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Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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| | See all Fatman88's reviews (46)

Freezes everytime it saves which is often ruining any flow.

bad guys can see you from 7000miles away and are all amazing shots, also they can shoot you through rocks and other solid objects.

  worth playing

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

this was a good game but it could of been alot better and i dont mean graphics or anything like that the combat systerm isn't always the best as alot of the time its hard to see who your after and a few times its like people are shooting from no where even after you've cleared an area all in all its a sound war shooter not the best but worth playing

  not very good for your money

| | See all sammylou's reviews (6)

its average but i finished it in 4 hours, i rented this from blockbuster and returned it the same day i was so gutted- this is not worth the full price and is not the sort of game you wanna play again and again.

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  truly a great game

| | See all rozzer8's reviews (13)

firstly ,,ps2 game exists called sniper elite this was a similar gamer to sniper ghost warrior,,but you were crawling around in broken down germany of course the game play was typical ps2 was very difficult to complete , the camera followed the bullet on a perfect head shot just like ghost warrior ,,,am pleased to hear after reading the above reviews that another episode will be out soon the gameplay itself is very good and if done too quickly you will be discovered and killed ,, just a couple of critisisms you can only carry 2 guns plus a knife, if your discovered this makes the game difficult most of the enemies are the same which did confuse me sometimes ,also the loading and savin can interupt gameplay if this was sorted for the next title this game i believe wud out do any of the cod series, try playin this game on hard ,, it takes a great deal of stealth and concentration but wat a fantastic title brillant work !


| | See all Predator3162007's reviews (8)

This game is absolutly awesome, i'm always a Sniper on FPS online mainly COD and i was very excited wen i first heard about this game coming to PS3 and i was not disapointed it was better than i expected, the sniping is awesome the bullet drop and having to compensate for wind direction and control your breathing it is exactly as it says in the game description, it truly is the most realistic Sniper game i have ever seen or played for that matter it has replaced COD as my fav FPS and it is about time they did a game focused on Sniping, i would very very highly recomend this game to anyone especially to ppl who like me love to snipe.

  but could be better met

| | See all gokuinfinito's reviews (1)

Graphics are good but I mode of infiltration could be better done. This entertaining if a little more low price is recommended

  Brilliant !

| | See all Squirell303's reviews (1)


This fabulous game really brings a feeling of tension and gives a real sense that you are on a covert mission - make too much noise or miss that headshot and your victims cry out alerting the guards and making progress much harder.

As a rifle shooter myself, I can testify to the realism of the shooting. Bullet drop is catered and perhaps winds affects (not sure on this though) - also if you have just run 200m and your breath is coming in short gasps then you cannot expect to place rock-steady cross-hairs on your target. The game also re-creates that fade of concentration you get when looking intently down your scope for too long.

Yes, there are some disjointed features e.g. the game will lurch from great action to a cut-scene with little explanation and you will find automatic game-saves cutting off the chat from your companion momentarily but overall, the graphics, sound and the action are spot on.

This is the only games that comes close the sniper mission in COD: MW.

Give it a shot!

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  booooom head shot

| | See all mrSouthern's reviews (3)

A budget game from a unheard of studio, probs the best game ive played in months. superb, and I hear theyre doing a second one. Am already looking forward to it.

  Good Original idea

| | See all paddyw9's reviews (1)

Hired the game on lovefilm and have been playing it for about a week now.Its such a refreshing game compared to all the other fps games out.Completed it pretty quickly,sad to see it finish and cant play it online at the moment due to the network still down so i cant comment on that.Hopefully the company will make another one and make it longer and more challenging.If you like the ethos of being a sniper in a games console this is it,being an ex army sniper i could relate to some of the ideas the developers were getting across.A very enjoyable game.

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  Wow This is an amazing game

| | See all batttlingjimmy179's reviews (10)

wow this game is fantastic one of the best sniper games out there this game comes like sniper elite which was made for the playstation 2. make another Sniper elite for the ps3