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Battlefield 3: Limited Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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| | See all rocky2603's reviews (14)

Forget Call of Duty, this overpowers it. Better in every way. The absolute best point about this game is that its not full of little kiddies screaming down the mic because mummy and daddy says its time to go to bed. Best thing I ever did was trade MW3 for this. Peace.

  Best Multiplayer By Far

| | See all Smeth79's reviews (1)

Battlefield 3 is easily the best shooter available right now and probably will be for some time yet. So much better that the COD games.

  Flawed Masterpiece? no, just flawed

| | See all fazste's reviews (11)

The next instalment of the battlefield series has arrived- and wow, is this game driving people mad! You just have to look on EA's Battlefield forum for all the complaints about this game. It had so much potential but has ultimately lead to frustration. Broken voip, controller input and general game mechanics has left this gathering dust. Don't get me wrong, i'll play it again if the issues are fixed, however that is a BIG IF, seeing dice's record of not fixing problems!
Buyer beware, i say.

  Makes MW3 look like a dated arcade game!

| | See all musicmmmonster's reviews (17)

Just ordered my copy today after playing both MW3 and Battlefield 3. MW3 just looks like the developers have 'copied and pasted' from all their previous games and to be honest MW3 is a real disappointment. Battlefield 3 on the other hand looks the mutts nutts. I still haven't got used to the gameplay yet but the mulitplayer involves a lot more skill than just running round shooting anyhting that moves which is not on your side. Maps on BF3 make MW3 maps look pathetic! The guns could of had more detail but the sound and graphics more than make up for it!!! Well Done DICE & EA!

  Not enough improvement since medal of honour

| | See all magoosey's reviews (83)

I loved moh and looked forward to this instalment. I expected little from the story mode as that has not been the strong point of the series. The On line game is too similar to moh. I had heard reference to moh being more of a beta for bf3. I now see what they meant. It is more realistic than other games but sometimes thy causes a big problem for me. The loss of FUN. This game tries to be a simulator for soldier wannabees. And as such is not much fun when you have to spend more time running back to the fight than actually being in it. Unless you are a boring camper who sits hiding and sniping.

  The word is AWSOME Sorry i ment BattleField 3

| | See all GAMERRRR's reviews (3)

Yes this game is Awsome anyone say other wise hasn't a clue the maps are so big that you can fit all of MW1,2 and 3 also black ops maps in one corner of a battlefields map with loads of room left over LOL or did i say there is tanks, jet ,helicopters ect. aswell oh yes infact most war weapons present or just to let you know aswell you can blow holes in building or even blow the hole thing up its mint..10/10 not for the KIDS...........................Ha Ha Ha you stick with COD like good little girls & boys... p.s bedtime now get to bed school the in morning.

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  Fantastic Warzones

| | See all V3nom80's reviews (7)

This game is as good as it gets when it comes to online FPS battles... the squad system makes a real difference to the way you play, and with a mixture of multiple game types, huge, detailed maps and a logical ranking system, it's the must have FPS of 2012....

  Frontline and cutting edge!

| | See all Teide27's reviews (15)

I have been a fan of the COD series for many years and upon the release of MW3 and Battlefield 3 I opted BF3 and I'm glad I did.
This beats the competition into still smoldering bunker with graphics, sound and emmersive and exciting gameplay.
The graphics are truly amazing and the animation is a work of art with your fellow soldiers running along side just feels and looks right. Small details like palm tree's rocking by a nearby blast, pre-flight checks before you depart from an aircraft carrier. The list goes on but it all amounts to a game that you begin to feel apart of. The cut scenes are not too long either. I'm a big fan of the campaign mode in any FPS game, though I often find the cut scenes too long and just end up skipping through them. Not so here. The story is good and does not drag on. For me the graphics and sound are top notch and I would recommend this to anyone wanting an exciting and emmersive game that looks amazing!

  Overated battlefield 3

| | See all Roddzz's reviews (3)

MW3 was not as good as expected. Too easy and not enough storyline.
Battlefield 3 is worse. Play stops so have to restart. The instructions for when buttons appear are not clear and overall very slow.
MW 2 is still far superior

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