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Tomb Raider Trilogy HD

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  super cheap for 3 great games.

| | See all bovmalta's reviews (29)

all these 3 games are great. obviously the new tomb raider is much much more better. it is a must buy for a very low price. legend 7 tr anniversery 7 underworld 8 but for the price it is 5 stars. thanks play.com

  At This Price is Definitely To Buy

| | See all butino's reviews (2)

The great advantage of this pack is that you get 3 games at a very low price; the underworld episode looks great graphic is awesome, but since everybody are praising the good things,I'll point out the (few) "negative" things: anniversary is the top, it is what you except from a TR game: it's filled with puzzles and traps, once you solve a puzzle there's another one coming right away, the underworld is more "athletic" basically the goal is often how do I reach the exit? However in this episode there's still a good balance but honestly Legend is pure crap because the athletic part is pushed to the maximum with almost no puzzle to solve;it seems to me like through time TR has lost is true Soul: exploring tombs with your brain and not your (only) your body
But my overall opinion is positive since underworld and anniversary especially are definitely worth playing, even more considering the ridiculous price play.com is selling it. Definitely to buy if you have never played a TR game, it won't dissapoint you

  Strongly Recommended

| | See all MassiveAcid's reviews (7)

I hadn't played these 3 titles yet, so it was worth the wait to get them on PS3 at such a low price. I have played Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3, and 4 completely but number 5 only partially.

At first if you haven't played these newer Tomb Raider games, it will take you a while to get used to the controls. But you shall quickly pick up the pace, and you may find the game mechanics quite easy to follow. The secrets / treasures just like in the older games, fun as always trying to find them.

The graphics seem more 'polished', HD right? Yes. I saw Tomb Raider Underworld at my local store for 3 times the price of this product. So I got this. Three in one, for one third. Win. If you're a Tomb Raider fan, or even just curious, get it. Its worth the price.

  Love HD collections

| | See all SK4DOO5H's reviews (1)

only given 4* as Legend lets the series down. Only by a small amount mind! The game play is frustrating, caused by numerous bugs, and poor design (that should have been fixed for the update) but!! its easy to see that the series was going to go somewhere with Crystal Dynamics at the helm and they managed to craft a nice story.

Cinematic aside, The HD update makes both Legend and Anniversary look stunning, bright and sharp. Anniversary looks almost as if it was created for PS3. and both come with full trophy support to keep you play that little bit longer. Can't wait for the reboot!!

  Tomb Raider Trilogy

| | See all carrots10000's reviews (3)

This is what games should be. I'm playing Tomb Raider Legend first, loads better than drakes fortune. Just buy it ........

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| | See all SamTysall's reviews (20)

Awesome Buy For The Die Hand Tomb Raider Fan & With All 3 Together You Can't Go Wrong!! Would Make The Perfect Christmas Present x

  Tomb Raider HD?????

| | See all 2Ksucks's reviews (6)

Over all a 5 star rating, the games themselves are ace, anyone that likes TR should buy this as its a bargain and the and the only way to get legend and anniversary on PS3.

However my only problem with this is that in the cinematic's on legend and anniversary everything still looks grainy and old as if this hasn't been remastered this only becomes really apparent when you play underworld.

With all this said underworld looks just like its original PS3 since no need to remaster something that was in HD already, and legend and anniversary pretty much look like the original Xbox 360 versions since the cinematic's on those also looked very grainy on that too, over all I would say no much remastering has taken place, over all this is a ace package quick trophies on all 3 and at a bargain price, BUY.

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| | See all stumpy1's reviews (16)

So good to have all 3 titles on one disc. Bargain price for all 3 HD quality games. Must buy for any die hard Tomb Raider fan.

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