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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter - Limited Edition (With Battlefield 4 Beta Access)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

I got this game and tried it online. Its worse than the last... the campaign was enjoyable in MOH, honour. This one is shocking! I didnt even bother to finish this game and its just a poor poor attempt to keep up with COD and it fails BIG TIME. Cod doesnt exactly float my boat as much these days but at least they try. And have other qualities such as 3D. This has nothing!

  Hop and Drop!

| | See all oggyfroggy's reviews (11)

Not to bad a game, graphic's could have been better, and the game a little longer, but all in all not to bad. muliplayer is manic, and good fun.

  the perfect game

| | See all hammy3121's reviews (2)

This game has everything, the best graphics i have seen on ps3, incredible story, sounds, realism and multiplayer. I have played pretty much every fps on the ps3 as well as black ops 2 which is terrible and warfighter ranks right at the top alongside modern warfare3. You will not regret buying this game.

  O dear

| | See all biggeebapbap's reviews (1)

campaign is far to short completed in less than 10 hours story was ok , the in game colour looked like it was washed out , the mulitplayer just like battlefield in ways and respawning is a pain the buddy system does not work to well when you and your buddy don't stick together. EA could do better poor value for 40 quid

  Okay and that's it

| | See all Wattybuckan's reviews (7)

The game play is just to flakey. The sniper mode is just not very good. Different ways to kick a door in...really? It's an okay game while you wait for the main attraction.....Not bad but not good, okay if you've got a spare 40 if not wait or COD

  Not Bad, but not as good as the previous one

| | See all Propensity2sale's reviews (9)

This is not a bad game, the campagin is not as long as the first one and nowhere near as good either. The first ones campaign was absolutely amazing. The story has some good moments, but no really hig impact and exciting ones like the first. This tells more of a personal story and the impact it can have on the loves ones back home. The online is as the first one


| | See all MadJon39's reviews (5)

What could have been a really good game has been let down, by a number of issues that have already been raised in early reviews. Very poor online game play. Does not come close to call of duty. Some of levels are too dark. Too many levels at kicking doors down. The sniper level could have been so much better. If you could actually hit the target when aiming. You can see this being traded in when COD comes out.

  utter garbage

| | See all sharkeyfinn's reviews (4)

sorry but as it stands at the moment the multiplayer is terrible,the voice chat doesnt work its laggy glitchy(spawn off map) hit detection is horrendous(i mag to kill oneshotted to be killed) no break in respawning you have to get straight back in leaving no time to sort your loadout. there are many things to list,its just another over hyped poorly executed game which we are seeing more and more of these days. i havent played the solo game yet...but do you really want to spend this sort of money on a solo campaign that you know you will be finished before days end????