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Fight Night Champion

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  this game is a must have

| | See all telidaros's reviews (1)

it is entertaining, its graphics are preety good and it is a long lasting game. What I do like is that most of all it is soooooo good online game!

  do not buy

| | See all sdavo88's reviews (2)

game has major glitches and freezing problems and ea sports seem to have no intention of fixing this its the same on x box 360 google it if you do not beleive this.

  Ok but...

| | See all pricey1989's reviews (19)

This game is pretty really started to enjoy after getting used to the controls! Last boxing game I had was ready to rumble on ps2! The only thing I hate is when the CPU clinches with u there is nothing u can do! Or I can't find anything anyways worth a pop tho

  Ok but...

| | See all Pricey1509's reviews (19)

This game is pretty really started to enjoy after getting used to the controls! Last boxing game I had was ready to rumble on ps2! The only thing I hate is when the CPU clinches with u there is nothing u can do! Or I can't find anything anyways worth a pop tho

  the best one

| | See all jadakiss1's reviews (18)

definatly the best one yet dont listen to other reviewers saying its not as realistic coz its speeded up a bit thats why its so much more fun no games should be exactly like real life else all sports games would be BORING.if you watch a real heavyweight fight you will see they are not hitting each other and landing loads of punches and it is quite slow especially as the fight goes on now if the game was to much like that you would get bored.take fifa for example when you play online its 5 or 6 mins per half and the result usually ends up like a real football score eg.3-2.but if they were to make it as real as real life then how boring would playing for 90 mins and it maybe ending up 0-0 be.so like all the best sports games they have the balance between gaming and real life perfect which is why this one is the best.

also people saying the graphics have only just improved but come on there as good as any other sports game out there thats just the time we live in games are not going to marginaly improve like they used to eg ps2 quality to ps3 until maybe the ps4 but even then the graphics of today in most games is a very high standard. i mean whats next controlling real life people lol.

PLUS the story mode is by far the best in any fighting game ever or sports to be more correct and yes it is a bit short but imagine the possibillities with it, imagine when they start adding in customizing your own character into these stories and making the longer, i dont know if they are planning on doing that but they definatly should think about it.

nba2k12 should do this with there career mode and fifa showing your created player on the news and so on and so on, would be great.anyway 5 stars to a great game.


| | See all therealdaddyuk80's reviews (5)

had this about a week and it gets tedious after a few hrs. the training part has been ripped off from UFC and its still got very old boxers in it Ali and so forth wheres kessler or froch? instead they put in taylor and manfredo jr anyone not familar with the boxing world these are to very poor boxers. this game just doesnt feel new. give it up EA

  i own the game

| | See all tottenhamfc's reviews (1)

best boxing game yet.
ive been a huge fan of the fight night series and owned the old knockout kings aswell. i think this game is the best in the series, i dont understand why people like the round 4 better, if your a boxing fan you will love this.

you use the boxers to thier assets. for example lewis vs tyson, if your lewis you cant go toe to toe because you will likely lose so you have to fight on the ouside.

the controls fell the same to me except you can use the buttons to punch aswell, for example square to jab but you dont have to use them.

gameplay is the same flash knockdowns and KOs sumtimes in round 1 if you get caught good. and no corner game now which i used to just auto anyway. legacy mode is pretty much the same as before but there is a champion mode aswell which is basically like a story mode. as for new heavyweights you have the klitchko brothers included.
i hope this was helpful

  Good game.

| | See all Maggie56's reviews (2)

A massive improvement from Fight Night Round 4, not the complete game just yet but this is a good step in the right direction. Graphics are great, presentation is improved but still a bit lacking. Gameplay is much more realistic especially if you make the most of the gameplay sliders, if it's possible I would highly recommend playing the game offline so that you don't have to download the latest update which worsened the game in my opinion!

  It's Fight Night!

| | See all Geronimo10's reviews (4)

This is the best game in the series in my opinion. It's more realistic then the previous ones. But people who have played the Demo can't really review it because the game is so much better than the demo. The Champion mode is brilliant. In which you follow a boxer called Andre Bishop. The only slight snag is that the game lacks brilliant boxers. Like Amir Khan isn't on there, and neither is Floyd Mayweather Jr. But people have uploaded them to EA sports world. And you can download them if you want them. The mechanics are a little bit stiff and it doesn't look like a fight off the TV. But VERY enjoyable. But be warned, It to me Weeks to try and win the last fight of Champion Mode. So I would recommend playing on a low difficulty at first.

  Nothing too different really...

| | See all Amjac17's reviews (55)

Everything is very similar to Fight Night Round 4 apart for the new Champion Mode which is a decent addition. It is VERY short and really easy until you reach Isaac Frost (takes a little more brains to beat him)

There are many more real boxers to play as/fight which is essential I think. You will find that in Legacy Mode that characters will have VERY similar names and appearances which does make the experience a little less than you had hoped.

Online is okay and you can have some real good battles if you meet your match.

It's hard to point out any really bad things about this game, my main frustration is that it IS not that different from it's past games. But EA don't seem to like making new content in their games which really makes me mad at times.