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Rayman Origins

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  It gets harder and frustrating SPOILERS

| | See all Frank2009's reviews (2)

In later levels of where you need 4 characters to open the last stage, you have strange bosses at the end, you have big long worms popping out of no where, swarms of flies/bee's attacking you if in the dark, flying piranha's chasing you at speed to the end both in water and out.

Overall enjoyable game until the last 4 stages.

  Simply amazing.

| | See all MarkWhetton's reviews (2)

This game is the most fun in a platformer I have had since Super Mario World back in 1992. The graphics are so crisp and perfect and the gamplay is second to none. The trophies are challenging but obtainable, a game for platforming experts or starters. I would of easily paid 40 pounds for this but play has an amazing deal. BUY IT NOW !!

  Buy it!

| | See all ali1987's reviews (24)

I have had my share of joy playing platformer games. I remember the excitement I had when I played little Big Planet but I didn't enjoy the controls since they were kind of floaty. I had played Rayman back in the old days and how difficult and challenging it was. So it was nostalgic to play this one since i've seen the E3 presentation of it. This is as great a platformer can be, not only the controls are tight and responsive but the game is definitely a feast for your eyes because of its unique art style. From the sound of electoons to each level of the game having a cartoon drawn visual. Everything is outstanding here. It is more intriguing to see what Ubisoft will do with this engine on future games. I must emphasize that due to the commercial failure this game was as it was released a midst of big hitters last year it should not be forgotten. I cannot express enough how great this game is. Please buy it!


| | See all Jessicaaa's reviews (6)

i bought this expecting it to not be as good as the first one (which i loved)... but it was better!
the best rayman game i have played.. BUY IT! very fun!!

  Awesome Game!

| | See all ryster01's reviews (9)

This is just a really good game. Great 2D platformer, which is a dying breed apart from Little Big Planet nowadays. There are loads of levels, characters, unlockables etc. Amazing value for money being only a little more than a good download game would be. If you used to like the Rayman/Crash Bandicoot style games, like Mario or Little Big Planet, or just love fun (and challenging at times) games, buy this game. Basically just buy it... NOW!

  Doesn't Disappoint

| | See all Jason17's reviews (6)

After hearing about this game I purchased Rayman 1 on my PSP for a few pounds and gave it a play. It was good, but surprisingly, incredibly difficult to complete.
After completing it, I purchased this was the excellent price of 15 pounds from Play.
One month on and it's honestly up there with one of the best game purchases I've ever made (incredible value for money).
The game has fantastic multiplayer capability; playing with friends is really good fun and rewarding (you can revive each other when you die/"pop").

There's a mixture of level types, from boss levels, flight, mini-games, platforming and my personal favourite, the races to catch the chest (find out when you play the game).

It also utilises themes from the first Rayman (as well as others) - it's basically Rayman 1 dragged into 2012.
But, to note, I think to fully appreciate how excellent this game is you must play the original Rayman (the one from Playstation 1).


| | See all JamesButler190's reviews (1)

This is one heck of a game.... It's so simple yet so amzing,...... And must buy especially at the price..... The graphics are good and the loading screens are really fast.... Just buy it you know you want to

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  Exceeded my expectations!

| | See all Dannyboyy's reviews (59)

I always used to play Rayman as a kid and i loved it then. So when i realised they were making a new game i was very happy about it! Ubisoft always seem to impress me. They haven't changed to much which im happy about if something isn't broke then don't fix it. All they've really done is made it more HD and vibrant which is all thy needed to do. The artwork is very creative and beautifully drawn. The gameplay is very smooth and progressively gets more challenging throughout. The way you move through levels constantly changes and it is very fun and creative and it doesn't get repetitive at all! The graphics are very fresh im pretty sure no other game has graphics like this. the closest you would get is Little big Planet but that's nothing on Rayman. Its's not a serious game and neither should it be its just a game which continually brings a smile to your face with some bits are actually quite funny with how you kill the enemys . And as you complete challenges you get a high level of satisfaction LOVE IT!GET IT!

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  Platforming genius.

| | See all gamefreak666's reviews (27)

Personally I never liked the original Rayman on the PS1 and never really got in to any of the sequels. But after playing the demo of Origins I had no hesitation in buying it.
Rayman Origings is a throwback to the classic platformers of the SNES/Mega Drive generation, but the graphical style and comedic way the game is portrayed makes it feel fresh.
One of the other great things about Origins is its length. This is not a game you'll be finishing in an afternoon, with hidden cages to find and speed runs to complete on most of the 60+ levels, which can be a real challenge.
I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Rayman Origins to gamers of all ages and experience.