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Dead Island

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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| | See all CaleBrock's reviews (12)

This game is definetly based around the gameplay elements which is basically killing zombies for hours and hours which is great..... for the first week or two. The misson layout is terrible from the start you will basically be asked to help a group of people in different locations throughout the game (killing zombies or gathering supplies usually) with a small ammount of different missons to try and make the game more interesting.

The character development is terrible if you really care about this in a video game however the addition co-op mode is very good and fun (however it is just killing more zombies with friends) graphically the game is very good although facial animations and lighting is poor the island looks great.

  Beautiful and Brilliant Game

| | See all bubble81's reviews (16)

This game gives you some beautifull graphics along with some brilliant gameplay. There has been people saying you cant do what ever mission you want after you start a main mission, but i found that you can go wherever you want whenever you want. This game is one of my favourite games i have played for along time, bit of slow starter, but once you start crafting your new weapons with things you find this game just gets better and better. AMAZING GAME.

  Cant stop playing

| | See all EssexLad's reviews (52)

Really addicted to this game there is so much to do im constantly thinking "Just 1 more mission". Graphics are really good its fun killing zombies in a nice bright setting for once. The amount of side missions, collectables and different weapons to find ensure your 100% getting your moneys worth. The online co op is also alot of fun. All in all one of the best games ive played for awhile.

  Excellent GAME a must buy FPS

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

Ive just bought this game and I must say its the most fun Ive had in ages on a FPS. Its original zombie killing fun and it looks and feels GREAT! The game is based on an island a beautiful paradise, you can be any of 4 charaters each with their own skill sets. You basically follow a story line but can do tasks for other people that you meet along the way. If you so wish. All the tasks give you experience points and up your level. The difference is that you dont just blast these zombies you fight them with anything you can get your hands on like paddles or baseball bats or wrenches. It is a really gory game and if youve had a stressfull day bang this on for a few hours and youll soon feel fine. The zombies do get bigger and harder as you level up and id say this game is my favourate game of all time. 4get cod or skyrim or resi. Get dead islnd youll not regret it! 5str fun all round.

  Bloody Brillant

| | See all peteapple's reviews (16)

Scary and full of gore, plus great character customization and development, a really enjoyable fast paced, exploration shooter game, what more could be wanted OH YEAH A SEQUEL

  Fab game, but it is not without its faults.

| | See all nazzanoo's reviews (4)

The graphics are fab, the storyline is so so. Although im only 20% way through it, and ive been playing it for 4 days. Missions can get a bit repetitive after a while, but the island is so huge that is very easy too lose a few hours as once you start playing. As youll find yourself totally hooked before you know it. The details in the zombies are great, as well are the indepth graphics when you attack them. The only thing bad about this game is that there is no SAVE. Therefore you relay on autosave too save you chapters. Weapons have a habit of vanishing out of your inventory randomly. Apart from that. Buy this game. Youll LOVE it.

  Happy now

| | See all teothewolf's reviews (2)

I like this game.
However, i recived the game and everything went in the right way (the game works and the packaging was no-demaged).
I think i'll continue do shopping on play.com!
Really appreciated service!

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| | See all Sam1014's reviews (14)

Absolutely love this game!!! As soon as i got it i was hooked on it for weeks. The visuals are amazing, you almost feel like your there in Hawaii when you look at all the beautiful sights on the resort. Theres a great storyline to the game and you end up kind of feeling sorry for the characters as you put yourself in their position. The game consists of mainly close combat which mean you end up picking almost anything up to smash up the zombies. Oh, and if you like gore you'll love this game. You can chop all the zombies up and you get a nice view of it too. Another great thing is the free-roaming. If you want to storm through the missions then you can, but if your like me and want to enjoy every part of the game then you can by exploring the island and doing all the little side missions. All in all, a fantastic game and definitely recommended if you like zombies, gore, free-roaming, and a great story line set in a beautiful place.

  Nice game but...

| | See all DejaVuMusic's reviews (7)

Nice game with beautiful graphics. The only negative is that you cannot manually save your game, so you have to wait for it to automatically save your progress.

  Zombie Fan

| | See all Jonny608's reviews (5)

Got this game for my birthday and being a fan of anything to do with zombies i had high expectations of this game and i wasn't disappointed. over 30 hours of game play including the main story line and side missions. if your a zombie fan the don't even hesitate get this game now, and in my view has replay value as well even once you have played the main story you can do side missions or do the story again or even explore the huge amazing map which takes around 30 mins to walk from each side of the map