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DiRT 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Stunning but something is missing...

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Stunning game and it hasnt failed to disappoint after the success of dirt 2.
The graphics and the gameplay has vastly improved and it now feels more realistic. I love the addition of the gymkhana events ( even though im terrible at them ) as they break up the serious gameplay where you can have a bit of fun and pull some trick.
But when i say there is a bit missing i mean it doesnt have the same feel as dirt 2. the gameplay is much improved but it isnt as gripping as dirt 2. The audio is the only thing that i think needs improving. unlike in dirt 2 other drivers dont talk to you anymore which i miss, also the set list isnt great as im now sick of blind-faith by chase and status. but apart from these little picky points then it is the perfect rally game which is a must buy for any Ken Block, dirt 2 or rallying fans :D

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  Would have been a great game, but...

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having flashbacks online? who's lame idea was that? this game is completely let down by this one terrible decision. it ruins multiplayer, by ensuring that even the most useless driver can just reset and carry on after a terminal crash. sorry codemaster, i'm going back to dirt 2. at least if someone beats me on there, it's through skill rather than a rewind button.

  a game that should never have been made

| | See all darksider23's reviews (1)

Dirt 3 is one game that should have never been made it looks great but the cars are no good at going around corners. The people that make it should never make driving games ever again.

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  SnOW more room for DiRT

| | See all DrDeej's reviews (1)

As you may all be aware, DiRT 3 is third and final installment in the DiRT series. It is easy to rate or slate the game based on it's predecessors but let's stick to the game in question first.

What you get is an off-road racer raking in the last couple of decades worth of rally cars, modern and group B Rally Cross cars, 1 truck, 1 buggy, hillclimb (called trailblazer since DiRT 2) cars, Raid T1 and gymkhana cars - a new addition to the dirt series. You have a career mode which you have to compete in all disciplines to reach the finals (or are they?.. more later). You have the regular online mode and the ability to buy DLC packs for the first time (cars/tracks).

Now, in it's own right it is a great game. The rally courses have been drawn very well and look like classic CM Rally games. However, they are very, very short. Not enough meat and too much bone. Landrush events are now just an afterthought. No officially licensed trucks or buggies which makes for dull play (in fact, whenever I'm in Pro Tour everybody veto's them). Gymkhana is a welcome addition to the game but I cannot understand why it has been included in Career mode. It's an exhibition discipline and shouldn't really be there. It's alright for chilling out with but very hard to take seriously.
Rallycross has 3 tracks - Smelter, Aspen (Snow) and Monaco (tarmac). Hang on! When was a rallycross track all tarmac? Oh, that's right. When it's a touring car. A bit more dirt on Monaco would've made it proper rallycross. Nevermind.
Let's talk about online play. Well, you have a similar system to levelling up as DiRT 2 but this time you collect fanbase and it apparently only goes up to level 50.
Pro Tour mode includes a hardcore mode (Head-cam only), Point-to-point, Party (Gymkhana) and circuit racing amongst others. Unfortunately, CodeMasters haven't done a thing about cheating online which, in my mind, brings my rating down for this game. Circuit racing has far too many cheats/rammers on it. However, you can now level up in Jam Session mode as well but it will take you much, much longer.
As with DLC, you will get cars and tracks which you can buy online. A VIP Pass is required if you haven't got one to play online (6.50 a time). The new Monte-Carlo track pack is 8 quid. Then we have more content promised which means this will be quite expensive if you wish to have the whole game.

Overall, the physics/handling of car models is the best in the series. The rally courses are okay. Not as difficult as the first DiRT which has the best/most difficult rallying in the series. Rally Raid is great but criminally underused.
Landrush wasn't even given a look-in by the developers. Gymkhana is okay but just for messing around and online is still full of cheaters and hackers.

If they could get rid of the cheaters online and create longer rally stages, licenced trucks and buggies and cheaper DLC I wouldn't hesitate to give this a 9.5 out of 10.

6.5 / 10

  A truly great game....

| | See all Stooza's reviews (1)

I am somebody who rarely buys games full price, and has never written a review about one..... yet I felt compelled to do so for this game as it has already outstripped my expectations and I am only about 50% complete!

I have had my eye on this game for some time - My dad used to race in Rallycross, so 'dirt' racing is close to my heart.

I never managed to pick up Dirt 2 (I will be doing so now it is cheap) or the original so this is my first game in the series - it seems I came in at the right time.

