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Tomb Raider

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Top of the Tombs

| | See all 5iveyFive's reviews (22)

Perfect game for me. All that you should expect, good graphics, good sounds. Fantastic, balanced game play. All controls are intuitive, responsive and become second nature. Good value, long length, something that is becoming rare these days. Great atmospherics, always a feeling of being on a tight rope but never feeling unfair. As good as the Uncharted series, maybe better, good puzzles, shootouts, maps, it has it all. Highly recommended.

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  Great game! Must buy!

| | See all KyriakosK's reviews (1)

One of the greatest games i played. To be honest it exceeded my expectations by far. I caught myself holding the gamepad so hard i almost broke it :)
This is a game that must be played on HD and with a proper surround system - the direction of sound is so precise that's almost unreal!
The graphics are amazing. If you are not going to play it on HD you will miss a lot of the action!!
I finished it yesterday and i'm looking forward on playing it again.
Overall, great game and a must buy!

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  One of the best games I played!!!

| | See all mad4dogs's reviews (2)

This is one of the best games I have played in a long time. It has a good mix of fighting, shooting and searching for treasures. The game follows a fantastic story as Lara searches for a way off the island. I haven't played the other Tomb Raider games but it was easy to follow. I really recommend this game for people who like action and adventure games.

  Best game ever im the boyfriend of lara

| | See all bovmalta's reviews (29)

this game is brilliant . it truly rocks. it is a very good adventure which is long. it has a lot of collectibles to find. it has a little free roam and challenges too. the game is super bloody with great combat. it has a lot of places to explore. the graphics are absolutely amazing. the characters are great. story 10 graphics 10 characters 10 gameplay 10 environment 10. Lara is so sexy. if you like adventure, being a survivor , being dangerous, being brave and you like a sexy protagonist Lara the game is a must and even if you don't like it buy it. good job crystal dynamics and square Yeah Lara there is no one like you.

  An astonishingly good game!

| | See all Ianjong's reviews (19)

I bought the game on the strength of the previews. I was pleased when the actual reviews were positive, but being entrenched in Far Cry 3, I didnt pick it up until recently. Initial impressions were average as it seemed to be one cutscene or QTE after another. However, after the first 45 minutes to an hour the game suddenly ditched those QTEs and opened up into one of the most gripping and astonishingly good games Ive ever played. It definitely bears comparison to the Uncharted games, which are some of my favourite games of all time, but this Tomb Raider reboot surpasses Uncharted 3 by quite a stretch in both story, longeveity and graphics. It is beautiful, balanced, challenging and rewarding - almost a perfect gaming experience. I cant comment on the mulitplayer, but the campaign kept me gripped on the edge of my seat for hours. Buy it now!

  Absolutely fantastic

| | See all willfbolton's reviews (1)

Having played all of the TR games thus far, I was pessimistic about picking up the game following some true greats. However, having only played around 2 hours gameplay, I am fully riveted. Myself having played lots of games, I can safely say I have never felt such powerful emotions to a character in a video game in my life. From innocent young woman, to battle hardened survivor, its truly magnificent the emotions you as a player feel during this transition. Spooky really. A fantastic and a must buy.

  she's back!!!!!

| | See all jackandaaron's reviews (13)

Like a lot of gamers out there i started my gaming journey with the original TR all those years ago, but apart from the first TR i never went back to the follow up games. Shooters and survival horrors are my kind of games so when a friend told me how good TR was i took a chance and OMG i was stunned at how good this game is, everything about it is excellent, from the beautiful graphics to the great gameplay. This version of Lara is more mature,tougher and indeed i never thought i would hear the f word in a TRgame. 30% into it and have been playing for 5 or 6 hours so it looks like a big game. So glad i got this game, highly recommend you get this!!!!!!!

  Tomb Raider disappoints

| | See all Piercefan's reviews (1)

Okay after the rave reviews from people I decided to buy the game, in which I wished I hadn't. Should have rented from Lovefilm. The game starts off quick and well but it's just stupid after a while, u end up washed up on a island and you make your way around but the challenges are sooo obvious and easy I just walked it completed the game in around 3hrs 30 mins. The graphics are average as is the game play. The storyline for me is which spoiled the game for me, completely unrealistic and well just annoying. We live in the 21st century and still have things in games that don't exist. Then the characters who the hell were they??? Ive played every tomb raider game and just cannot remember these characters. For me the game could have been just simple like finding a way off the island without the silly massive giants you come across. People go missing all the time on Islands.
Just very disappointing and too be honest I am shocked people think its a good game.
For me 8/10

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