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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Worst DBZ Game Ever !

| | See all trueoblivion's reviews (1)

As a fan of fighting games and of the DBZ series I am greatly disappointed. The graphics and addition of the ability to create your own DBZ character was the only saving grace for this game. But as for game play it has to be in my top three for the worst fighting games ever. It tries to stop button mashing by leaving the outcome of if an attack hits or is countered or dodged to luck. Playing this game requires no skill and good luck.


| | See all BradJohn's reviews (1)

The character creation feature is awesome, the combat system is great and overall stays true to the dragon ball z franchise.

  A Bitter Disappointment

| | See all kFerguson's reviews (1)

There is one simple game-destroying factor in DragonBall Z: Ultimate tenkaichi, the gameplay. It is extremely shallow and undeveloped. If you've played one match, you've played them all. Nothing is distinctive between each character but there supers/ultimates, which in themselves are awkward to perform. It feels as if the developers but so much time into re-animated story sequences and cutscenes that they actually had no time to create a full and enjoyable game experience. The best part of a game shouldn't be when you stop playing...

  Hmm Indecisive

| | See all AviJatt's reviews (1)

The concept of Ultimate Tenkaichi = fail! As a hardcore fan one feels as if you are constantly restricted and the game play totally kills it, it's so frustrating because it's based primarily on luck, not much skill involved in terms of depth. However the Boss Battles are epic and graphics are mind blowing but it Fails simply because of the core element the gameplay is too repetitive once you have Played it several times! The create a character is nice edition but UT is disappointing overall!

  best dragon ball z game ever

| | See all hitman1993's reviews (3)

when I first had the game I when up sters and played on it and at first it was a bit boring but when I got in to it was like his game is one in a millon.

  Better than expected

| | See all thegamereviewer's reviews (2)

I dont think you should hate this game. Granted i think that the fighting moves you can do could be a lot better. But i had fun playing this game.

The game is good in my eyes, because if you watched the dragonball z series and gt series, it follows the story line quite well. Also it included re-animated cut scenes from the series which was quite refreshing.

This game also goes back to the old ps2 budokai games, to the point where you can free roam around the islands, and do optional side game battles, and you may also find the odd dragon ball lying around.

Overall the game has a good playthrough, and excellent graphics, but they just need to improve the actual battle style, because as a gamer you can only really do fight clashes, and you end up relying on the super moves to do some damage. But i don't think i wasted my money when buying this game, and urge anyone else to buy it.

But when you buy it don't compare it to the raging blast series, because they focused on the fighting moves, and the playable charcters.

  Nice Wholesome Game

| | See all ReviewerWho's reviews (2)

Story - 9/10, nice anime cutscenes that do not distract from the action in any way blended nicely with non-anime ones. The boss battle are great and nice addition to the story. Narration can just go on and on sometimes and free roam isn't used to best of its advantage like B3.

Hero - 8/10, great mode with nice story, which is believable, that allows you to create your own Sayain character with unique boss battles not available from the story mode. Free roam is used better here than the story mode but it falls short when you can only create a male Sayain and not any Humans, females or Nameks.

Graphics - 10/10, what more can I say. It is lovely to look at our favourite Z fighters with this manga interpretation. And the anime cutscenes look better than the Kai version of the show. The stages are a vast improvement over the Raging Blast series and colours are equally distributed. Without the shadow of the doubt, this game has the best graphics for any DragonBall game.

Sound - 7/10, there are some emotive moments in this game coupled with music. But, and this is a big but, most of the VA is out of place and not probably synced (this has been a problem since Burst Limit though) and the VA switches between old Funi actors and Kai actors e.g. Frieza and Gohan, they should keep it consistent to the current voice acting. Music can be just wrong sometimes and other times very great, it would help if they didn't use guitars in every score. But you can change the score in PS3 so win-win?

Multiplayer - 9/10, very additive modes, which is true in any DBZ game. Nothing new to offer in online, though.

Layout - 8/10, a vast improvement over last year's title but can be a bit confusing at menus.

Characters - 8/10, 62 characters in total is decent, I mean they have deleted all the unnecessary repeat/generic characters like Teen Gohan (Base) who hardly fought in story but they have avoided the all time favourites. Still it is higher than any other fighter but not what you may expect for a Tenkaichi/Raging Blast game. At least they all have unique animation to the game.

Gameplay - 8/10, this is a hit or miss with many people. Yes it is a miss if you consider that all characters fight the same, but that occurs in every DBZ game. Controls are easy to pick up for any non-fans and easy to pick up. The gameplay is very DBZish (if that's a word) with a number of fancy combos available. And doing the Super/Ultimate attacks is such a pay-off after the pursuit attacks. It also reduces some of the spammer issues in previous editions. It still promotes spammerism if they just press one button - which again is true for any DBZ game. Yes it can get repetitive, but again the same for any game. Why are people complaining about it? Yes, this game is not entirely the fighting, this is a strategy with fighting elements about Ki control, Spirit control and multiple attacks and counters to predict what the opponent will do next.

Overall - 8.5/10, This game is very far off from being the worst (which still remains to be Infinite World). Because of the negativity, many do not like it. I recommend renting it beforehand. This game is perfect for people who are new Dragonball fans e.g. just seen Kai or just discovered the manga/anime from friends etc, etc...


| | See all MattyJay's reviews (3)

as a massive Dragonball fan I had high expectations for this game, it however has turned out to be a massive let down. I based this game on the 'Raging Blast' editions, the fighting style has totally changed and its turned it into a 'guessing game' of left or rights, triangle or square.
I give this two_stars as the graphics are impressive, aside from that this game is a shocking edition to the Dragonball franchise.