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Dragon Age 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Ps3 Gamer

| | See all BarginHunter72's reviews (1)

I bought this game to pass the time and have a break from call of duty, street fighter, NSF GTA etc etc.. It is a refreshing change to play this RPGs but it is no Tomb Raider.... It involves a lot of combat and talking.... Combat depending on your charter ( Mage or arms etc) can get repetitive at times but the story and weapon upgrades and of your companions compensate for this... As I said earlier it makes a change ... Overall a fun game to play, I couldn't stop playing it :-)


| | See all Dimani's reviews (1)

The game is nothing like Origins and was a huge disappointment for me. Actually I got bored after 2h of playing. I was really hoping for something better....

  New, but not necessarily improved

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

To be fair, if this game was a standalone title, we'd probably say it was pretty good and be done with it.
However, because this is a follow on from Dragon Age 1, you can certainly see some weak points.
Not least, is the new conversation system, well, to be fair, there isn't one, no longer can you stop and pester your comrades for information.
Graphically, it's like looking at Dragon Age 1, not bad, for 2 years ago, and why, when Da1 was played in 1080p, did one of the developers suddenly decide to run 720 for the new one?

The story itself, runs parallel to DA1, and you'll meet a fair few familiar faces along the way, I quite liked that aspect, you got an idea of what happened to the "hero of ferelden"'s companions.

Would I recommend this game? Yes, but I would warn true Dragon Age fans not to expect any more than the original game, especially with the recycled dungeons.

  Not bad... i suppose...

| | See all Dranel's reviews (1)

Im a big fan of RPG's (Rle Playing Games) and would like to warn people of the certain limitings of this one.
It is strange that the content has been reduced from the first one, in dragon age 2 you are not able to select a race or background, you must be hawke, you must be human, you must be from lothering. The game provides a rather emersive story line (when you can find it) and a more involved combat system aswell as companion interaction being increased in some ways. (compared to Origins)
While dragon age origins was more of an open RPG, this game is somewhat limited to those elements, you can still be good or bad, though the overall repurcussions of making either choice still seem rather non-existent to me. I for one feel producers/designers shot themselves in the foot removing race and lineage options, they have also attempted to create a story line which is at times extremely vage and brings about rather pointless amounts of combat, as in you cannot walk from one end of district of the city to the other without being attacked by 30+ mercenaries, and whilst the story line tells you that they are cracking down on mages, you and three other mages can stand and rip through these shouting sword clashin mercenaries using explosions of fire and ice nad not one person notices, nor is there a single guard around, and in the event there is passers by they do just that, walk through the comotion calmly then comment on the weather.

All that being said, the combat is good, the effects are flashy, the quests are intrigueing and it is somewhat addictive if not also somewhat repetative, but is all in all a pretty good game, but if you are looking for an RPG without impending elements of hack and slash, you might rather Elder Scrolls : Obivion, or the soon to be released Elder Scrolls : Skyrim, or possibly games from the series of fable or Fallout... even Dragon Age : Origins.
The first one was great, the second one was... different.

  A great game but with a few flaws

| | See all PukiePaul's reviews (5)

Dragon Age Origins was a truely epic game. While many complain the stories not as good as compared to Origins I don't think they were paying attention; the Chantry is in disarray and a civil war is stirring and this charts your rise from a simple refugee to the person in the middle of the whole conflict when it starts. They have set up a great story for Dragon Age 3 and I for one can't wait.

But there are quite a few issues with this game which stops me giving it 5 stars. The main one being that they have reused the same maps over and over again. Also you very rarely venture out of Kirkwall which is a major bummer as in Origins you had an entire country to explore.

This game is ripe for DLC which may address many of the issues with it. But despite these few blemishes I have played through the game several times now and still love it. Worth getting especially now it's only 17.99!!


| | See all JamesTho's reviews (4)

Unfortunately there is a severe lack of locations in Dragon age 2. This makes exploring become boring. Frankly I found the repetitive use of the areas insulting, as though the developers thought that consumers would be too stupid to realise that most areas were just the same ten areas with things moved about a bit! In any fantasy game I expect to hunt through containers for useable items, but not ten times in the same areas for things that just automatically go into my junk menu without even a picture of the item! Combat is an improvement from the first game but fighting waves of enemies in THE SAME LOCATIONS also becomes boring. There are a lot more missions than the original game but they are all in THE SAME LOCATIONS. The game never really seems to go anywhere. There is no epic adventure and its all about money and power. Disappointment after the first game.

