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Rugby World Cup 2011

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Good enjoyable game but.......

| | See all andyr015's reviews (1)

Have to say that I quite enjoyed this game. I got it for 12.99 which seems really reasonable. Although the game is rather short and all over too quickly it is easy to pick up and play. I can see why people are criticizing it for being no better than rugby 08 considering how long it has been since that game came out but at the same time for people who have not played a rugby game before you could do far worse than this!!!!!!

  A poor game that doesnt do rugby justice

| | See all robinwhill's reviews (1)

After waiting for a rugby game for such a long time, Im afraid RWC 2011 is a poor effort that fails to generate any realistic sense of gameplay. Players are poorly designed, not resembling their counterparts, they move like robots at times, with no real direction. Defending can be difficult as the other team can simply run straight past you if your player happens to be facing the wrong way!
Do not waste your money on this game and prey EA bring out something soon.

  Poor attempt

| | See all Gaza756's reviews (2)

This game has awful graphics and doesn't feel anywhere near as polished as the football equivalents. Artificial intelligence doesn't work very well as the attacking team and defending team are continually out of position. the only good thing i can say is that the speed of play is satisfactory. DONT BUY THIS GAME Wait for jonah lomu's rugby challenge.

  rugby world cup 2011

| | See all hotrod161's reviews (1)

this is a very very poor game. I would not recommend this to any one. It might just be my copy but every time i go for a drop goal i don't get the points, it goes straight to a 22 drop out. You get a penalty if the ball is not put straight in a line out, just silly things like that. I'm not saying EA Rugby 08 was a poor game but it was certainly better than Rugby world 2011, 10 times better...... I would say jonah lomu rugby on ps1 was the best rugby game ever made. I would rather play that then this game. Im taking rugby world cup 2011 back today and will sell it to buy the new jonah lomu rugby

  Buy It and enjoy it

| | See all ghowzer007's reviews (1)

its a great rugby game on a top console,graphics are very neat,scrums can be a little tricky at times and you may get frustrated with it but hang in there. The rewards are great, once you learn the ropes the game will flow and you'll be going home with the cup. only one thing stopped me giving it a five star rating and that was when the commentator went to Murryfied and quoted welcome to Glasgow. come on lads a bit better research, EDINBURGH!

  Very Average

| | See all PistolPete666's reviews (2)

Yes it's great to have a rugby game for the PS3 (finally) and the only reason I have given this game a 2 star rating id because you can play online. Let's be honest though HB Studios must be the laziest developer ever because this game is exactly (and i mean 99% exactly) the same as Rugby 08 by EA Sports. There are the same glitches in this game as Rugby 08 and the graphics aren't what I expected from a game like this.

Let's just say, I can't wait for Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge! looks miles better

  Much better then the Demo

| | See all paulchap's reviews (7)

The demo was a bad representation of the full game as you could only play on easy,
when you up the difficulty to medium or hard, its a whole new experience, the opposition are much sharper and you really have to be on the ball to win against the good teams, I would also say that its really exciting and most games finish very close.

I take 2 stars off for the lack of other competitions no six/tri nations or any clubs
plus no official license for NZ or Aus which is criminal for a licensed tournament.
Overall I would reccommend it to any rugby fan as it is very entertaining on the higher difficulties and its the only way I can get to see Ireland win the WC.

  very dissapointed

| | See all mikechapman's reviews (1)

Simlilar to other ppl. started playing the whole game today and have already won the world cup. um... and thats pretty much the game. Teams are pretty good but there's nothing left to do really. No 6 nations competition. No cut scenes or national anthems. Or even the hacka from NZ etc. Needs far more depth.

  Please Dont Waste Your Money

| | See all jcmonkey's reviews (13)

While bearing the official Rugby World Cup 2011 logo on the box and emblazoned across menus, in tandem with the iconic "World in Union" tune, in reality only around half of the international teams taking part in the quadrennial tournament are officially represented in the game. Australia and New Zealand, the world's top two sides, the latter of which is also this year's host nation, are present--but not in any authorised capacity. There are no Tri-Nations, Six Nations, or Sevens World Series tournaments to be found, and where developer HB Studios' Rugby '08 allowed you to relive more than two dozen classic World Cup scenarios, in its place is now a forgettable goal-kicking mode.

Regardless of which of the handful of game modes you decide to take on, you'll fall victim to the inconsistent artificial intelligence. At the easiest settings, you can run straight through gaping holes left in the opposition's defensive line, run parallel to the other team without them taking the initiative to tackle, and watch as they forget what they were doing and give up chases early. The AI scales in difficulty as the tournament progresses, and teams do summon some enthusiasm on the way to the grand final, but expect a mostly unimpeded run for the silverware. At the easy and medium difficulty settings, rivals don't put up much of a fight, but cranking it up to hard provides significantly more challenge. At this highest setting, opposition players rush and lunge at you from a distance like over-caffeinated super cats as you attempt to clear from the ruck, and smother you before you can offload the ball after winning a line-out. Even when grossly outnumbered, the AI never attempts to hold you up in goal as you crash over the line. Fullbacks can be danced around with a late change in direction, and, once you've broken through, the opposition team follows you around like a pack of stray dogs chasing cars made out of steak.

Rugby World Cup 2011 feels like a game rushed out the door to cash in on the popularity of its real-world namesake event. Broken AI and a limited number of single-player modes make this an irritating and short-lived affair with little replay value. While some fun can be had in local and online multiplayer, there are concerns about its long-term community support and the potential for finding competition. This is poor game that is hard to justify to even the most ardent of rugby fans who are willing to overlook its numerous flaws.

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| | See all Benj1993's reviews (1)

I've been waiting patiently for four years for a rugby game, and they give me what I got with Rugby 08 without the clubs or Australia and New Zealand. How cheap do you need to be to make a RWC 2011 game and not have licensing for the hosts?! Absolutely farcical game. I would laugh at it if it hadn't cost me 35 quid. So I'm just crying. And waiting for Rugby Challenge.