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Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Play.com you're awesome Ac Rev A+++

| | See all cliftin's reviews (8)

This is one of my favourite series/games of all time. When I bought my ps3 this was the first game I bought and I can say that Ubisoft did an astonishing job. This is the 4th Ac and I'm sure it will be a great experience once again. Thanks to Play that sent the game very rapidly even with the festive season. Ordered the game a week ago and arrived today. Thanks a lot. Play.com is the best.

  A must have for ac fans

| | See all swan141's reviews (19)

If like me you've played the other A/C game u must play this to complete the series. If your new to the A/C stories then i suggest you play the other games first otherwise you wont have a clue whats going on. A great game but really hope some how we get another A/C game because they are a true masterpiece


| | See all Geronimo10's reviews (4)

This game is fantastic, I'm writing this review before I have even finished the game. The game goes back to the middle eastern type of city (like the original AC). You still have assassins you can recruit like in Brotherhood, and you also go back in time and play as Altair in some parts, combat has greatly improved since AC II and Ezio looks even more badass than in Brotherhood. Fantastic game, don't hesitate in buying it. But you have to play the others first.

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  Shorter, easier and not as enjoyable.

| | See all matador78's reviews (4)

I'm a massive AC fan, loved AC2 & brotherhood, I read a few reviews before I bought the 4th game in the series and it was a little mixed but it didn't put me off.
To say I wish it had would be a lie but I've just completed the game and it's a poor new addition when you place it alongside the above two games.
I couldn't believe how short the game was, there's only really 8 sequences + (5 poor desmond side games), because the 9th is basically a going through the motions ending and a slightly odd video montage that bored me to tears.
The dens battles don't work for me I felt it more a chore than another enjoyable added side game.
Also the parts where you get the keys are way too easy I remember having a real challenge with AC2 & brotherhood in parts but with this you just breeze thru.
Bought it played it, trading it for Uncharted 3.

Given it 3* as if you didn't play brotherhood before this it may seem things have progressed either tho the games easier than AC2.

Bit more time next time you bring one out please ubisoft!!!!!

  major let down DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!

| | See all aaronrowden's reviews (1)

i have finished all of the other assassins creed games and they are brilliant, but this one has to be the worst of the lot! the story is a major let down as it mainly involves you looking for books! it says you get alot more weapons aswell, this is not the case as all the weapons are the same from AC brotherhood only with different names! and you dont have any major assassin targets apart from the very first level, to top it all off, this game is not worth 40 quid and you will be disapointed if you do buy it, i recomend buying skyrim, modern warfare 3 or saints row the third instead as this game is very very poor indeed!!!!!!

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| | See all mrstarfunk's reviews (3)

This game is epic, Naughty Dog have really put a lot of effort into this game and it is amazing how unlike some franchises not only have they managed to produce one of these games each year but they have managed to make them better. I Fell in love with brotherhood but this is on a whole new level. New weapons, new combat and a new country. Apparently this is the last one until assassins creed 3 is released next year with a new character and a completely new setting. I think if you are sat there debating whether or not to buy this game.....just do it or you will be missing out on one of the most beautiful and exciting games of 2011, enjoy.

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| | See all srpsk001's reviews (1)

Got the game about 2-3 days ago. Recently been playing MW3 but now switching to AC. The game play is really good and the graphics are awesome on HD. The story line looks exciting and cant waiting to complete and enjoy the game play. Hope it wins Game of the Year. Highly Recommended

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  Still Assassins Creed

| | See all TerryGooding's reviews (9)

Little has changed which for the most part is ok as it was a winning formula - problem is its in danger of becoming stale and their decision to bring a game out every year is damaging the franchise as profits become more important than quality. AC3 needs to re-invent the series drastically.

The included version of the first game is welcome but it seems to have suffered badly with regards to resolution..?

  Excellent, no let down...

| | See all monkfish1969's reviews (11)

I initially used to buy this for my Xbox, but after mistakingly buying brotherhood for my PS3, i decided again to stick with the PS3 title again (especially as there is additional content) and well, it will not let you down, there are a lot of additional items and moves this time, even though Ezio has aged somewhat, it is still one of my favourite franchises, regardless of platform, unlike the latest COD, which is a wash out, i am not really one for playing this online, as i dont think it has the same appeal, but the story will keep you going for a good while as per the norm of amassing all the collectables etc...

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| | See all Tonester0011's reviews (1)

I actually got my copy of AC:Revelations 4 days early thanks to Ubisoft (ordered the Animus Edition) so spending time between this and Skyrim.

Got to say, doesn't let the AC franchise down.
Yet to play online (probably wont, never liked AC:Brotherhood online)

Cant wait for the PC release in December now, might have completed Skyrim by then so i could give a half decent review LOL.

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