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WWE All Stars: Million Dollar Pack

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Brilliant concept, brilliant game

| | See all JoblingA's reviews (18)

This game is so ridiculous but fun at the same time, I love the high flying bouncy, utterly stupid gameplay. It's like those old WrestleFest style arcade games, some Legends missing like Bulldog and Owen Hart and Diesel but other than that a good roster. I think the main focus was really the Ultimate Warrior so that's probably why the roster is limited.

Definitely well worth a look for any WWE fan.

  Really Good

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

got this gme when it first came out and just loved it it really good fun to play a really good arcade style gme to play with m8s etc over all great game

  About time!

| | See all Sawpoint's reviews (2)

What a great tribute to the old skool of WWE this game is..Great roster, simple gameplay & great fun! Their are a few things that could be improved upon such as full wrestler entrances, more match types & remove some of the roster deadwood like Seamus & Kofi Kingston but i'm sure a sequel would address this. It just brings back memories of No Mercy on the N64, no SVR has ever replicated the fun of that game like this does! This is worth a look!

  a refreshing change in this tired genre

| | See all Nacho09's reviews (9)

This is a superb over the top wrestling game. Is all about fun and is an easy to pick up and play game. All wrestlers have their official signature moves and there is a fantastic roster. The cartoon rendered graphics perfectly suit the game and bring the larger than life characters to life. There is the die hard smackdown vs raw fans who will moan about this game, the graphics aren't realistic, theres no way ray mysterio could throw big show but thats what makes this so great. It plays more like a fighter (streetfighter) than a traditional wrestling game and in my opinion is all the better for it.

  good old days

| | See all scotley's reviews (16)

why some people are slating this game I will never know. It's not intented to be a simulator or resemble the past SVR games. The wrestlers are ripped and over characterized as are the moves and gameplay which makes a refreshing change from the serious gameplay of other grappling games. If you want fun and light hearted playability then this game is for you. Seriously if you're not of the easy going kind then opt for the ever same SVR's year after year.

  Very Solid Game, Most Enjoyable Grappler in Ages!

| | See all DWOverdose's reviews (11)

Okay first things first, it's rather tiring seeing so many people comparing this to SvR, the only comparison is that it involves wrestling and the CAS has a lot of similar items, besides that it's a different game and aimed at a different, wider market.

Places have hailed this game as the most enjoyable game since WWF No Mercy on the N64 and I agree with them. It's a larger than life game with a very good roster. Approach this game as a fighter not as a wrestling game because that is what Allstars is.

The game play is fluid, I don't get how theres a lack of depth to it in other reviews since you can reverse any move and there are multiple reversal animations in different situations. The gameplay is fast and frantic with each "Class" of wrestler bringing something different in terms of strengths and weakenesses.

In game modes, you have your standard exhibition match, Path of Champions which allows you to choose a Legends, Superstars and Tag Team ladder of opponents to face and then at the end fight the champion (Undertaker, Orton and DX).
There is also Fantasy Warfare where two superstars from each pool are pitted against each other, these superstars for the most part are from different generations and never fought. There is an intro video for each that sets the match from simply being an exhibition and it's the method used to unlock the superstars unavailable at the start (by using them).

Online mode is rather here nor there, at times it can be great and others it can be a pain. The main issue is matching, as it can be hard to find a match that actually lets you enter the lobby. Besides that its one of the main selling points, it's more fun than SvR online due to the fact there isnt half as many bugs/glitches that people exploit.

Finally Create-a-Superstar which has got a fair bit of stick from the svr fanboys/loyalists. In truth the actual character building is awesome, when it comes to shaping a specific character with the face sliders, exaggerating things to make them fit in with the rest of the roster it is fun and the CAS comes out looking like they belong on the game (unlike svr where all CAWs look pretty alien and stand apart from the main roster). It lacks paint tool and logos but then again remember this is a fighting game first.

THQ San Diego clearly focused on what mattered with this game, the game itself and the gameplay rather than flash additional modes, something which has made the SvR series pretty tame of later since the game itself has suffered.

My only beef with Allstars is the lack of match types, I'm not one of those people who moans that theres no hell in a cell or royal rumble (neither would work very well imo). I would have prefered more matches for Tornado Tag, perhaps letting us have team cage matches or even introduce a ladder match.

I gave this game 4 stars because it's a brilliant game, it's more fun than svr 2011 and I've not picked that up since this games release at all. However it is not perfect, It however means that come the sequel (if there is one) the game looks like it will be even better.

Very enjoyable game, I recommend it to wrestling fans past and present, fighting fans will also get something from it I reckon as well.

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| | See all Mads248's reviews (17)

Why could this game not have had the playability of SVR 2011? the controls are labourious and the Wrestlers look beefed up.. poor gameplay, presentation and the titantrons don't play fully..... AND where's Koko B'Ware? just messing

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  An ALL STAR game

| | See all Dazzster's reviews (4)

You will have reviews slating this game because of it's simplicity, but that's the point to this game existing... simplicity! It's not supposed to be a Smackdown vs Raw type of game. This is straight up arcade-style fun! Having recieved this game today and previously trying the demo there is nothing to complain about with this game if you are a wrestling fan. It does what it's supposed to do. The superstars are overly big or overly ripped on purpose. It's no accident that Hulk Hogan's biceps have biceps of their own! This game isn't about realism, it's about pure fun and should not have an in-depth story mode, if you want that then you have the option of purchasing Smackdown vs Raw. However, if you want over the top, exagerrated and crazy wrestling then this is the game for you. It's nice to see that the entire roster isn't available straight away and that you have to unlock other guys. The Million Dollar Pack is a bonus, as is the free Honky Tonk man character via DLC. This game is not an exhausting button bashing overrated Smackdown vs Raw wannabe, this game is pure FUN, and the graphics are tremendous. It's nice to see a different side to a wrestling game, a more arcadey feel that puts you right in the action and presents itself to be the something very fresh and welcoming!

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  Really Good Game

| | See all dylanjb's reviews (1)

This game has an awsome roster, really good cross of a fighting game and a wrestling game and is a lot of fun. The visuals are stunning and the commentary and voice-overs are supurb, using the real wrestlers and commentators. Overall a great game and a change of pace from the other wrestling games.

  Great fun

| | See all Dantaous's reviews (20)

brought back so many memories of wwe of old. Good fun game and great to play as the ultimate warrior.