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F1 2011

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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| | See all ShadwellCJ's reviews (4)

It is just great, very addictive. The graphics are near perfect. its spot on for being reallistic. The 'pebbles' the way you lose grip, engine failures etc. It is soo good and i soo excited for F1 2012 its just an amzing game. Carrer is awsome, better than the 2010 game!

  Not the best but not the worst..

| | See all Ps3PL4Y3R's reviews (3)

i like this game the graphics are not to bad. the gameplay is smooth and its very realistic but.. the crowd looks terrible the lasting appeal isnt good though i wish there was just a challenge mode instead of an online mode and a career. overall this game is good and i would definitely recommend this to freind

  Could have been better

| | See all Teide27's reviews (15)

I am a big F1 fan and have followed the sport for the past 20 years.
I had been looking forward to this game for a few months before release and at first play was instantly disappointed. I had purchased F1 2010 before hand and would have thought they would have improved upon that title.
For sure the engine sounds are much more authentic, the addition of KERS and DRS a welcome element of the game. The Abu Dhabi race is now one that changes from dust to full night race and AI has been improved too. These for me are the only factors that make it stand out against F1 2010. The graphics and frame rate a major let down especially on the PS3 version. Not ideal when your reacting to moving objects at 200mph. I bought this game on it's release date and soon found forums and information on a patch to fix the games bugs and issues many had found.
The patch came out this morning and it's still a pretty poor game compared to it's 2010 counterpart and I'm still disappointed with something that could have been so much better

  Exceptional but one thing to improve....

| | See all freestie1's reviews (2)

This is a truly exceptional game that fully captures the authenticity of racing within a Formula 1 environment, however there is one issue that needs to be addressed....

On most of the tracks the lap times set in the race by the AI drivers are completely unrepresentative of what they have previously set in qualifying. This appears to be prevalent in all four of the difficulty settings, however some tracks accentuate the issue. For example, if you are racing at Montreal on level Professional and Fernando Alonso qualifies in 2nd on a 1m 18.5, how can he be lapping the same speed or faster after only a few laps of the race considering full tanks of fuel and limited DRS?

Other than this, the game is brilliant.

  Let Down

| | See all gouldinho's reviews (10)

I couldn't believe how much I was let down by this game, f1 2010 felt amazing to drive and very authentic although not without its bugs, this game though from the second you start driving just feels really poor, graphics are not anything near what codemasters have done in the past and the handling of the car just feels wrong and almost arcade-like!! Very disappointed


| | See all jromao's reviews (18)

Liked F1 2010 so was hoping to find an improved game on F1 2011, completely wrong, bad surprise that I had to restart game maybe something wrong happen (I thought), unfortunately this game is inferior to F1 2010, a bad work. Shame we still see money talking and gamers falling in traps like this one.

  not as good as f1 2010

| | See all aidanchaplin's reviews (11)

is ok but seems to be lacking the fun factor that the last one had , they havent changed it much but it just doesnt seem as good

  A couple of issue prevent this from being and great game

| | See all M3TALTRoN's reviews (1)

Having not played F1 2010 I cannot really compare Codemasters' latest outing in the F1 series to it's predecessor. Having been an avid Gran Turismo fan since the first release on PSone and GT5 being the main reason I bought my PS3, this is the only racer I can really compare.

Firstly, I am a big Formula One fan and was really looking forward to this game that I even pre-ordered it! However, when I first fired the game up on my PS3 and got to the race track I was disappointed by a couple of aspects. The first and most obvious issue was the graphics. Having been a big fan of Racedriver Grid (another Codemasters release from 2007), I was expecting the graphics to be of a high standard, but when compared to GT5, they were a let down, even when compared to Racedriver Grid at times. GT5 has always prided itself on great presentation and I feel sets a standard that other racers need to adhere to. In F1 2011, the colours often appear to be blotchy and some of the off-track scenery is more reminiscent of a PS2 game. Up close the cars look pretty good but there is often so much reflection coming off the bodywork of the cars that you struggle to tell which team it belongs to. But it's not all doom and gloom. When racing in the rain the graphics often come alive with great reflections in the puddles on the track and on the tread of the wet tyres which is especially noticeable when using the TV Pod camera view. And when using this camera view the rain slightly blurs up the screen like it does when you see this view on the cars for real which makes racing in the rain all the more intense, especially if you get up behind the car in front's spray! Another touch which I liked with the wet weather is when the rain eases off and the track begins to dry you can gradually see the dry racing line appear.

My second and last gripe is the frame rate, which is poor and to be honest I find it unacceptable for any game to suffer this badly from a poor frame rate. And to rub salt into the wound, this is apparently only an issue on the PS3, an allegedly more powerful machine than the Xbox 360. It is more of an issue on particular tracks but you will rarely find that you are racing without a juddery picture.

With all that said I do enjoy playing this game. Once you have mastered the racing lines, breaking points and so on there is a lot of fun to be had. With this seasons introduction of DRS it is highly satisfying getting into the slipstream of the driver ahead then punching triangle to open your DRS and put in the overtaking move. I haven't yet explored the online mode as I haven't yet fully mastered each track and am not ready to get my rear end handed to me online.

On a side note, it may be worth investing in some triggers for your controller as it makes it a lot easier to control the amount of throttle that you use and extinguishes the possibility of your finger slipping off.

This is a very good racing game that is hindered by the graphics and frame rate which stop it from being one of the best racers out there, but if its just the racing you're interested in and you are a fan of Formula One then I am sure you will enjoy this game as I do.

  not the best sim

| | See all therealdaddyuk80's reviews (5)

the 1st thing i noticed when i brought this game was the back of the box which read. the best racing sim in the business. ITS NOT.
graphics are average for a start but that does not bother me as im more into gameplay. im on my 3rd season doing 50% races and im already bored of it. the AI are idiots mainly back markers. the pit crew are useless in wet conditions its like they have gone to sleep.
split screen championship there is no practice or quali which is really annoying when you have a mate round who does not known the tracks very well.
but the main thing that ticked me off about this game was that you have to use a access code to play online which is fine if your the one buying the game from new which i did. but when it comes to selling it its worth nothing as the access code costs 7 pound to buy. and that to me is a rip off.
i would of given it 3 stars but for that.
GT5 is still the best racing sim out there.
if your going to buy this dont buy 2nd hand

  A massive disappointment!

| | See all NickHip's reviews (1)

I dont understand all the five star reviews on here!
This game is one of the most bug infested flawed racing games Ive ever played, the handling is very arcadey in comparison to F1 2010 however that is not the main problem...
The graphics and would not look out of place on the ps2 and the framerate would not look out of place on the ps1, at 15fps as opposed to the 60fps on GT5 its very, very poor.
Dont take my word for it though, just take a look on the codemasters forums at the outrage this has caused ps3 users.