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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (54 reviews)"

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  Arguably the best game ever made

| | See all superblade8's reviews (4)

A fantastic Open World RPG
I think my jaw has dropped in amazement so many times whilst playing this game that I've lost a few teeth!
I have the game for the PS3 and thankfully I've had no glitches at all.
My main character is now above level 60 and I have played for well over 150 hours.
The issue regarding screens freezing seems to be very hit and miss, either you're unlucky and suffer with locked frames, or you're fortunate and suffer no issues at all.
If you're unsure over buying because of issues with games freezing, then a tip would be to rent it first and play for 10 or so hours on that, and then if you're not suffering freezes, go and buy the game for yourself.
Personally I couldn't recommend this game anymore highly - a must for fans of RPG's.


| | See all aceman123's reviews (9)

This game is massive lots of quests and dungeons to clear but I find that all the dungeons look the same and it gets boring and repetitive. It feels your doing the same things over and over again. Positives are this game rarely glitches unlike fallout the world is stunning the graphics are ok not brilliant but good enough overall 4/5 is a honest rating.

  One of the all time greats

| | See all Aykmeister's reviews (4)

One of the best games I have ever played. The only down side for me is the waiting time entering and exiting buildings, etc. Apart from that its breathtaking. I recommend this.

  Quality vs Quantity

| | See all Stealth421's reviews (3)

With over 300 hours, Skyrim gets 5 stars in terms of Quantity. However, a basic combat system, mediocre graphics and numerous technical issues bring this down to its deserving 4 stars.

Skyrim gives you limitless freedom from the beginning, with you deciding who you want to be, what to do and when you want to do it. With the all of this taking place in a vibrant world with varying environments.

You spend most of the time completing quests, these can vary from fighting a civil war to resolving a love triangle. When not carrying out these, you can make weapons and armour, buy houses and you can get married if you choose to do so.

Skyrim is fantastic, whatever your doing in it. It is just a shame that minor annoyances keeps it away from that extra star.

  One of the best games I have ever played

| | See all TheBigWilk's reviews (3)

I cannot stress this enough, I absolutely LOVE this game. I currently have a 12mb save file, and there is very little by the way of framerate drop or lag/freezing. Granted, the game is buggy and some quests may become unfinishable due to this, but to fix this simply save often an reload if any of these happen. There is also the presence of a particularly annoying meme said by the guards, but also the amusing glitches, such as flying halfway across the map when hit by a giant. There is so much to do by the way of side quests and exploring, as well as the addition of dragons, which are fun to fight no matter what level you are. This game is an absolute must-buy, and is even better if you have played Oblivion in the past. Thank you, Bethesda!

  Fixed Game?

| | See all Ranger2's reviews (3)

I must say I got this game a month ago on PS3 and I have not encountered any lag or game-crashing bugs, and I have been playing it A LOT! It's a fantastic game with tons of items to collect and hundreds of quests, and there are not only more dungeons in this game than Oblivion, but they are considerably more fun! This really is a great game, you won't be disappointed.


| | See all PS3G4M3R's reviews (1)

this is my first elder scrolls game and i love it! i have it on ps3 and everyone says its laggy and everything but it isn't! its frozen once or twice but apart from that its fine. great game, huge range of things to do, BUY IT!!!!!

  Cant beat it

| | See all Matthew1999's reviews (5)

This is the best game i have ever played and there is limitless things to do you dont have to do the main quest you can do fun little side missions 10 out of 10 for me

  Best game i have ever played.

| | See all Hievery1's reviews (2)

I have played well over 100 hours on this game, have a level 50 character, and have save files well over 10 mega-bytes. I have seen no such "slide-show" lag, aside from the odd stutter every now and then the game runs as smoothly as any other. I absolutely loved this game and cannot wait till the DLC's come out!

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| | See all bolowar's reviews (5)

skyrim is the best game i have ever played,utterly absorbing!!
but 4 stars because of the bugs! this really shouldve been the biggest selling game EVER! loading times are a bit of a pain too and alot of loading needs to be done! understandble really as of the size of the game!

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