long to complete. Most frustrating thing was trying to loot the bodies - it often requires walking over them about 4 times before the triangle button appears and you can search the bodies. Far too easy - ride into town, stand on a crate and they can't touch you and you simply shoot until you have cleared the town. Did like the explosive rifle. Anyone giving this five stars is probably a windy licker.


| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

great game goes hand in hand with RDR...if you have that game then you will definitely enjoy this game..

  Great fun

| | See all BigHairyCocunuts's reviews (18)

A Fallout 3 survival horror only with Zombies, great fun, a bit short though but highly recommend, if you played and enjoyed "Left for Dead" you will love it.

  Liars and Cheats & Legends and Killers

| | See all flippak's reviews (1)

I can confirm that besides the Undead Nightmare Pack, this disc also includes the Liars and Cheats Pack & the Legends and Killers Pack.

However the Liars and Cheats Pack & the Legends and Killers Pack can only be utilized while the Undead Nightmare disc is inserted into your PS3.


| | See all Nails1976's reviews (45)

This is superb just as good as the first 10/10 and the first was excellent. I would recomend to all Red Dead fans 10/10 worth every penny. This game combines Zombie and open realm game play very well 10/10.

  wild west and zombies :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

what more could you won't this is a very good game but it is not as long as what the rdr is but with more trophies and zombies over all a very good game.

  Undead pleasure

| | See all whoaoooo's reviews (9)

Like red dead redemption but with zombies??? Awesome!!! This is a definate buy. Shame that the story isn't that long plus not many undead animals to shoot.

  Trophies add a lot more gameplay.

| | See all Tyson667's reviews (1)

A must buy if you liked RDR.The story isn't that long but worth the play.
If you do the trophies/ achievements there is hours of game play in single player and online game modes. I've probably played this longer than the original because of the ammount of additional trophies they added.
I would say theres a lot more than the stated hours of gameplay, certainly worth the money.

  Undead Redemption

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

Undead nightmare is a great ad-on to red dead redemption. Red dead was a pro game when I got it. This was the second most well played game I have played on the ps3. Then when I stopped playing it for a while. Put it wasnt long until Undead nightmare came out. This is a really good game. The campaign is a decent length. Theres plenty to do. I like goin out and saving people, i like the missions, capturing the horses of the apocalypse, saving towns from the dead and also the online undead overrun. This is a good ad-on, well done Rockstar you made a great job of the GTA IV ad-ons and now you have done a great red dead ad-on. I really would like it if rockstar are to make a red dead redemption 2. L.A. Noire is rockstars next game, if rockstar make good games like red dead and GTA then this new game should be good. Now you survive the undead overrun.


| | See all SAVANNAH1's reviews (4)

If you liked RDR this is a must buy. Shooting etc all as before but this time packed with humour. Story little weak but you will be having too much fun to care!