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Medal Of Honor

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  medal of honour

| | See all azeemfl1's reviews (2)

very good game but not long enough. just when you're waiting for the next mission it finishes

  Very similar to modern warfare 2

| | See all abz98263000's reviews (6)

In terms of single player, I used to love playing modern warfare 2 when it came out, however black ops was a let down because it just wasnt as exciting and I sold it halfway through the game. I bought medal of honour because there were some good reviews from here, and it did not disappoint. If I did not know the name of this game, I'd have thought it was a modern warfare game it really is that similar and the gameplay is so addictive. However the graphics are not as spectacular as call of duty games. But seriously for the price, it is a bargain and will give you hours of fun if you loved modern warfare 2 like I did.


| | See all minky987's reviews (24)

Having played cod all my life, i decided to give moh a shot, and i'm glad i did! the campaign is different to that of cod but somehow, i prefer the campaign of moh to cod. It is challenging, very good graphics and story line. Also, Tier 1 gives a bit more adrenaline to the game as you have to play the levels and beat certian times. the multiplayer is superb with a huge 24 players per match and large maps (much larger than those of cod).

Buy this game, especially for the price right now!

  Better than CoD?

| | See all vTopBruvx's reviews (1)

I like many others have been a fan of Call Of Duty since 2007 (MW1) and have found that Infinity Ward do a much better job than Treyarch. Black ops was good but gets boring quick. So you go back and put CoD MW1 on and its full of people flying around the map and spawning on rooftops (xbox). The same happens on WaW so its only a matter of time before MW2 and Black Ops get hacked. Binned off the 360 now and back on the PS Network. Have not come accross any hackers or glitchers on PS yet. MOH is a quality game and seems to play better on PS3 than 360. Looking forward to MW3 and hope its not a let down.

  welcome back my old friend

| | See all bravo91's reviews (13)

Right quick history lesson. Have grown up playing MOH from the first knockings on the PS1 up to the modenern day.
To say the last couple of outings for the title have been well below par would be a big understatment hence the fact i started playing COD.
When i saw the videos of the new game was happy but very cautious (we all know what the hype machine can do).
So was i impressed yep damm right i was MOH is back on track the graphics are good the levels are smart and well laid out and there are a couple of levels which will blow you away and have you sweating while sitting in front of the telly.
The gameplay is tight and the story will keep you held and want you to play to the end and then start again to see if you can get through it even quicker.
The multiplayer is good and easy to navigate and i think has a better leveling up system than COD.
My only gripe i die to quickly but think that has something to do with me being old hay ho.
If you have not brought this game then for the price its going for now do yourself a favour and go out and by it trust me you WILL enjoy it.

  very good but short

| | See all rozzer8's reviews (13)

i bought this for 14 quid ,,,and wasnt overly impressed,,,,,,quite a short game too , have played and completed it on all levels and there didnt seem to be much difference,,,,,,,,,but enjoyable

  4 stars

| | See all WHOSYOURDADDY78's reviews (9)

Iv based this reveiw on single player only but in my opinion its better than black ops ! Not that black ops was bad as i enjoyed that to but i just had more fun with this , e.g - the locations , the character , the enemys ! All good fun , for the price worth it or defo rent it at the least !!!

  Great multiplayer. Aweful campaign

| | See all BIgSimmo86's reviews (1)

For me this game was just to fill the bordem gap waiting for black ops. If youre a fan of BFBC2 then this is a game for you. But dont expect much out of the the campaign because it is terrible, handles like a one legged horse and the graphics arent up to much.

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