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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (54 reviews)"

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  Brilliant, great, fantastic

| | See all mikejt72's reviews (11)

Please don't be put off by these negative comments they have just been unfortunate. Yes the game does have bugs and sometimes you do get some lag and freezes up which only last few seconds (you rarely get them) the game is Unbelieveable most probably game of the year. Bethesda have already released two patches for the game and I havent had any problems with the game other then a few crashes but that might have something to do with my ps3 personally. Buy it you will not regret it.

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this game is so huge so much going on and so much to do, u will get your moneys worth with this purchase so if you want to pass alot of time without spending lots of cash on more and more games then get this it will keep u going. do yourself a favour and get this :)

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  The most overrated game ever.

| | See all ZiggyVoltage's reviews (10)

The game is good till you reach about level 30. Then you realise how much time you've wasted on it and think, jeez I have better stuff to do than constantly hack at a dragon, or make shed loads of leather armour just so i can get my smithing skill up.

The environments are good but after a while you don't really care for walking places as it's all the same, just look out your window if you want good scenes. Eventually you just start fast travelling everywhere, like you get a quest that in reality would take quite some time cos you have to walk there but nah, just fast travel grab whatever's in the cave and blurt. max time of about 15 minutes, try doing that 100 times, get's kinda boring.

I'm level 40 odd now and regret asking for it for a bday gift cos i'd feel bad trading it in. It's so boring at this stage, nothing is a challenge and I don't even have the best equipment. All I find myself doing is shouting people off cliffs cos it's kinda fun watching them fall down.

Not forgetting the countless glitches, and the annoying way your character kinda slides across the floor cos walking is just to uncool for this game.

yeah basically not a very engaging game after a while and you'll regret the hours you spent playing it when you could be getting some real action. I actually give it two stars.

Peace x

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| | See all HarKonnen1's reviews (4)

Best game of it's type ever, utterly absorbing and puts the formulaic CoD and MW games to shame. Like everyone else I am several hours in and have only scratched the surface. The amount of freedom to roam and select main quests or engaging side quests is a breath of fresh air. The graphics are excellent considering the side of the game and I will admit it is a wee bit glitchy in places especially when re spawning after being killed but it is minor and these issues should be resolved with a patch and don't detract from the gaming experience. Overall a definite must by game for anyone even if you have never played this type before...you will not be disappointed.


| | See all loukoui27's reviews (1)

hi all
this is a brilliant game
addictive and massive
there might be a few glitches in the game but still it delivers

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  The Greatest Game ever

| | See all Beazmeister's reviews (5)

I am 7 hours into the adventure of Chumalos Gloob (always have to give my character a stupid name!) and I can easily say that this is probably the best and most engrossing game I'm ever going to play until the 6th installments.
First things first, graphically in 3rd person mode it's outstanding however in first person it can look a little disjointed but this doesn't take away the advancements from Oblivion. The combat is over 100 times better. In Oblivion you'd be left spinning round working out who was attacking you whereas in Skyrim if your level is high enough you can go on the attack. Also the maps - far better and indepth and the world is so varied. There's so much to do. Ive already defeated 3/4 dungeons or caves and it's really quite exciting!
I'm not normally an RPG man but you don't have to be. The levelling up system is so simple. I've had no crashes as yet and an update was released again tonight so as long as you have a good broadband connection all should be ok.
So far the satisfaction of downing my first dragon is hard to beat. I found bows and arrows the best for this.
I'm also chuffed they have got rid of the Oblivion gates. These were too samey in the last game but nothing is samey here.
I would Definately go for this whatever your genre you wont regret it!

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  Avoid like the plague. It wont be patched for weeks.

| | See all Rimmer72's reviews (53)

Let me be honest from the off - this game is broken and should never have been released. I bought the PS3 version as a gift but now have to return it. The game is virtually unplayable. Anyone who says otherwise has not played it for more than 30 hours (it is supposed to last 300). The problem is partly down to the PS3 and the reason that the 360 is less afffected. The PS3 has less memory performance than the 360 and although its processor is more powerful the memory is what is used to buffer everything. Once Saves get bigger than 5mb the problem starts and once they get to 10 its like watching a slideshow. The game stutters badly and you can barely move. It has been patched about 3 times but still not fixed. Worryingly the fact it is a hardware limitation means some are speculating it can never be fixed without rebuilding it from the ground up. I strongly advise avoiding this and either buy something else, the 360 version, or save the money til the Game of The Year version is out! Seriously this is all over BBC technology pages, forums and may be the reason the price dropped so quickly. Its a class A game that should be the best thing ever released on PS3 but right now you are throwing your money away. The patch file to fix this is going to be huge!

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| | See all Slarth's reviews (2)

This game has quite a few game breaking bugs which include the frame rate dropping so low it becomes a slide show, quests your unable to finish, the game crashing forcing your to restore & check for corrupted data but to name a few. So far there's no sign of a patch to fix these, avoid at all costs. It's a shame because it's a great game.

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  amazingly great, but also amazingly flawed :-(

| | See all mrbendell666's reviews (4)

First of all, I would like to state I have played so many bethesda games, from oblivion to fallout 3, to skyrim, and I am a bit dissapointed in the new release. The game play is amazing and I am in love with the game, so much so I have pumped so many hours into the game already and it has so much more to offer. BUT... it is also riddled with bugs and after a while it lags VERY badly, to the point where it becomes unplayable and you have to reset or turn off your off the ps3 console to let it cool down. All in all I adore this game with a passion, but I am also torn by how badly it runs on the ps3 and how sloppy some of the bugs are. Please Bethesda sort it out as you do not seem to learn form your previous mistakes, and it is becoming tiresome.

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  Game broken on PS3

| | See all GSM187's reviews (1)

Works fine for a while, but after some playtime you will get severe gamebreaking framerate drops and freezes... The 360 version has the same issues as well, but they take a while longer to get as bad as on the PS3... 80 hours in, level 31, game is now unplayable....

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