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Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  SSX !

| | See all jimbocorrigan007's reviews (17)

SSX is back its darker but still got s new badass things in the game i played the older ssx games i still think ssx tricky is the best but this ssx is still good when i heard the ssx tricky song nostalgia kicked it i got goosebumps allover the game has changed but still got that old school feel in the game but with new more detailed maps if your an ssx fan you should get it for sure.


| | See all earlofdenby's reviews (16)

I couldn't wait for this game following all the hype over the internet. Yes it looks and sounds great but have to agree with all the negatives. Ssx tricky was my favorite and it needs to get back to the arcade racer that I fell in love with. When you watch the X games on tv you don't see any competitors wrapping themselves around trees or falling to their deaths, the rewind is awfull and pointless but I like the introduction of the wing suit. Need to go back to basics, please. I will never trade this game in because I will master it like I did with tricky then I will add a star but must try harder with the next one.

  Not properly tested?

| | See all MjauMjau's reviews (1)

If you like falling into the abyss all the time...this is the game for you. No flow, all falling. The flow and the feeling of freedom on the board from previous SSX games (which i loved) is all gone, and replaced with pointless and stupid stages filled with holes. In my opinion not what snowboarding is about...

  SSX is ruined!!

| | See all gewalt's reviews (1)

Great Graphics, Great Music shocking game!!
i was looking forward to the new SSX, previous games had been brilliant, but they have ruined this.
The controls have all changed and now make the gameplay unnecessarily complicated.. you are no longer left to free roam the mountain and the plan THIS SSX game had to make EVERYTHING rideable has made the game ridiculous. Now in the game you bounce off the rocks and trees until eventually you fall down a gaping hole. I know none of the SSX games emulate reality but why make it so you can ride with boost up the side of a rock face (trust me you can).
I would advise don't bother with this game, just stick to the old classic SSX. Just hope i can get some money back now

  SSx by name - that all...

| | See all TerryGooding's reviews (9)

Somewhere along the line they removed what made SSX fun and replaced it with infuriating survival challenges where you're lucky to even reach the end without your boarder disappearing into bottomless holes or getting wrapped round a tree. I loved SSX on the PS2 the name is the only thing this game has in common.

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  What have they done to SSX!

| | See all DuncanStyles's reviews (27)

Im a big fan of the previous SSX games. SSX3 was the best on the PS2 for me.

SSX on the PS3 looks and sounds the part. I wont repeat the positives that other reviews have given it but I will chime in with a few negatives.

1. Some of the runs in this game are little tight and chock full of obstacles to the point where all you can do is watch your player bounce down the slope. The whole survive it focus of the game doesnt really work. Breakneck speeds and no room to move dont mix.

2. No respawn. If you fall down a crack in the run thats it, restart the whole race unless you use a rewind. Rewinds can be limited in their number but take ages to use and other racers just keep on going. If you need to use more than 2 you really ought to restart the run.

3. The deadly descent runs require you to keep an eye on something like your oxygen level, your temperature or using a wing suit. These interupt the flow of the game and quickly become annoying.

I think that in their attempt to bring SSX back the developers have thrown too much at it, its almost a sporting RPG as you have to buy and equip certain bits of kit just to be able to survive a run. SSX Tricky and SSX3 were more fun and the only annoyance was to be found in your choice of route down the mountain.

This seems like a step backwards for the series but thats not to say that there isnt some classic SSX like fun to be had on some of the runs.

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  Top draw......SSX will blow you away!!

| | See all Munkytrump's reviews (2)

Absolutely brilliant is how I would describe this game. Stunning graphics, great mountains to snowboard down and loads of great features like wing suits, upgrades on equipment and plenty of characters to choose from. I've only just started playing it so i can't comment to much but I am truly hooked.....top draw ea sports!!!

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  Well done EA,Best game in years!!!!

| | See all bazzelhume's reviews (7)

The SSX series was always fun to play great graphics and good soundtrack, i had very high expectations about this,but was waiting for the usual " oh EA they've ruined it,nothing like the original" BUT not this time!! SSX goes back to its roots,its like SSX Tricky madness and a scale of SSX 3,on next gen! So much more to do,unlockable gear such as wingsuits,oxy tanks,ice picks..... Over 150 tracks to race,trick... Superb modern soundtrack especially if like me u like some great beats to carve up the mountain. Great online features and the control scheme actually works! theres also an option for classic controls if like me you are an SSX old school veteran :)
All in all SSX is and uber awesome game easily 10/10 click that buy button you wont be dissapointed, again well done EA

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  Best game I have played in a long time.

| | See all ArminTabatabai's reviews (1)

This game, simply put, is the one game you should get if you own a playstation 3 or xbox 360, the music selection EA chose for this game is bouncy, vibrant and make the game more entertaining to play. The graphics are phenomenal; clear and bright. The gameplay is fun and addictive, with over 150 levels and online features, it is a vast amount of content, 39.89 is almost a bargain for all the fun you can get out of this. Great game, buy it now, I recommend buying for the playstation 3, and from play.com, 10/10!

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