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Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Assassins creed revelations is fine

| | See all bovmalta's reviews (29)

the game is good you know better graphics, good gameplay. I feel this is worse then ac2 and assassins creed brotherhood but still its an assassins game. about the graphics don't worry , about the characters you need to worry a little. the tower attack is the only bad thing in the game. story 8/10 characters 6/10 graphics 10/10 gameplay 8/10. cant give it 3 stars because it is still assassins creed!

  As usual, Assassins creed takes over

| | See all Madgamer331's reviews (12)

Assassins creed revalations is a very nice story finisher to the assassins: Ezio Auditore and Altair. The city of Constantinopole in the game is magnificent. The usual guards are retards and cant swim but they are still good to play against. The story wraps up Ezio's and Altair's stories and makes them look even more awesome than ever. I love the ending and the missions themseleves even though they still dont feel so much fun as AC2.

The second mayor improvement from Assassins creed brotherhood is the Multiplayer. It was improved extensively and I already spent about half of my life in the multiplayer.
In my opinion this game is a really nice assasins creed game that finishes the major stories of 2 great assassins and brings up something suprising, in Desmond's perspective.
9/10 for Assassins creed Revalations

  you can not dislike this game!

| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

absolutely loved this game, dont think it was as good as Brotherhood but still a top top game. play as Altaier in certain missions throughout the game and find out what happend with him after the first AC game. great storyline to this game and just couldnt put it down, cant wait for AC 3 out later this year!

  very good game

| | See all FraserLazer22's reviews (30)

i have all the assasins creed games and this is my second favorite, the other assasins have personality and seem to have an impact on the story.
the multiplayer is the same as the one in brotherhood (if it aint broke dont try to fix it.)
the climing and running is smooth but when you come accross a pigeon coop you will need bullets or throwing knives.
its best to play through 2, then brotherhood and then this.

get this game if you have finished 2 and brotherhood.

  Must Buy!

| | See all ThePerfectRogue's reviews (2)

Although I have rated the game a five star, Id only recommend it to people who have played any of the other games, especially the first one because the story focuses a lot more on Desmond (The modern day guy) than the other games and not a lot would be understood if you don't know why hes stuck in the Animus or even what the Animus is. On the other hand, the game itself is the reason for the 5 star rating. Nearly flawless. The only thing I would say is while Ezio is searching for the Library Keys, the Constantinople story doesn't really get interesting until around sequence 4 or 5 however this game is a must own for anyone who has played the other games and the bonus PS3 content makes it even more appealing.

  Hours of gaming

| | See all flash1969's reviews (6)

Great game, more of the same but with a little extra. If you don't like it's predecesors then don't buy this. Seriously hours of game play even if you don't want to do every side mission.

  Could have been better

| | See all Matthew1999's reviews (5)

This is just my opinion but i thought it was a let down it was fun but there is only 8 sequences and there is not that many missions in each one granted there are desmond sequences but there is only 5 of those and i wasn't really intrested in them so to conclud it is a fun game but short.


| | See all IKYG786's reviews (2)

Although i bought the collectors edition for 40 pounds (now 60 pounds :/) i put my review on the normal game as most people wont buy the collectors edition now. Anyway this game is must buy for any assassins creed fan, personally i have played every assassins creed to date and this is just phenomenal, however i think the story doesnt flow a smooth as the other games but it has an EPIC ending in store for you :D the games graphics look so much better to me and the map of Constantinople (todays turkey) has so much more detail compared to AC brotherhood and that had a lot of detail but this is so much more. i'd say its a must buy now as it is only 23.99 i've spent over 20 hours playing the game nearly got my platinum trophy :D. i'd recommend buying it new as the used copys wont included a ubipassort which is required to play online (this costs an extra 7.99 on the playstation store ) PLUS you get assassins creed 1 free already on the disc so you can play the origanal game all over again + its excellent if you havent played the first game. also if ur new to the franchise id recommend playing AC 2 first as you'll get more of a feel for ezio's character and who he is and if u have the money buy brotherhood to if not jus get AC 2 (buy it used if you wish as it does not have a multiplayer option so the is no online passport)

  Good but flawed.

| | See all davidmcveigh's reviews (16)

If your an A.C fan then by all means, get this game. However the Developers "more is more" mentality has finally started to become a liability, AC:R is full of strange additions such as Den Defence which is a R.T.S tower defence style mini-game, Managing your assassins in a Championship manager style mini-game, bomb crafting which does more to confuse than interest, and the Multi player is more or less the same as Brotherhood,

Core gameplay = Good.

Weird additions = Wierd.


| | See all masterblaster1's reviews (3)

If you have a 3D TV it's worth buying this game just for that reason. It's the only game iv'e seen where the 3D is almost perfect. Couple this with a pretty decent game and you have a winning formula in my books. Well worth a look.....