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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (111 reviews)"

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  not a very good game

| | See all nopeeeeee's reviews (2)

i liked modern warefare 2 but mw3 was a huge disapointment it took me 4 hours to complete the campain on easy it has boring gameplay
i enjoyed special ops survival with my friend but i hate multiplayer it is filled with campers lag glitchers head glitchers everything too many levels

  The COD money machine

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

This got very boring very fast as is the franchise. Its just a money making machine now. They cant stick at 40.00 per game its just add on city and they aint getting it off me.
The campaign was good. But not enough for me to play over and over.
Multiplayer, seen it all before.... Yawn. Let these games drop in price is my best advice!

  Awesome gameplay !!

| | See all GudduFrmKolkata's reviews (17)

I see many negative reviews about this game but I myself enjoyed this game a lot !! Fascinating storyline in single player, the gameplay is fantastic, AI is very good. Did not notice anything bad about the graphics. The entire single play feels almost like a movie..Great experince !!
Only reason I gave it 4 stars because the single player mode is short and did not provide long hours of gameplay. But this game is a must have.

  Quick money spinner.

| | See all rocky2603's reviews (14)

Absolutely annoyed with this game. Before the bad points I will say that the graphics/sound/controls are all great. I don't only buy COD for the multiplayer, I enjoy the campaign mode aswell. I can honestly say that the campaign is rubbish, short/predictable/boring, the ending is also lazy script writing and left me wondering why I spent 40 pounds. As for the multiplayer I can only agree with other reviewers, the maps are tiny and too bunched up to be able to get decent scores and the cost of new map packs (premium or not) is disgusting when they are all so lacking in imagination and variety. The spawning is terrible and the lag (I have the best broadband package that the United Kingdom can offer) is way too constant. This game truly is a complete copy of MW2, change a few colours and expand the story a little and you have MW3. Very disappointed. Best advice if you must buy it is trade it in for Battlefield 3.

  best multiplayer game

| | See all QAMSHAZ's reviews (7)

this game is best COD release so far much better than Black Opps. people are complaining about campers but its up to those who spend 300 pounds on ps3 and 45 pounds on game and just to sit down in a corner for rest of their life thats not developers fault i,m really enjoying this game since i bought it in november and since then i,m playing it online after introduction of Elite and clan its more fun to participate online clan opps and loves it.

  Very Addictive!!!!

| | See all Chrissiebabe88's reviews (1)

I love this game.... the graphics are great, and its sooooo addictive. I love the multiplayer and the maps are great but there is always some twat camping with a sniper rifle. The maps make it so easy for campers!! The campaign is wicked so overall i think the game is awesome! :)

  Improved MW2, whats wrong with that?

| | See all gamey75's reviews (9)

Overall this game is MW2 equal which is why alot of people are dissappointed, however there is only so much a developer can do with the platforms that are available. People looking for a vastly improved version of MW2 will be dissappointed because they expect too much.
This is a good game. It is slightly weaker in the co op department than MW2 which I must admit was slightly dissapointing, they have more emphasis on survival mode with is good but not as good as co op missions. Multiplayer again is as good as MW2 and the single player although good is too difficult on veteran.
Graphically it is similar to MW2 but it is an improvement especially with the new map pack giving good variety. Weapons all feel very similar apart from sniper rifles, single shot rifles and shotties. No primary weapon akimbo which is dissappointing.
However the gameplay is new and refreshing even if its because of the new maps. I was expecting a game like MW2 and that is what I got. 2 days total gameplay online so far and much co op play I cant complain. Its a game worth playing and better than black ops in my opinion where the single player experience was laughable.
MW3 still experiences issues with enemy continually respawning if you are stuck in a cross fire situation making veteran single player so difficult. Here I beleive is where Call of Duty has always suffered and needs a rethink to give a more tactical feel beginning to be offered by the new map pack with online play.

  I wish I could rate 0 stars...

| | See all TheBigWilk's reviews (3)

Ok, so where do I begin about how much I despised this game? Diving straight in there with the big one: The Multiplayer.

The gameplay is very formulaic and the COD franchise continues with its trend of overpowering certain weapons so that you end up screaming at the TV and snapping the game disc, because of one guy who camps in a stupid spot (which there are plenty of on the new maps) and shoots at anything that moves. The graphics and sound quality are very poor compared to what you would expect from a best-selling HD franchise. The 'love it or hate it' quick-scoping is back, and there is no shortage of people who love nothing more than running around on the tiny maps blowing your head off with a weapon that is supposed to be fired from half a mile away.

Moving on to the singleplayer, the campaign is very cliched and predictable, which makes it hard to feel sympathetic towards the storyline or the characters especially at one certain point in the game (I won't spoil it for you if you don't have the game). The storyline itself makes very little sense unless you have played Modern Warfare AND Modern Warfare 2, and is very hard to keep track of when playing through. There were too many pathetic, cliched plot twists in a short amount of time.

Finally, the special ops section is a marginal improvement over the spec ops of MW2, but the survival mode gets very tedious and repetitive if played for too long. It gets extrememly frustrating in later stages and is only vaguely fun if you have someone to play with and just feel like messing about. You're stuck with the same tiny maps that you get on multiplayer, and the riot shields now have a habit of breaking after being shot 5 times.

Overall, this is a very terrible FPS and an absolute disgrace to the entire franchise. The addition of Sledgehammer's physics engine has not really helped in any way, and if you are considering buying this game, reconsider and buy something else like Battlefield 3 or Operation Flashpoint. Rant over, thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope you find it useful in helping you save money on what seems like an expansion to MW2.

  GREAT GAME!!!!!11111

| | See all batttlingjimmy179's reviews (10)

This is even better than the other cods its so addictive the online again beats anything out there the campaign again is abit short but one hell of a game

  could be better...

| | See all kulsingh's reviews (2)

This game is quite good, but with the outdated mw2 engine used, the mw3 experience is great as intended. call of duty fans should only make this purchase, i would stick to battlefield 3 like many others.