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Need For Speed: The Run

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  No Car Customisation!

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Positives of game:
1 - Graphics and sound are excellent
2 - Controls / gameplay is smooth and dynamic
3 - A wide range of cars are available for you to drive across the USA
4 - Online play is good and has various race types and challenges
5 - The cut scenes are exciting and visually excellent

Bad things about this game
1 - The main story of the game is comically short
2 - You cannot customise cars in almost any way
3 - The best thing you can do is change their color
4 - However for around half of the cars you cant even change that
5 - There are only a small number of 'bosses' in the game and they very annoyingly show up multiple times
6 - The game is not 'open world' and you cannot deviate at all from the races
7 - The ability to 'leave the car and go on foot' is a lot more disappointing than it sounds

In summary, this game is good if you want a straight forward racer game with good online play, but if you want the more classical NFS experience (with extensive car visual customisation and performance tuning) then you wont like this game.


| | See all calum769's reviews (12)

I don't really understand why people are so harsh on this game. Yes, the main story is quite short, the cars handle a bit poorly and traffic can be frustrating, however the visuals are stunning and there at tonnes of challenges to complete to unluck lots of new cars and profile customizations. Multiplayer is good, even better when playing with a friend, the unlock system I think is really good and I've been pleasantly suprised so far, I put off buying it for ages but I would certainly reccomend renting it and giving it a shot, I'm gonna buy it now to try and go for all trophies ;)

  Good, but not that good...

| | See all KA1997's reviews (2)

Very good game. But it was very short... The game did last 8 hours of gaming... But the game is very good in general :)

  Need for speed the run

| | See all AtiqG786's reviews (1)

Really good game worth the price. Only bad thing was the online pass didnt work but it didnt say it did on the description it took a bit longer then expected but very happy with the game

  Fantastic. Most enjoyable game for years.

| | See all DuncanEdwards's reviews (153)

I loved this. I enjoy all the Need for Speed Pursuit games and this is the pinnacle. It plays like a movie and its as exciting and as gripping as some of the best action driving scenes you've ever seen. It grips you and never lets go. The action is immense. You'll find yourself getting closer and closer to the tv , swaying with every turn. The loading times could be better but it gives you a well earned breather. Its a very very small thing to complain about and is about as picky as saying Messi would be a better player if he cut his hair. A proper game. Classic

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  Big Let Down

| | See all TonyB999's reviews (1)

I was expecting more from the lastest NFS franchise, I have a played a few versions of Need for Speed and this is by far the worst.
Poor Story and load times between races is far too long. Its just one long race which sounds good but actually it isnt. The visuals are good when racing through America and that;s the only positve I found.
Dont waste 40big ones on this game.

  Connection problems

| | See all maddiemoo's reviews (1)

Great game but I am sick of losing connection when I play on line, anyone else having this problem or is it just me ? Also very irritating when you join a race that has already started and your 2 miles behind the rest


| | See all LiamJchantler's reviews (2)

This game was extremely exciting and was intense throughout, the racng mechanics are solid, the graphics are great and the racing is awesome.
The most exciting bits of the game are when you have to fight against the environment in order to just stay alive, let alone win a race. At one time you comepletely forget about the race in hand as you desperatley try to escape an avalanche fastly approaching from all around you.

I found this was one of the most exciting games ive ever played, but it was not 5 stars for a few reasons

1- It is too short, about 4 hours it took me to complete.
2- It is not what i want from Need for speed, all though the game was brilliant, i want to see the old Need for speed back, with massive car custimization, and an open world where you can free roam.

All in all i would definatley recommend this game to most people, but those who are looking for the old NFS experience that i mentioned above may not enjoy this game.


| | See all Milton87's reviews (3)

Let me start by saying i'm not a massive racing game fan tending to prefer Fifa and COD but this game blew my mind!

Tge game has a simple pick up and play aspect to it. It did not take me too long to complete 'The Run' however the life of online play is limitless and the quality of the main feature was top drawer. Surely it's better to play a shorter yet high quality game opposed to a drawn out game that doesn't offer half the thrills.

Definitely worth the 23.99 Play are asking for if not definitely rent!

  I feel the need, the need for speed....

| | See all Tractorboy's reviews (27)

I am new to the NFS series, but I have to say I am enjoying the game. If you like driving games then I believe this game will not disappoint,. The single player game play is good but the online game play is even better. A few of my friends have this game and the ingame leaderboard adds to the competive nature of us all. I would recommend.