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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  better than skyrim? hell no.

| | See all bubble81's reviews (16)

People who say this game is better than skyrim just make me laugh, don't get me wrong the game is quite enjoyable with good combat and so on but just lacked something to make it a great game. Buy skyrim instead.

  just great

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

kingdom of amalur is a huge open world fantasy rpg with all the classic content you'd expect free roam levelling up new weapons and armour bigger and better spells nice graphics and enviroments one of the good things about this game it doesn't force you to do anything you can go where you like when you like do any mission any time and there are so many quite a few of them give you the good or bad morale choice its all down to you the story really drives you its hard to put down I put about 100 hours in to this game that's just because I wanted to do anything possible you can finish it a lot quicker but why would you my opinion one of the best fantasy rpgs out there a must have for all fans


| | See all Theburner's reviews (1)

Wow, This is game is epic and totally worth the 16 quid its going for.

I got this game recently and I cant put it down, great storyline quests, love the fighting engine really works, having your secondry weapon mapped to one of the buttons as well as your main weapon to a different one I think works wonders, can choose what to use instantly without having to switch equipment from stave/swords to your bow.

Played arround 25 hours of this so far and not even left the first zone, Epic is understatement :)

  amazing game buy now

| | See all efcjohn's reviews (3)

I recently finished zelda skyward sword on wii, looking for a new ps3 title to start i purchaced dark souls and hated it. this game however is one of the best finds on ps3 i have made. 10 hours into game and its still amazing, so much to do aint the word. i have only done 1 main quest and doing side quests and loving the experience. i would pay 50 quid for this game so just get it now if you like adventure games you wont be dissapointed

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  Big drawback

| | See all Neil1985's reviews (6)

I really really enjoyed this game right up until near the end, the downfall with all games of this style and I have no idea what the developers think when they implement it but there's a level cap which really castrates the game (by 2 stars) No real incentive to download the DLC after you hit the max level...

  worth the cash!

| | See all tabedu002's reviews (3)

This is not the best RPG game. Very reminisant of Sacred 2, but much better. You are sometimes left feeling as if you are bashing buttons and the difficulty level is not challenging enough.
But the story is okay, there are loads of quests which just draw you in enough to keep you playing. In fact some of the story lines are quite amusing. I guess it's the combat that lets the game down and a lack of variety.
Morrowind it aint and fable it aint, but for the PS3 except for skyrim it is the best RGP I've played. Taking my time to look at the sights it look 45 hours to finish the game. Gotta be worth 20 pound.

  great game its fable meets god of war

| | See all MeanMrPringel's reviews (33)

I firstly tried the demo on the PSN store and tbh I wasant tht impresed I found the game boring and dul.l So when the game came out I had no imtrest in buying it I was going to buy Twisted metal tht was due to be out on the same day. So I went to my local game shop and to my dismay Twisted metal was delayed so I stod there for 30 mins thinking wht game I should get instead. Then I saw Kingdoms of amular reckoning and I thought I may as well pick it up as there wasnt anything else I liked. So I got it took it home and started to play it and to my suprise I was geting in to it. 20 hrs in game time flew by and I was unable to stop playing. Anyway ill stop this rant now lol and get down to brass tacks to me this game is Fable meets God of war it has freat combat a very diverse class system u can shape your charcter to your liking. And if you find yourself bored with your charcter visit a fate waver and reset all your stats to re apply as u like this game is a great game with lots to do it took me just over 60hrs to get the platinum and I still had over 60 side quests left. If your looking for tht next great RPG the look no futher its a must play thx 4 reading =D

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  Rpg of the year for all

| | See all mathsgenius's reviews (7)

Terrific game, ive done over 100 hrs and am only half way through -yes there really are that many quests. The game is well thought out, visuals are stunning and the play system (levelling, weapon creation etc) is clear and easy to learn. Its a game thats easy for all ages to play, casual being accessible for kids, right through to the hardest setting where knowledge of all the fighting moves is required. Has everything in it that an rpg should.


| | See all edgexhull's reviews (1)

It's just amazing, the graphics are top notch, levelling system is of a WoW style, it's layed out alot like an MMO but what tips it over the edge is the fighting system, it's like a mix between God of War and WoW, it's amazing. Any RPG has to buy this game!


| | See all Reviewer75's reviews (4)

A solid game, nothing brilliant but entertaining enough for quite a lot of hours. Good combat system, lots of skills and good inventory system with the "junk" category. I recommend it.