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Fight Night Champion

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  Fight Night Full Game Review

| | See all jollyboi2010's reviews (3)

easily the best installment of the series so far by miles!!!! the game has finally become about the tactics and ability at which you can box and read the game. no longer can you just go in and start swinging haymakers, this game makes you have to take a realistic approach to beating your opponent. the speed at which the game plays at is spot on and tbh if you play on pro or higher it is quite hard. the champion mode with frost was one of the hardest missions i have ever had to play but i found it fantastic. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU CAN NOT FIGHT TACTICALLY you will not win, you'll find it frustrating and probably review it as a 1star game. However that aside graphic are fantastic, all modes bring something new EA SPORTS congratulations an amazing game WORTH BUYING.

  fight night

| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

pretty much what you would expect from a ea boxing game.
i do like the story mode,though at times the video in between fights was a bit laggy.
overall the best boxing game around at the moment but not perfect

  Undisputed Champion!

| | See all Orthanc's reviews (3)

The Greatest of All Time! Outstanding gameplay, almost life-like visuals and great sound make this the ultimate in pugilism at it's best. Basically it's just awesome! Multiple game modes to keep you going in single player, then online for multiplayer. Immersive, realistic and also fun. If you are a fan of boxing games then don't even hesitate! Combine Ali, Leonard, Frazier, De La Hoya, Pac-man, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Balboa, Creed, Lang and Drago and you may just have the ultimate boxer. This game is something like that! An essential purchase.

  best fight night

| | See all nufcstu's reviews (3)

best fight night by far with all the other fight nights i thought they where always good for the first two weeks or so then ended up just collecting dust on my shelf. I think this is alot better because of the different new things you can do (champion mode) i really enjoyed that and couldnt stop playing the game. Only down side to it is that it does seem abit quick. Wasnt to bothered to go on legacy mode at first thought it would be like the old ones but once i started the legacy i have found it really enjoyable. The control buttons are also good and improved all round a great game for fight fan's. New boxers and online improved too

  More a 3 1/2

| | See all WHITEyy118's reviews (4)

I would say more of a 3 and a half than 4 but 3 is too low.

I couldn't get enough of the demo and found it very addictive and fun so I was very excited to finally get the finished game.

First time loading and you automatically start playing champion mode. However like some others have said its with a fixed character and not someone you can create yourself (Legacy Mode).

Champion Mode has a very good storyline, almost like a film, and you can get immersed in it but it certainly lacks something. The fact that its a fixed route and that you can't lose means it becomes boring very quickly, made worse by the fact the fights are either easy or very challenging.

I'm yet to play Legacy Mode because you can't create a character you want unless you have a USB camera or download your real face from EA. The only other option is choose from a selection of presets which doesn't have the appeal.

So to sum up I like the actual boxing part with the FSC (Full Spectrum Control) but it's not like say FIFA where you can play random games, for me anyway, so I will be trading in very soon.

  ..Once upon a never.

| | See all GayFemale's reviews (1)

Fight night 4 was by far the great boxing game to be realised and with the trailer of this, I figured we'd have a new 'champion' in the ranks of boxing games, I was obviously mistaken.

Although slick and fairly good, it doesn't much surpass Fight Night Round 4, the story line is riveting and exciting and keeps you hooked; but as far as mechanics, Not much has changed.

Simply due to being far too similar with a change of story mode.

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  Good but could be so much better.

| | See all leeasinme's reviews (2)

The new instalment is good but why they decided to allow button bashing is beyond me takes all the skill out of the game if I wanted to play tekken I would. Big step backwards! The story mode is really good gives you a different experience buy could have been improved if combined with legacy mode so your own guy is been followed not some random, in this sense they should take notes from don king boxing. Overall it is a good game to have but unless you really like your boxing it's not worth buying if you have the last one.

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  Spot on

| | See all PhatCanary's reviews (9)

Story mode is superb,brings a whole new dimension to the fight night series,feels slicker and looks superb,the blood and sweat is so realistic.The one thing that slightly annoys me is the commentary seems to have not changed that much,but thats just a small problem,buy it and enjoy.


| | See all Wayneo2510's reviews (7)

Fight Night has some good features but the oustanding one is the story mode. A lot of video clips but you do feel you go on the journey with the main character. The online mode will also keep you entertained for a long while too.
A must purchase for a game that will keep you playing round after round.

  same old same old

| | See all cornell1's reviews (51)

ok yes it still lokks good as ever and stuff but so was the last game ... not toooo much has really change its getting like fifa only few new things and small things they are really just like fifa and all other ea sports games

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