My first impression was of a lumpen racer with uncontrollable cars. That was untill I realised that this wasn't a game, more a simulation. There is rarely a need to lock the steering on full in this game, as it lends itself much more to the constant corrections and tweaks necessary to drive a rally car. Just take a look at the in car replays and you will see how realistic the driver movements are when you are getiing it right.

All aspects of the game are great, and despite the fact that there are no car mods, thsi game has an amazing amount of depth. I'm not sure what the complaints about Gymkhana are for - they have provided some of my greatest enjoyment thus far.

The rallycross is also spot on. It would be better if they licensed some official tracks from around the world - Lydden, Brands Hatch, Mondello Park etc, but the racing is everything Rallycross should be: tight, hectic and exciting.

Overall, I was expecting a lot from this game as it made me part with 40 notes of my hard earnerd - as I said above, it has already outstripped my expectations.

The best thing about it? There is still room for improvement. Roll on Dirt 4!

  A game worthy of the McRae title. Shame it's no longer there

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

Being a massive fan of the Dirt games, and rally in general, I was so pleased to see that Dirt 3 took the foundations from dirt 2, and threw them away.
Don't get me wrong, Dirt 2 was epic enough, but it lacked proper rally cars, and the performance measuring system was ridiculous.

With this game, not only do you get the rally cars from today's era, (Mini Countryman, C4, Focus etc) but you'll also be thrown behind the wheel of S2000 cars, as well as cars from the 1960-90s, including the legendary Lancia Delta cars.

There really isn't much wrong with this game, graphics are great, audio is awesome, car control (provided you have all the help turned off like I do) is still as hard as ever.

My only complaint, is that with these new cars being added, the open class Trailblazers in Dirt 2 are gone, which is a shame, because the 350Z in Dirt 2 makes the best noise I've ever heard a game make.

Brilliant, hugely recommended.

  Better than 2, but still could be better!

| | See all beelzie14's reviews (29)

Very enjoyable game with a lot less of the gung-ho, US-centric X-games inspired rallying that was Dirt2. Still has a long way to go top be truly authentic to rallying but more of the classic cars has at least delved in to the history of rallying since the '50's.

New locations and weather have added a great feel to the game with places like Finland, Norway and Kenya keeping the "spirit" of rallying fully evident - as well as added snow and night rallies. The super special stages are exciting to play in splitscreen multiplayer - another aspect of the game which outdoes the previous iteration.

However - there are a few unforgivable problems still such as:
1 - tracks are only varied slightly by different bits of bunting placed at some corners, but overall the same stage is used for each location. This very disappointing and lazy in my eyes.
2 - Drifting on dirt?! Really??
3 - Stages are far too short - how about some 5 minute stages where concentration is required for longer than 140 seconds?
4 - Driving physics are still nowhere near the Richard Burns Rally quality that I always set as the benchmark. The physics are better than Dirt 2 however, and I realise they need to be pick-up-and-play for the masses.

So overall a vast improvement but still stopped short of my and others high expectations. Introducing periodic DLC tracks and locations could be a big winner.

Buy it however as this IS the best rally game available on this generation console.

  WOW blows gt5 away

| | See all marky818's reviews (3)

best rally and driving sim ive ever played the rally cross in online multiplayer is awesome im addicted loads of cars to race from modern to classic its colin mcrea one at its best 1 of the best ps3 games ive played in a very long time thank you !!

  DiRT 3

| | See all ThatsDapper's reviews (4)

Another brilliant racer the the masters that are codemasters. The rally and the graphics are worth buying this game alone. Most of the wanna be "rad dudes" are gone that where in dirt 2 which is nice but there are still a few yanks generally telling you how awesome you are, cant help thinking they're gonna start making sexual advances at me!! Just 1 bone to pick with dirt 3 is the gymkhana events. I wanna rally, not do donuts around a pole in a car park!! Leave all that guff to the kids and amatuers that play nfs please. Feel free to add PS ID-ThatsDapper

  best dirt yet:)

| | See all jayjay088's reviews (7)

dirt 3 is 1 of the best racing/offroad games iv played, racing on snow and the rain is so good because the the water on the track makes the car harder to handle, the snow is good where the car throws snow into the car behind u, night time races are really good because u cant tell where the track is until u get to the corner its that dark , worth getting