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Portal 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Worth it for the Co-op

| | See all woodyP's reviews (5)

The game didn't hold my attention because of the frequent loading screens.

There are loading screens between every chamber which brake up the game way too much for me. Having played the uncharted games etc I had got used to load times being hidden by cutseens and the frequent loads in this game seem excessive especially as the qraphics are average and the levels aren't veyr complex.

However, I really enjoyed splitscreen co-op, chatting with a friend between test chambers as well as more the more complex puzzles that require 4 portals make the game more enjoyable and rewarding.

This game is innovative and worth a try if you have the patience.


| | See all rafi557's reviews (1)

I'll start by saying that the game give you an amazing experience, and that it is worth a small amount of money which is a great chance to buy yourself this amazing game!

  good game

| | See all Jessicaaa's reviews (6)

amazing game if you like puzzle games!
co-op mode is extremely fun!
only problem i had was that it made me feel a but motion sick! but hey, i would play it again!

  Portal 2

| | See all TheBuyer208's reviews (3)

i have played about 50 of the biggest games out there, from all the cod's, battlefields and alike, to epic role-playing games and sports and racers. but, in all these, this game stands out as definately in the top 3 games ever. the gameplay is smooth, clever, and good length. it took me about 12 hours worth of gameplay to get through, however i have friends who have taken near on 20. the co-op game is very good also, especially with the steam feature. however i enjoyed the co-op more when i played it split screen rather than over the internet. one of the greatest games ever, definately the best puzzle game ever made. i actually played this game before portal 1, and it is a great improvement. the challenges are tough, the ideas are simply perfect, and oh i wish it were possible :DDD

  Great Game - Could have been harder

| | See all udealm's reviews (1)

Have finished both campaigns and have very much enjoyed them. The game is well made with solid graphics, voices and game play. The only downside is i would have liked a few chambers that were harder to figure out. I was never really stumped for more than a few minutes on any puzzle. Would be nice if a DLC added some user created levels in the future. If your looking for a single player game to fill time while PSN is down then this is your game. 10-15 hours of very clever Valve magic.

  brilliant game

| | See all mixinda's reviews (16)

like most reviews here, the reason to get this game is due to the fact of getting a pc version free and you can do cross platform play with steam players. i think this is great as i have a lot of games and friends on steam, it works very well. as for the game itself its very lengthy and has some new great features and the voice actors are excellent and funny. the co op is also a nice length, perfect when playing with voice chat and a friend. big step up from portal

  excellent mind blowing game

| | See all hollowduck's reviews (1)

If you have played the first version of portal then you will love this game, even if new to portal then it is a must buy...

  Very good

| | See all Fatman88's reviews (46)

Great game, as everyone else will say.

It's a great mixture of comedy and puzzling. The levels are well thought out and progress beautifully.

The only bad points I'll say is that i's very short, there never seems to be any sense of urgency and the very last thing in the single player is practically pointed out to you, so not very rewarding.

I can't really comment on the Co-op mode because of the PSN problems we're all having. So because of Sonys negligence Portal 2 has lost a star.

I was umming and ahhing about buying this or Gran Turismo 5.

I really wish I'd gone for Gran Turismo, as after 2 days I felt there was nothing left for Portal 2 to offer.

  Very Good!!!

| | See all Umamba's reviews (1)

Portal 2 is a very good game...the story carries on from the first game and is very well told with a number of unexpected twists and great humour...its a very good puzzle(ish) game and gets you thinking about how to complete each level. I am looking forward to playing co-op when the PSN comes back as heard rave reviews from friends whom have the game on PC and also thanks to Steam that I will also be able to play with PC friends now on either PS3 or PC (when psn back of course)
Best game of year (so far)

  Use your brain for a change

| | See all LoveDr's reviews (3)

Tired of all the same boring FPS that are as about as easy as your mu.... Ok well you see where i was going with that.

Anyway this game is top draw, a great game and very enjoyable, If your slow in the head like Bluemonk below me then this game will annoy you to the point of trading it in for the next Call of Crap fps. BUT if you actually have a brain then this is a incredibly good game to play!