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Sniper Elite V2

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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| | See all elano911's reviews (4)

This game is a good challenging game for the users, but yet still a fun and intense game. Great World war 2 game.

  Fantastic for sniper game lovers

| | See all Malude83's reviews (1)

Played the first one on the PC years ago and loved it. This Looks to be the same, not as sneaky as the first game but still very clever and worth buying. Kill cam is great :)


| | See all speedy316's reviews (6)

Average game, boring and samey! Seems to be more about engaging the enemy than sneaking round the enemy which i thought defeated the object of the game which is to get to the vantage point without being spotted but who is going to spot you when you have to cap everyone to get past them! X-ray killcam is a party piece novelty designed to sell more copies of the game. Overall a game that had potiental but by the third mission you will be bored out of your mind! Story isnt really that complelling either

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  Detailed, addictive and Satisfying

| | See all boshyi's reviews (3)

The game is a great play. It can be very addictive and satisfying. The game is mostly stealth bassed, but people who like to be aggresive can improvise. Its not undoable if u like to be aggresive, and the game will still be verry enjoyable. However, its much more enjoyabe when tacking your time and being stealthy.
Sometimes a little glitchy with coputer AI, it can sometime do weird stuff, but nothing that effects the game enjoyment. The detail in the game has raised the level! And there is nothing more satisfying when you get the perfect head shot, especially with the new kill cam system, which again has such detail.
My only wish is that it had more content. Im not saying it hasen't got much, cause it does. But because the game is so good it left me wanting so much more! Online is great, and suprisingly challenging. And the game has so much potential still for the next one to be even better.
The game is in compertition with the next Sniper Ghost Warrior, but no matter how good that game is, it will take nothing away for it! A true success.

  Unbeliviable must buy!!!

| | See all Stevenson99's reviews (2)

It speaks for itself that i played the demo five times in one day. Do yourself a favour and buy this!!!

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  Awesome game

| | See all parsnip's reviews (10)

my review is only based on the demo only, i have enjoyed playing this game and cannot wait to play the main game its brilliant and calmed down version of modern warefare 3, with the originality of the scene set in world war 2, graphics are amazing and it gets even more addictive when you complete your first snipe!

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| | See all k2fnm64's reviews (9)

The game is absolutely fantastic you certainly won't be sorry if you buy it, i usually play my games then sell them on to get the best price back for it but this one is definitely a keeper, the only downfall with the game is that i could not play it through my Turtle Beaches :(


| | See all zombieman1's reviews (1)


no gung ho approach here....you really gotta think about your escape before you take your shot....

and the graphics / screen shot when you hit your target....wow!!!!!!!! showing all the internal organs being blasted apart ...superb

  Based on the demo

| | See all Murph81's reviews (4)

Based on the demo this is a must buy for me. The graphics are fantastic, game play itself is pretty good and the detail of your shots is excellent. Can't wait to play the full game.

  Sniper Elite V2

| | See all scoobytim's reviews (1)

I have followed this game through development and loved the look of it then played the demo which is superb with its bullet cams and intense firefights all set in an authentic WW2 Germany, This game is a must.