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FIFA 12: Special Edition

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (56 reviews)"

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  quite good

| | See all foxynufc's reviews (3)

the defending is hard but its something new to get used to and is quite good couple be a bit improved but still its good. My biggest gripe is its far to easy to score and i think they have messed up the pro this year by being able to customise how the other teams skills ( you can chage their passing speed springting speed how much they make mistakes) but even when these are changed if you score a goal with your pro it counts even its the goal parts of the pro. The good parts tho without a doubt is online the promotion/relergation is much better then endless matchs against random people plus the cup is good aswell is the friends leaue
Overall very good couple of tweeks tho and it could have been the best sports game ever made

  Fantastic game forget all these moaning about the defending

| | See all TheWIIMaster's reviews (1)

What a great game, and forget all these idiots moaning about the all new defending, the new tactical defending is pure class, makes you have to work for that tackle, as most people moaning are just not true gamers, and just want the easy life in games where they don't have to work,. now you have to time your tackle and now you can jockey the forward, makes the game all the better, and more true to life.
Ones moaning should revert back to the old Sensible Soccer type games, and leave true gamers to FIFA

  Worst AI fifa has made

| | See all Flabregas's reviews (1)

I don't usually write reviews out of feeling that I am just venting anger if I am losing but this edition of Fifa is infuriating. I have been playing against my mates for the last couple of weeks and have really enjoyed the game. However the thing that quite excited me about this Fifa was the additions and improvements to Career Mode that were mentioned. Unfortunately I can't enjoy them because the AI ruins everything. It is almost impossible to tackle them even on pro cause as soon as u get close they run in a circle, lose you and then carry on. Going forward I have van persie upfront taking horrible touches and gifting the defence the ball, whilst Heskey is taking the ball in beautiful and showing some impressive close control. So what I saw as one of the big improvements to the game experience is spoiled. Saying all this I really do enjoy playing human opposition as I can beat a player and make fair challenges. Read all the reviews first but I wouldn't waste your money on this game if you want to play game modes the have you playing against the AI.


| | See all johnnyboy85's reviews (1)

Ruined the game with the ridiculous new defending, incredibly frustrating. Just come off an online game which finished 6-5. You might think that sounds exciting but when it's literally impossible to defend, I feel no satisfaction whatsoever. Stick with 11. Even if it wasn't for this massive fault with the game, there are no real advancements of any substance, the getting promoted thing online is no different to 11s increasing online level. Do we really need a new FIFA every year? It's going the same way as pro evo. Anyone else out there fancy making a new footy game???? Coz this series looks to be losing its way once again.

  A True Football Game

| | See all MattyE88's reviews (1)

This Game Is for People that Love Football and Love to be involved in every minute of the Game(Including the new Defending System). Just like real Football you have to be switched on every minute of the game.

And this Game Does that.Top Notch EA and Too all you Peanuts who just like holding button and say you love football really take a look in the mirror.This Game was made for Genuine Football Lovers who like to use their Brain.


| | See all WILKIE92's reviews (1)

This fifa is the best football game off al time!!!
it is much more realistic than ever before!! the defending is amazing because you have to concentrate and make the correct decisions at the right times in order to stop opponents!! and the attascking is just as good!! while the new online mode draws u in and keeps you playing game after game!!

THE PEOPLE THAT SAY THIS GAME ISN'T GREAT ARE THOSE THAT CANT PLAY FIFA!! and those that like to just hold 1 button and be able to win!!
that's not football this year fifa is more realistic than ever


| | See all Kyle287's reviews (1)

I used to play fifa back in the 90's and then iss turned into pro evo and from there i had every pro ev from about 99 til 2011 last year i was scepticle about buying pro ev as i was aware it was getting worse and worse and all my friends had fifa and bragged about how good it was .... I played last years fifa and although enjoyed it it was stil nowhere near as good as pro evo and was too 'fifa-like' with set moves and the ball always going the same way and it just didnt seem to take as much skill as pro evo .... Anyway i downloaded the demo of this new fifa and they have basically made it more like pro evo than ever b4 i love the defending and am very good at it (most probably due to my pro evo background) and im not surprised to hear die hard fifa fans raving about the defending because they arent used to it , this is the best football game ive ever played on ... I have read very good reviews about the new pes but screw konami they have let there fans down every year ... And this fifa has changed me and many of my pro evo friends ! Best game ever pro evo gameplay with fifa graphics and rights and overall quality

  So Disapointed!

| | See all ktapps's reviews (1)

FIFA 11 was the first title that converted me from PES. Although i wasn't a massive fan it was fun to play.

So i was extremely let down by FIFA 12. They have changed things to a game that didn't need fixing. The whole new defensive system is pointless. I have played this for hours and still haven't got used to it. players run around you like your not even there and when you do manage to get a foot on the ball, the computer player still keeps the ball and knocks your player to the floor.

Also, attacking and passing is worse. No matter how long i wait for them, the wingers never run forward, even when i change tactics or move player tokens further up the pitch, so it feels like 2 attackers against 8 defenders. When i point directly to a player to pass, the cpu seems it would be funny to pass it in completley the wrong direction.

EA try to change so many aspects every year the it makes what is claimed to be 'real' football completely unrealistic and un-enjoyable. Don't waste your hard earn't money like i did.