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Dynasty Warriors 7

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Exciting, Fantastic, Outstanding....

| | See all Rayman391's reviews (2)

Dynasty Warriors is one of the best game franchise's out their, and yet aside from the first one, and excluding add-on, every main instalment is the same story. However, the graphics are fantastic, much like the story mode which is nothing like I have ever seen before. Conquest Mode is good, but gets a bit boring towards the end, and it isn't one for completionists, although I still managed to fully complete it!

  Amazing Game

| | See all Jarron's reviews (1)

The Story mode is very good playing different characters through the levels plus conquest mode has hours of fun unlocking loads of characters, weapons plus more and online side is good.

If you like the dynasty warriors seriers i recommened purchasing this game.

  Better than the Old Ones

| | See all StevenJDevon's reviews (5)

If you're familiar with the Dynasty Warriors games then you'll take to this like a duck in water.

There are simple changes but not too drastic. However, the story mode is exceptionally better than it has ever been before. It now follows the actual stories of each kingdom, instead of specific to the character you have gone.

The conquest mode has many missions for you to complete, expanding the game almost double when it comes to gameplay.

Also, the kingdom of Jin can now be played, instead of just Wu, Shu and Wei.

Definitely 5 stars for Dynasty Warrior fans. Maybe 3 1/2 - 4 for those who think they're just tolerable.

  Deserving of 5 stars, best Dynasty Warriors Title.

| | See all DWOverdose's reviews (11)

Dynasty Warriors 6 was a bit of a let down, it looked pretty but I disliked some of the redesigns and the renbu system.

DW7 however is a great return to form for the franchise, the stand out thing for me has to be the story modes, with one each for Shu, Wei, Wu and Jin. Each stage begins with plot and assigning you with an important character for the coming battle. Before battles you explore the camp and talk to generals and can buy new weapons from the dealer. Then immediately upon talking to the marked officer and you are thrown into battle as the gates swing open.

How the action flows from cut scenes into actual game-play is a very nice touch at the start of the stage and at points when scenes are triggered during battle.

The stories follow the kingdoms from the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the end of their story. Jin starts later on in the timeline, forming from the later plot of Wei. They are very well done and offer different approaches to game play compared to previous instalments.

There is a gate blocking you from your goal inside the castle, so what do you do? Man the catapults of course. This one of the interactive objects within DW7 where you bombard the castle gates with rocks in order to break it down. The game also features driveable Flame Tanks (Juggernauts) as well as Ballista emplacments.

The other mode available is Conquest Mode, where you are given a map of Ancient China split into hexes. You chose a Hex and complete the mission/task which then unlocks the hexes adjacent to it. The aim is to uncover all the hexes, whilst collecting rare weapons and forging bonds with the other Dynasty Warriors from all 4 kingdoms. New weapons can be smithed, you can use those with high bonds as allies during battles, answer quiz questions from a scholar in the unlockable cities/towns amongst other things.

The game boasts a great deal of unlockables such as weapons, companion animals, allies as well as extensive library items such as character models, voices and wallpapers.

Another point that has to be made is about the collection of DLC available. Past fans will be happy to know that for a small fee you can unlock the costumes from earlier DW titles as well as stages from DW2. Costumes and Weapons are available online adding more to the game and at very reasonable prices. The mode is also online compatible, meaning you and a friend can co-op the stages on the hexes, including the dlc.

I think that is everything, the game also features it's encyclopedia like past instalments listing historical dates and information on the Three Kingdoms Period. Who ever thought that running around slicing up peons could be such fun and educational XD.

Great game, I highly recommend it for old fans... it's also a great game for people new to the series to come into, it being the best one.

  DW7 is the best yet

| | See all JSuper's reviews (10)

To start, if you like any DW games you'll love this. If you weren't fussed by them you probably won't be fussed with this either. Anyway, a great new installment. Graphics for a start are pretty decent, cut scenes in particular look very pretty. Still not boundary pushing but good non the less. The whole gaming modes have been revamped completely, Musou Mode and Free Mode are gone. We now have story mode of each kingdom, playing through key battles with different characters. The other Conquest Mode is battling through stages across the map of China playing as who you want and levelling up your characters and weapons etc. Anyway, It's a great new installment and again an awesome cast of characters and a good story. Pick it up if you can.

  Best. Dynasty Warriors. Ever.

| | See all epepep's reviews (4)

This new Dynasty Warriors is really great. The graphics are good and the story mode really exciting! The new weapon system is good, too. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes hack n slash games (if you are a fan of the Warriors series, this is a must buy).

  Best Dynasty Warriors So Far!!

| | See all DaBest225's reviews (1)

Dynasty Warriors 7 Is Awsome, Good Graphics, The Cinematic For The Story Mode Makes the game even more exciting. I Love The New Musou Attacks and Ex-Attacks. If you like the Dynasty Warriors Saga You Will Love This One. 5/5 For Me.

  ACE Dynasty Warriors

| | See all Superslik's reviews (2)

I pre-ordered this game and bought it the very first day it came out. Was very very pleased with it, i really wanted it to be better then Dynasty Warriors 6 as it was very rubbish and it didnt disapoint me. The only thing which is annoying is that story mode wasnt 2 player which is better then conquest mode other then that well done creators you've done a pretty good job. =D

  New path for dynasty warriors!!!!

| | See all Nixonsback's reviews (7)

i got this yesterday and have to say it is so good!!!! ive already completed the story of shu havent tried conquest mode as im waiting to my mate gets it. i have to say switching weapons mid battles is very good as you get a good variety.the graphics have improved a lot since dynasty warriors 6 it now gives a more fresher look.its not just fighting to kill the opposite force like zhao yun has to rescue and find liu shan and or like the battle of chang ban when your zhang fei and you have to hold the bridge fighting an onslaught of enemys coming towards you! overall i give it a 5/5 it is really that good, get it and find out for yourself!

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