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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (54 reviews)"

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  Love it!

| | See all Rayman391's reviews (2)

Honestly I don't see what all the bug complaints are about, my save file contains over 90 hours and I get the odd drop in frame rate which lasts for 30 seconds. I love games set back in ancient times that have so much missions, and factions and things to do, it really is just a fantastic game. I haven't played in a while, but I have purchased the DLC's and can't wait to carry on

  Best game ever! almost...

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

this would easily be the best game ive ever played if it wasnt full of bugs. ive recently updated it with PATCH 2.08 Believe it or not and its just made it the worst its ever been. This is such a shame, steer well clear!!

  Amazing game.

| | See all bubble81's reviews (16)

I put off buying this game for quite a while after reading about all the problems people where saying the game had, but finally had to buy it and i am very impressed. I never played any of the other elder scrolls games before so didn't really now what to expect but once i got started i could not put down my controller for hours on end. I have not came across any problems with this game yet and am about 40 hours into the game and just hope none pop up, even though i have downloaded the new patch for it so i don't know if they have fixed all problems but i certanily aint seen any. If you like fallout games then this game you will love as it also has a massive open world to explore and loads of missions to do. Go out and buy it now as this game is incredible and is definately a 5 star game for me.

  Great game

| | See all dodo12's reviews (19)

I bought this game because I loved the previous elder scroll games, Skyrim gives the player a whole land to roam and explore many creatures to fight and people to save (if u want). Its not that hard but the amount of quests in it create hours and hours of gameplay. The main issue I have with this game is that the expansions do not work on PS3 so if you have the choice between PS3 and PC definatly buy it on PC, if not its still a great game worth having.

  'Fallout' with swords

| | See all R1uprising's reviews (36)

If you like fallout 3/ fallout:new vegas, you'll love this. The same, massive free roaming style, play the storyline at your speed, or embark on adventures and sidequests. Build your character (which you choose at the start, similar to fallout, except you can be an orc, elf, or various other creatures and humans) along whichever path suits your style: thief, wizard, barbarian, or combination of attributes as you level up, with hundreds of weapon combos and set ups and the attire to match. Plus an interesting storyline worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. (still more voice actors are required though, the distinctive ones are used way too much).

  Up there with the best

| | See all Geeves's reviews (2)

I haven't experienced any lag issues at all and the game is excellent and massive. Incredible amount of content, places and people and the difficulty setting can be changed at any time, and changed back, if you're struggling. The main storyline is of perfect length and there's an almost uncountable number of side quests and missions.

The only thing holding it back from 5 stars is the repetitiveness of some side quests. You can only clear out so many dungeons of similar format before it gets tiresome. The game is essentially a (less-buggy) Fallout 3 with a Middle-Earth-esque makeover. I personally prefer Fallout because of the theme but that's not Bethesda's problem. Also, I found Demon's and Dark Souls more playable due to their unchangeable difficulty.

These are relatively minor, and preferential, issues and if I could award an extra half star it would definitely get it.

  great game possibly maybe

| | See all jibbajabba76's reviews (13)

was getting so bored of the usual rubbish that keeps being repeated so gave this a go and loved it from the word go. real sense of adventure and freedom and really addictive as you progress with new skills and magic.

it's starting to lag on me now though so as much as i love it, it definitely has issues. When a dragon appears now the screen goes mad lagging badly and freezing. the game also freezes up a fair amount.

shame as this was one of the best games i have played for so long and really got my love back for gaming after being bored stupid by all the FPS rubbish that is cloned again and again.


also for the people that are surprised that the game (any game) that looks so good on advertisements doesn't look that great on their console - the reason is the advert version is running on a 2k gaming PC ;)

edit * i have not put this game down since they fixed 99% of PS3 lag. brilliant, one of the best i've ever played and i've been playing since the 80's.

  Near-Perfect RPG Game

| | See all QuantumCat's reviews (21)

It must eb said that I haven't finished the game and that I haven't played that long -about 25-30hrs.

So I here are my thoughts so far:

Skyrim in many ways, IS the ultimate RPG. It does everything right that Oblivion did right.
It does everything right that Oblivion did wrong. And more

Mind you, Oblivion did a lot of things right: A Rich, Living, Breathing World, with lots to explore.
Endless no-class-boundaries RPG-ing, a warrior can learn lock-picking and a thief can learn heavy
armour and both can lean magic.
Skyrim truly delivers in the same Eder Scroll Standard way.

Where I think Skyrim is an improvement on Oblivion are the rich and colourful side quests.
Both start with an escape (main quest), to draw you into the main story, but once escaped, Oblivion fell
to a dead stop. Uninteresting and hard-to get side quests for me killed the gameplay, and for the side quest
I got, I hadn't levelled up high enough during my escape to complete it.

Skyrim does this right. There is an abundance of easy to get, well balanced side-quests with a diversity that
will keep you on your toes for hours and hours and keep you wanting for more
-forget the main quests! these side-quest are much more fun!

I found that some of them will keep you dungeon exploring for hours -up to a point where you think:
"ANOTHER dungeon? Guys -it's a 'only' side quest!"
But, you got to love the designers for this vastness. I do.

It's not perfect, but it bloddy near darn well is. The flaws I found -so far-
1. Omly one companion
2. How to equip your companion is a mystery to me: when of why my companion equips item a and not item b)
why I do not have any control over such things and why it's not as intuitive as in Dragon Age eludes me.
3. Inventory of chests, dressers etc has is not categorized in 'weapons', 'apparal' etc.
4. When to use X or square (PS3 version) in inventory for to store/give/use/eat/equip frustrates me sometimes

I'm sure there are more imperfections, but these are just small things comparerd to the richness of the game(play)
and though Bethesda has the reputation of releasing buggy games, so far, I haven't encountered many bugs (yet -keeping my fingers crossed),
and the ones I did, had no influence on the game(play).

I did a fast travel from Hod and Gerdurs home to Whiterun and Lo and Behold: Hod had travelled with me!
After entering another location (e.g. your house), Hod had been sent back to his house in Riverwood.
Like I said, nothing major.
So far so good. Will update this if anything changed based on expereiences during more and more hours of gaming