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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  NOT MY GAME buy Watch dogs instead for a better story.

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I was excited for this game . VERY excited! But I was expecting a better story than the final product did. The characters are not likeable. The pass times grow boring after some time and are not very enjoyable. The " story" is long but it is so much of repetition. Enough of the bad news. THE GAMEPLAY! There is a great variety in the missions though many of them uses vechiles , the heist are great and exciting but some of the other missions feels like garbage compared to the heists. The map is huge but there aren't a huge amount of side missions. The online is not good at all and it is boring after a few hours. The graphics are amazing but this game is too realistic and that is what makes GTA5 boring.

  Good but could have been better

| | See all foxstar1's reviews (1)

Unlike others I found this game good at the beginning and the humour was also good but after a bit the characters personalities can wear a bit thin.
The map was huge but maybe my ps3(original)was not good enough and the noise it made with this game was distracting for me.
I have played since Vice City on PS2 and this is probably still the best yet. Maybe I am traditional because I missed the gym of San Andreas and missed the Jet missions.

  Awesome entertainment

| | See all MADSLC's reviews (19)

Some of the best art work and detail you will ever see. A great game in general and great GTA fun. So with that in mind, here are a few downsides...

No Vigilante - gutted.
No vehicle prompted missions ie get in a van and a mission starts.
No weapon pick ups.
Driving physics still weak and all cars oversteer chronically - bring back the GTA3 physics please!

On line is awful. I mean really, really bad. If you think that you can pick up your controller and pop a few caps in your mate then think again. It is now also a story mode whereby you have to complete missions to first train - for about an hour or so and then complete further missions to afford weapons. Bring back GTA4 on line please and don't waste our time again!


| | See all seb88hr's reviews (2)

dont believe the hype. the only good thing about this game is the story which you dont really get paid for until the end but then youve got nothing apart from cars and guns to spend it on, properties are pointless you don't get anything from them like when on vice city you bought a car sales garage you got special cars as a reward only money which is basically useless. theirs not a lot of modifications you can do e.g hair, tattoos, clothes, cars. no low-riders, no gangland adventures the map is rubbish mostly plain hills with nothing on them if you compare it to red dead redemption which felt like a real country very picturesque. i feel Ive paid for gta iv but with a new map really disappointing considering what titles rockstar have made between this one and gta iv

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  Los Santos baby!

| | See all stevie31's reviews (39)

Look to be honest this is a excellent game,the whole setback of the city out to the desert and countryside is stunning and keeping the framrates high is full credit to you rockstar! There is some minor glitches like popups here and there thats cuz of the amount of detail but a few seconds and its gone! The whole new mechanics of shooting is changed so just click onto and shoot and the driving is more realistic and damage to your cars is incredible! The detail to your character is excellent to from facial reactions and movement when falling to fighting to running etc and the storyline is very funny and excellent to! The graphics are excellent but heres the warning do not and i repeat do not let a child play this game the language,voilence and content is really strong! But other than that enjoy the ride in Los Santos!

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| | See all Gamebargains99's reviews (59)

The first couple of hours are a bit of a drag but once you are introduced to the incredibly amusing Trevor the game never ever lets up after that! Absolutely amazing game, the best of the series so far. I'm glad they've gone back to a bit of the San Andreas approach because that game, too, was awesome. GTA IV was way too serious and became worse as it went on. This game has the opposite: it just gets better and better! BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Gta 5

| | See all davearm's reviews (1)

Best game ever without a doubt,have one mission left and game complete.brilliant story ,graphics and over all game play,buy this you won't be disappointed.......we'll done rockstar.


| | See all Amashon's reviews (1)

Rockstar did an amazing job creating a game with some much to do, the gameplay is unmatched and the detail is flawless!

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  Game of The Year!

| | See all evamaya's reviews (1)

Rockstar Games really outdid themselves! This game catches your attention from the start and it's really hard to let go of the controller to take a bathroom break or feed your kids...

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