  The Sims with swords

| | See all spacecake's reviews (1)

As another reviewer said, this game is a massive let down. There are huge holes in the story (Flemeth is there why, exactly?) that just scream DLC. After the epic nature of Dragon Age the setting is restrictive and repetitive, and it doesn't seem to matter what you do or want to do as the story forces you to take particular quests and actions whether or not you want to.

I use the word story loosely - the game has no plot or goal. It just seems to be a series of quests designed to earn enough money to get a big house in the shiny part of town. It is, like my title says, The Sims with swords.

I won't be buying the next one unless I see it really, really cheap.

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  this could have and should have been so much better

| | See all elseftoni83's reviews (4)

I loved Origins, it was epic. It had the story and the depth, it had the characters, it had the humour, it looked and played great and its easy to see why its such a loved game among fans. In short it had everything Dragon Age 2 didn't. Yeah it looks great and the fighting system has been stream lined so that its easier to pick up and play, especially for newcomers to the series, it has some great 1 liners between the members of your party. But one thing that is unforgivable is that it has no story, it has no depth. Whether it be the characters or the world your playing in your left feeling with a hollow impression of the game. The characters are shallow with very little in the way of pesonality, pretty soon your playing with the same members in your group everytime because the other ones annoy you so much that you can't bare to use and start to wonder how they even managed to get the go ahead to be included into the game anyway. As for kirkwall and the freemarches, you have no real areas of exploration, the city feels confined and the areas outside soon feel repetitive and overused. Your forced to re-explore the same areas during each act which quickly bored the living daylights out of me.
The game is full of so many bugs that on more than one occassion i was left with missions and tasks in my journal that i could neither start or complete and I got so stuck in some places that i had to restart from my last save more than once. Some glitches i can understand, especially if a game has been rushed out like this one feels it has, but bioware has such a good record with previous games that they must feel that they have let themselves down and i can't help but think that EA has had something to do with it. On the whole the game has the feeling of that of DLC and could very well have been acceptable as content for origins in the way that awakenings was. I will play DA3 if the make it and hope that it will be epic, mix the fighting system from 2 witn the size and granduer of Origins and they'll ahve one hell of a game. I'd advise fans to play it simply because they'll need to to get the story and not feel too lost in 3.

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  Its a fairly good game

| | See all ImmortalUK's reviews (36)

I think the game is pretty good I like the cut scenes and gameplay and story I prefer oblivion and dragon age origins is more of my game but this game is great in terms of graphics can be a bit irritating how you travel and it tends to repeat a lot some quests suck aswell and wasp spiders are just ridiculous you need a lot of health potions on you for them they wipe your whole party out! but yeah its a cool rpg bit overrated I expected a lot more from it tbh still is worth the buy.

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  Great game, but true fans will be dissapointed.

| | See all GregW79's reviews (6)

I was chomping at the bit for this game, being a huge fan of Dragon Age Origins, and its fair to say I was expecting another hefty dose of RPG excellence.
From the offset the game positively glistens with potential. Your character is a lowly warrior fleeing the Ferelden blight to an all new land seeking fame, fortune and adventure. The visuals are very fine, the combat is more brutal and fluid, and one again the voice acting is superb.
However as the end draws near, a sense of disappointment becomes hard to ignore. There are dozens upon dozens of quests, though far too many are instantly forgettable, and you find yourself constantly travelling through the same old territories. The finer details of the game have been outrageously simplified and customisation of your team is severely limited. It may be that the first game set the standard impossibly high, but your companion characters definitely seem inferior, and certainly not a patch on Morrigan and Alistair! Finally, the main storyline seems to lack any real substance when compared to saving the world and slaying the Archdemon in Origins.
Despite these moans, it's still a quality title on its own merits. I never lacked motivation to see it through to the end, and for fans it still offers 50+ hours of Dragon Age action. If Bioware can combine the combat and visuals of this game with the epic storyline and unforgettable characters of Dragon Age Origins, then the third game should be incredible.

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