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Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Ignore the handling complaints at your peril

| | See all AndyHewitt85's reviews (1)

This game has good graphics, and the sound and handling in game is realistic..BUT...and this is the biggest but...

If you use a wheel rent first as this is a waste of money. You turn the wheel and it takes a long time for that to translate to actual movement of the car. You spend the whole time driving with steering lag, and you have to predict whats going to happen and do everything a second sooner.

This fact and that alone has made this game a waste of money fo me, it is unplayable.

  dont listen to the hater's

| | See all bush101's reviews (2)

seen people moaning the cars ent manageable dont listen
put simply this is a racing sim so treat the driving like u would i a real car braking in straight line balancing the throttle stuff like that
if you dont like realism and like drifting round corners and stupidly fast speeds stick with arcade racers dont slate a game cause u cant play it
there is no point comparing racing sims with arcade racers

  Bought it, played it, sold it

| | See all DuncanEdwards's reviews (153)

Not a bad game but just felt so completely underwhelming. It felt as though you needed to put the work in too. Certainly not a pick up and play game. I love racing games and playing this made me realise how good Grid, Dirt and even the first Shift were. I really enjoyed Shift and , whileno 2 is possibly more realistic, its nowhere near as enjoyable. Even the graphics were poor in comparison. OK but with 40 quid you could buy the other 3 instead and still have money left.

  Do not understand!

| | See all askask's reviews (1)

I, like many others, have been a racing 'addict' since the first F1 title and GT title on the little grey box!

This is a brilliant racer, far better than GT5 - yes there are aspects of GT5 that are superior BUT if you are after a full on racing simulation then this is the game for you. GT5 simply is a driving simulator - the racing is rubbish with the cars simply acting as mobile chicanes.

With regard to the handling I have had no issues at all; yes it is twitchy, but therein lies the beauty - you need to be good at the inputs as you would a normal car at that sort of speed.
If you made a slight wheel adjustment at 50kph, that is all it would be; the same movement at 250kph would mean a certain crash - this game reflects that detail fantastically.

Throw in suberb AI of your fellow racers and you have an excellent game that thoroughly challenges and leaves GT5 looking somewhat a damp squid (whilst not taking anything away from a good game)

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  Shift2 Simulator.....NOT Arcade...

| | See all SnakeEaterChriS's reviews (6)

Okay im going to save this game as so many people are slating it, and they clearly have no idea how to play the game or what their getting into when they buy this game. First off this game is a Simulator not an arcade style racer, if you don't know cars very well then buying this game is like jumping into the deep end of the pool when you can just about swim.

People always complain about the steering, You HAVE to tune your car's in this game.. you have steering lock which adjust sensitivity e.g if your on a map with loads of bends you put it higher map with less bends lower, it adds more depth to the game instead of here's your car take it.

Among tuning there is ride height toe-in, toe-out suspension, downforce etc etc etc if you don't know what im on about either get revising or just spend a lot of time on the game. People are slating this game, and they clearly know sweet FA about cars let alone the game. This game offers a thrilling experience helmet cam is brilliant it add's a whole new perception to driving games, the car's are limited but there's already DLC out to buy more car's it's a cheap game tbh i got myn for 20 quid brand new from game.

**BTW** You do not HAVE To tune your car's however tuning them will add to performance and better handling etc. If your going to believe one person believe me i am level 18 on driver level i haven't completed all race's i bought a supra and Upgraded it loads, then tuned it to drift, then again for track based racing. - I said it all their, the people that complain about the driving on this are just used to the arcade style NFS, this game is more realistic more thrilling than GT5 ever was. Sure you can't change your oil but i really couldn't care less..

You can customise the way your car looks if your wondering add vinyls it is limited in this one but after all it's a track racer not street, the vinyls are good you get some decent brand ones then stripes, tribal, checkered, cartoon etc.

Honestly if your going to get this game ignore all the BS about steering, give the game a chance tune your car even if you don't know about it all the game gives a nice short and descriptive piece of info on each bit, i had to tinker with my car for ages to get it spot on which makes the game far more personal.

If you don't like helmet cam btw there is also a driver's seat view thats similar but your not seing through his eyes more or less where the drivers head would be.

Give this game a chance, it is amasingly brilliant, i started off with the BMW box standard then got BMW M3 as i kept the first one which i think was an M6 for a decent time. I tuned it then raced and got my supra. This game offers race,eliminator, hot lap and ofc DRIFT there are more. So yer don't believe the people QQ about how shift 1 was better shift 2 is a whole new game it's like getting peter parker then the spider biting him SHIFT2 is spiderman SHIFT1 is basic old PP, But remember on this game with power does come responsibility you can't go slamming through bends in this game, its realistic its gripping, it makes you sweat shout NO as your car slams into a bend and most of all LOVE IT.

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  excellent game, most realistic i've ever player

| | See all 248258's reviews (4)

To everyone who can't handle or get used to the way the cars handle then stick to donkey kong racing!! this game makes you realise you have to brake before corners "unlike grid" a smooth driving attitude is what it takes.... thats all, brilliant graphics plus a mk1 escort and lotus cortina in the store!! beats gt5 all day long as well

  its a racing sim not mario kart

| | See all DAMT21's reviews (4)

To whom ever is arguing like little children that when you hit the car you spin you try that in real life and see if you can control the car and for the handling in corners BRAKE and use manual so you may turn with your desired gear, AND the handling if you cant handle the car you can always tune it just like gran turismo . And remember even the first one had bugs anyone remember the cars bounce out of control I say this is way better than the first one in car selection and tracks and god I love how the car sound. HIGHLY recomended for racing sim fans not mario kart fans .


| | See all starr69's reviews (25)

If you loved NFS Shift you will love this. It is so realistic the new helmet cam is truly stunning. Get it you will not be disappointed.

  Stunning Game bloody stunning 100 times better than GT5!

| | See all derekmac's reviews (7)

Im i the only person that thinks shift 2 is amazing the car handling is sublime graphics are amazing and it sounds magic and the AI is best in a racing game yet! I really dont know what game is being reviewed by others coz it is not shift 2 if i could give it 10 stars i would its that GOOD! Well done ea.

  Top Driving Experience!

| | See all eugenie1987's reviews (1)

Wow! driving games are becoming even more competitive than ever before! It took 5 years to produce & release GT5 which is a great game also but for the time it took to make this stunner this is the sure winner!! I love both GT5 & Shift 2 they are both top racing games but I have to say once you get used to playing this and the realism you will be very impressed! unlike other games you can not go around sharp corners near or at 100 mph it's just not possible in real life, so this is why you can not do this without crashing on this game! the controls are great like F1 2010, the car damage is awesome unlike GT5 where u hardly get a scratch
So if your a true racer and like a bit of a challenge this is a must buy!