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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (54 reviews)"

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  Bethesda should be ashamed

| | See all cornell1's reviews (51)

this got game of the year but i think its far from it ... the game is full of bugs !! not only that got bored of it very fast .

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  Too much time needed to play

| | See all 89654123's reviews (56)

Ok, this is an RPG, but it's so boring. I played WoW for years, so I know how RPG's work but it's just so monotonous to walk around doing minor stuff all the time. To get the most out of the game you need to talk to everybody and there are so many books lying around with stories and tales to soak up that you'd need a thousand hours to play this game to the max. I just don't have that time. I got a ps3 for casual gaming, but this just reminds me of Fallout 3 on PC. I played that for 50 hours and it was just the same... walk to new area, root around for stuff to pick up and sell to the traders, upgrade something or other and move on. Repeatedly. Where's the game? Where's my enjoyment? Technically it's impressive... it's just too dull and tedious for me to enjoy. If I wanted to sit down for a six hour gaming session, I'd go back to my PC.

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| | See all GeoFau's reviews (65)

This is a fantastic game but despite all of the praise its been getting, like most Bethesda games it is a bit buggy.

Fantastic Graphics
Plenty to do
Gameplay is fantastic
Designs of the locations are very well done
So many extra quests etc to do after the initial story line

Is a bit buggy (since it is so huge)
No online which was a hugely anticipated feature to this game

I would defiantly recommend this

  Great Game

| | See all Smithies666's reviews (1)

i dont see what everyone is complaining about, i've played hours and hours on this game and seen very few of the bugs that people have mentioned, yes, it does lag a bit but only if you play it constantly for hours on end. the only major bug i encountered came the day i got it, but the update the day after resolved it.
Well worth the purchase, i was hooked almost instantly and i've never played a game like this before, but yeah, if you play it right, and have a rest every now and again, you wont have a problem.

  No Game Break Here

| | See all gotyrnumber's reviews (31)

Not sure if a successful patch had been released before I started playing (around 20th December 2011), but I am 90 hours in, level 34 - no problems.

My game is not broken, still 100% playable. All I have encountered is very minimal frame rate issues upon loading from a fast travel that only lasts a few seconds.

I had so many more issues with Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, and the save files on these games were considerably smaller.

So, considering this, Skyrim has blown me away with its capacity to cope with itself.

How anyone can complain I do not know.

Stunning game, very addictive and mind blowing in scale.

  really good

| | See all azura500's reviews (8)

amazing game but you will 100% get board of it after 50 missions, and it takes some time to load, and also loads on so many occasions.

  A bugged mess!

| | See all 75hastings69's reviews (2)

This game should have been fantastic! however it's far from it, in fact it's a real bind to play and gets more frustrating the further you progress.

My initial thoughts on this game were of a very polished product that was worthy of all the hype it received, and after the previous Bethesda PS3 outings (FO3, FO NV) I thought it looked like PS3 users were finally being gifted a finished and bug free product, how wrong I was!!!!

As you progress into the game bugs and glitches become more prevalent, from small ones that have no gameplay effect (i.e. animals (without wings) suddenly flying and floating around the screen) to ones that completely break the game, for example (but not limited too)... quest givers getting stuck in a diaglogue loop thus not allowing quest lines to further, items dissappearing, if you visit a dungeon and clear it without first being given a specific quest to go to that dungeon it can break quests later on in the main quest lines, but worse of all the Lag/freeze issues all after you pass the 40 hour mark render the game unplayable - I daren't even travel to whiterun anymore for fear of the game freezing yet again!

But to top it all off Bethesda are even worse than this bugged product, there is no information or support for PS3 users and the patches that are arriving (slowly) fix minor issues (like the bookcase bug) rather than game breaking major issues such as bugged quests/lag.

Save yourself the hassle and don't buy this until PS3 gets patchs that make it actually work!

  One of my top 5 games ever

| | See all TarantinosHeir's reviews (62)

Firsty - I know that a lot of people have had big problems with the lag on this game so people are going to be wary of that when they buy it but what you should know is that THERE IS A PATCH COMING THIS MONTH (JANUARY) THAT THE COMPANY HAS SAID WILL FIX EVERYTHING.

Anyway i havnt had any problems and im ashamed to say ive spent 110 hours on it. Thats probably the most hours ive spent on any game considering I dont consider myself a "gamer".

You will get completely lost in this game and the annoying/good thing about it is that you will try and play the main story but then get sidetracked by 10 hours because you've found something else to do! The game is huge, ive played it for a long time and stil havnt found/been everywhere and still have no where near done all the storylines.

The other unique aspect to the game is that you can be whatever you want to be and be better at whatever you want to be better at. I.e. upgrading your magic and being a beast at that instead of using weapons.

If you want a good game where you can improve your character and find all sorts of cool weapons and explore for hours then get this.

P.s. the graphics are awesome

  it does slow down after a while

| | See all paul1976's reviews (2)

i bought the game with great antisapation as it was so clear and detailed but unfortunately i have been playing it for 80 hours or so and it is slow and quite regulary it stops so leave this game alone for the time being

  Great Game

| | See all KrisC23's reviews (1)

I think everyone needs to calm down about the issues that are evolving around the game, every game is not perfect and when its released it will have problems maybe the testers shouldn't be smoking so much weed but ey, so far the game is perfect for the graphics and and the environment you are in and has more life span than any game i can ever remember, i have noticed the lag issues and after the patches i do feel the improvement, they will be bringing out more patches everyone just needs to be patient if you really cant wait for the improvements then create a new player and go off different parts of the world, the game is buggy at the moment but i do appreciate that they have bought out patches and are trying to help everyone out. in my eyes i wont be taking this back if it gets too bad then i whack on bf3 or fifa 12 and wait out for awhile.

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