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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  In fairness...

| | See all GJSalvidant's reviews (11)

Ok, I'll be fair and not jump on the bandwagon...

The game is really rather good, and will keep you thoroughly enthralled, while it lasts. But it won't last very long 5-7 hours of single player activities, longer once you're online...

But to me it just felt lacking. It wasn't as fun as the original. I am not talking about length, I am merely talking about content. I didn't have enough to make me want to come back to it --- I'd rather play the original online and I'd certainly replay the original game through single player. I could take or leave this online and I wouldn't bother replaying the single player...

Shame really as it is good and you will enjoy it... But it just isn't a must have.

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| | See all Weiry1987's reviews (3)

This game is amazing. Best game i have played in years.

Story, characters nothing short of genuis. Five stars always, they should make a sequel.

  Rockstar do it again

| | See all ha66ie's reviews (153)

A must for RDR fans. Brilliant gameplay and had me hooked much in the same way as the first game. The only downside is the ending. Haven't played it since. However will take you between 6-10 hours of gameplay.
If you have played the original this is a total no-brainer.

  PLAY or any who bought this

| | See all vlad007's reviews (1)

Could you please tell if this version includes following packs:

Liars and Cheats Pack
Legends and Killers Pack

as well as Undead Nightmare Pack?

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  Buy RDR original then buy the DLC

| | See all bradz0111's reviews (4)

This game is nothing short of a master piece.
But having played it and red dead redemption and the other DLC's.

I'd highly recommend buying Red dead redemption then buying this for 7.99 as DLC.

Having known the original story and all then playing this makes it even better than it is alone.

I don't wanna tell you guys what to do or buy but by my experience,
buy RDR then get the DLC for 7.99 instead of 18 pounds and you can have an even better experience.

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  My Wet Nightmare!!!

| | See all Sploose's reviews (3)

Within the first 5 hours of playing this game I am riding a flaming horse of the Apocalypse, I have sent 100+ undead cowboys back to Hell and even murdered a family of Sasquatches... This is one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played, with the usual dark humour and wit that Rockstar Games brings to the saloon table. It doesn't take itself too seriously but keeps the style of the original game that makes the Red Dead universe so awesome. YEEHARGH!!!


| | See all MiiZFiRE's reviews (1)

this is such a great standalone expansion played it for a few hours love the story but the online is the same. this a game for everyone who loves zombies and super horses this is the game for you. i played black ops zombies and i would say this is far better due to its a free roam game and there always better :) great expansion R* :)


| | See all vtslover's reviews (1)

wow what can i say? wasnt sure about this game i bought RDR when first came out played it twice. Wasnt in to cowboys [DONT KNOW WHY I BOUGHT IT] love the thourght of land taken over buy ZOMIBES scares the hell out of me. So did this game if you have RDR buy it on the psn sooooo much cheaper 7.99 . if you dont have it buy the disc in store about 24.99 or it wont work because the psn version is an ad on . if you love shooting zombies and like being scared. BUY IT. Or zombies will come to your house and hunt you down!

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  Top Game!

| | See all clarets22's reviews (19)

great game, even betta with zombies everywhere!!, after completing the first game you should unlock all weapons as a reward, it'd make it alot better:) oh an head shots are difficult!!, all in all, its a great game:) buy it!

  Great game

| | See all emzielmb's reviews (2)

I have the first red dead redemption but never got around to completing it. I saw Undead for sale and thought should i buy this before completing the first one mmm. But Wow im glad i did there is so much to do and to kill. There are things trying to kill you almost all of the time. I went for the hard copy over the PS store you might pay alittle more but its worth having the hard copy..

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