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PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Great Piece Of Kit!

| | See all Jahoola's reviews (5)

I borrowed one of these off of a friend and must admit I got quite attached to it. I have been patiently waiting for this to drop below the twenty pound mark so my wife would understand my purchase. Speedily delivered, well packaged and well worth waiting for.

The gun has all the functions that most other guns don't supply. Great reload functionality and override settings for gun performance. It is well thought out and nicely designed. It also feels solid in the hands. My only criticism is the weight. I found that after about an hour and a half of continuous play my aim was affected by shaking arms. I'm sure I'll man up the more I use it.

Works great on House Of The Dead: Overkill and Killzone 3.

  fantastic great fun

| | See all dootman's reviews (1)

slightly tricky to navigate around at first but bare with it .once you get used to it its great fun. sharp shooter is very well made all buttons and reload facility are perfectly positioned. brilliant especially on kill zone 3.

  didnt live up to expectations

| | See all trustmeIKE's reviews (1)

got this for a present of which i asked for. i couldn't wait to get it, waited 5 weeks to by which time my excited decreased dramatically. before i got it i was excited beyond comprehension, however now, after 2 months of owning it, i have literally used it twice. its use ability was okay but the thing its self is so hard to use that it is completely useless to even start to practice. i don't even want to get rid of it because i know that if i say anything my parents will be annoyed because they know I've used it so little and consider it a wasted present, i couldn't do that to them. thoroughly recommend NOT getting this at all, i promise you there are better things to buy with this sort of money and if you buy it for your self or someone else, it is a mistake unless you have the time and patience to play non stop until it becomes in any way acceptable to use, and even then i couldn't see my self using it. seriously, DON'T GET IT! gonna wait another month then gonna sell it with no one knowing.....

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  The problem is the Move

| | See all Frik73's reviews (1)

I appreciate the quality of the sharposhooter, but i can tell the problem is that the Move used as a pointer isn't that good. I find the wii remote much better for aiming at the screen. Move frequently does not work as a pointer would do.
It'a a shame because I think this should have been the best application for the move. It's not bad, but not as good as I expected.

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  Takes time to master.....but worth it!

| | See all WoodyTheBluebird's reviews (4)

I bought this gun attachment specifically to use with Killzone 3. After a few goes of playing, I had no idea what I was doing and ended up getting killed left, right and centre! However, after contemplating throwing the gun at my TV (!), I decided that I would keep trying and I am pleased I did. After about 3 hours of learning, I am now comfortable with the gun and would recommend it to anyone.

To be honest, if you are obsessed with you Kill/Death Ratio, then you might be better suited to using a joypad, but if you think that fun/enjoyment is the most important part of a game, then you need to buy this, without a doubt.

Looking forward to using this on future releases...

  KIllzone 3 --A MUST!!!

| | See all Simoncox's reviews (2)

TRied playing KZ3 with a navigator and move with pistol, The problem is you need to have 3 hands to use the buttons properly as the PS" move" button is the crouch beaind things etc you find yourself always trying to swap hands and fingers to use it properly and it is on the top of the pistol !! GGGRR. also the swap weapons and reload etc are also out of reach.. THEN I paid 30 quid for this bad boy!!! now all the buttons are around your hands. its not just a fancy case , it has the tech to move control of the buttons oto the gun its self 10/10...you reload , rather than twisting your wrist, it has a pump action barrell , meaning you realod quicker and without loosing your screen position, you must have the nagigator aqlso to complete this amazing experince and the move controller aswell to get the best out of this and if you play KL3 , it will feel like the archade version and you part of the game , point and shoot it not, it a bit harder to get uysed to moving and looking with the gun, but master this and you will only put it down when your arms ache!!! worth every bit of money!!!


| | See all JAKETE57's reviews (1)

Like everyone has said - 'It takes a little getting used to', but as soon as you understand that if you move the gun left or right or up and down you'll do the same on the screen (and feel sick) and then control your movements it's superb, one click, target, headshot!

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  Great product, brings out the best in PS Move

| | See all FightingViking's reviews (2)

Really, I was going to write a long review, but every other reviewer already here has said what needs to be said. So I'll add my five star rating and say this is a great bit of kit, really makes using the Move&Nav natural. I was apprehensive about the price (the same cost as a game!) on this, but I'm glad I did.
It can get a bit front-heavy after an hour or two, with both controllers in it. But it's a very well built and thought-out accessory. No complaints at all.

  For those who say Move is in accurate...

| | See all donk3yk0ng's reviews (4)

...you haven't played with Move properly, honestly. At first I was terrible online, I kept following my gun instead of the crosshair but I easily managed to get used to it and now me and my brother own! And if are those who complain about Move whatsoever, you cannot calibrate properly.

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| | See all plankrider's reviews (26)

Hook this up together with KZ3 and a 3DTV and its so immersive! Its takes a little getting used to and playing around with the dead zone settings and sensitivity but once you get your sweet spot its amazing.

I concentrate on turning with my rear hand and aiming with my front hand. This makes it easier.

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