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Operation Flashpoint: Red River

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!

| | See all tplegend's reviews (1)

a superb follow on from dragon rising but even better this time with more in depth locations, and to all those out their who slate this game it is obviously because they gave up on the first mission because it wasnt as plain bland and simple as games such as COD and battlefield.

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  Decent Game

| | See all Craigy91188's reviews (3)

Having read some of the negative reviews it is plain to see that one of the downfalls of this game is its inability to reach out to a wider audience. In my opinion this is a good, solid game which unfortunatly is let down by sub standard graphics and poor AI.

The games graphics admittedly leave a lot to be desired. Great graphics dont always make a great game however after the critiscim of dragon rising i thought that Codemasters would have improved the way in which the game looks. Unfortunatly they have not and the result is what another reviewer described as PS2 graphics. 2nd Negative has to be the AI. Despite improving on the diablolical AI of the previous games they are still rubbish and very unresponsive. for a military simulator you really expect better.

Control system is smooth and much improved and the addition of the new class system with extra attachment is a welcome expansion of the weapon systems. The more frequent use of Combats supports similarly improves the overall feel of the game. Story and Coop is also alot better.

Overall this a big improvement on dragon rising. Better story, weapons and military feel to the game. Ultimatly however this never going to be able to compete with the likes of battlefield and call of duty because its audience is very narrow. I appreciate it is a military sim and to compare it to COD and BF is perhaps unfair. however being the best FPS around Flashpoint needs to find a way to branch out and touch a wider audience. 7/10

  keep it frosty and watch that covering fire

| | See all vickruss2's reviews (1)

what did it for me was once the game is done you can choose any sight to go with you rifle and it helps alot and makes the game more enjoyable makes it feel more real.........if you know what i mean

  Ignore the negative comments

| | See all JoeyBoy92's reviews (17)

I've always been a fan of the operation flashpoint games. From the cold war crisis on pc, to dragons rising to this. Now people giving the negative feedback are the people who clearly have never played these types of games. And are the ones who play cod where you can get shot in the head 20 times until you die. But if you like games like arma then you will love this. Its a strategic game, where you and your teams actions are rewarding our can lead to you being killed. It is a game with one shot to the head you die. You rambo it up you die. No team work you die. So buy it if you like other operation flashpoint games. (This is not a cod game with small maps of 6 v 6)


| | See all johnnythesaint's reviews (2)

I love strategy games and realistic games. This game is alright but it is far from being amazing. It has so many let downs which is very annoying when you have paid 40 quid for it.


- your squad causally strolls gently in the evening sun as enemies just yards away are shooting them and more importantly shooting you!

-another annoying thing is the way your squad seem to always walk in front of you just as you pull the trigger for a 800m head shot and BANG you kill your own man

-one final thing that annoys me is the way you are constantly rushed to complete objectives as the other squads push forwards you are always left behind and when you eventually arrive at the front line the other squads have already taken out most of the enemys!


- okay the graphics are being compared to ps2 which is not true. Its not the best looking game out there but with 1080p HD the game looks good

- sometimes you find yourself fighting for survival and it really does feel like you are in a real firefight however this does not happen all that often

So overall i can see what the makers of this game wanted to achieve, however it seems as if this game was rushed and put out there to make abit of profit.

  operation flashpoint red river

| | See all sharkeyfinn's reviews (4)

i was a bit cheesed at this game really.i read reviews before buying and then still end up with a sub standard game.i thought homefront was bad but this.....jeezeus.i admit its better than the last one but once again i feel i have been ripped off yet again,dopey ai, far too much leg work with no action,impossible to see enemies,you will spend most of your time running around trying to find them only for them to either take you out from miles away where you cant see them or them running out infront of you and slotting you at point blank,it does have potential but we all said that with the last one and once again the developers have robbed us . i wont be buying this title again or anything from this developer.

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| | See all Johnboy84's reviews (35)

This has the potential to be very good but what the hell are the developers thinking?! The graphics are so bad it makes it difficult to see things (even though the sky looks good), your squad are just plain stupid (my whole squad walked infront of a moving truck and stand still in the line of fire), fire fights don't have any element of excitment, missions so far are dull and the characters movement feels very wooden. I havn't seen such a rush job on a game in a long time, they cannot justify a 40 pound price tag on an average ps2 game, it' just a mess. They've tried to create a war simulator but without being done properly and cutting so many corners it's just plain terrible. whoever gave this game the go ahead for release needs sacking and they shouldn't have let Stevie Wonder test it either. Sooner or later someones going to create the perfect war simulator and people will look back and laugh at this poor excuse for a ps3 game, right after they've got over the fact they've been robbed of 40 quid.

  Poor.... Graphics are awful

| | See all leondbrown's reviews (13)

i was looking forward to this after seeing advert but decided to rent rather then buy because of some poor reviews and i didnt even complete the first misson thats how bad this is, feel and controls are good but the worst thing is the graphics they are poor compared to ps2. So glad i didnt buy

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  Peoples gamer

| | See all peoplesgamer's reviews (7)

Havin played the first one dragon rising which was a joke this is way way way much better ,smoother,controls easier,graphics look great it's a cross between ghost recon and battlefield have not played multiplayer yet due to psn network being down but I like this game

  Bear with it

| | See all MrToolos's reviews (2)

A slow burner this one. At first your weapons are pretty basic and it can be frustrating in the 1st few leavels with enemy taking you out at long distnace. Once you level up a little though and get better sights etc. on your guns it improves significantly. Good levels and take approx. 1 hour each so good value. Good replay value with the different classes and co-op missions. Bear with it as the game definately improves as you progress