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007: GoldenEye - Reloaded (PlayStation Move Compatible)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  classic bond

| | See all JensonButton09's reviews (9)

i have to say i loved the first goldeneye and spent alot of time on it as a kid as did most people my age when the new one came along i didnt expect a remake as that wouldnt have been good enough the frist bond game was good for its time but it had no real rival now the new game has the basic same level dam , run way , jungle etc all redone to a good level i really enjoyed this game its nice to relive some memerys and even if you never played the frist it well worth playing this with smooth controls and graphics a good flow through the levels and not a bad story remake etheir

  not good

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

if i hadnt ever played modern warfare then i may have given this 2 stars but as it stands this is a dull, repetitive shooter that does not capture the magic of the original goldeneye. the game look dreadful and dated and the gameplay is sloppy. avoid.

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  Avoid like the plague

| | See all DevonsElmo's reviews (1)

very poor, first person like the 90s, slow repetative and dull dull dull. If you die quickly you have to wait 30 seconds for the check point to reload, the guns are the same, even on hard you can be shot thousands of times, the enemy come from places that don't exist or have been cleared. Enough said. oh but wait, the on line game, jerky, poor graphics weak game play terrible. On only 2 occasions have I stopped playing a game, one was back in the 80s on my Mega Drive.No prizes for guessing the second.

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  Goldeneye Reloaded fails to live up to my expetations

| | See all KiwiHammers's reviews (1)

I really do remember the good old days, when i was around eight years old, and couldn't stop playing Goldeneye 007 on my N64.
I mean, lets face it... that game was a masterpiece in the First Person shooter genre. The game lasted fairly long, and the multiplayer sessions were just too fun.

Back in 2010, Eurocom released the remake of Goldeneye, to ensure that the true fans could get the finest memories back. Unfortunately, that's just not the case with the HD version or the Wii version.

Gameplay is just on par with standard shooters out on the market. The campaign is just a complete rip-off from the "Call of Duty" games. The massive action-sequences are just tedious and linear. There are no Car-chases (aside from a excessive chase in St. Petersburg involving the classic Tank). The story isn't as catchy as i'd hope, and some of the voice acting (Ouromov, Valentine, Natalya) are just terrible at times. Daniel Craig performs his voice acting admirably better, along with the man who provides the voice for Alec. Another Issue is that there is never any real chemistry between Bond and Natalya, her role in this game is just far to small.

However, the game isn't all terrible.
The stealth moments in the game are very exciting, whether you choose to subdue the guards by either shoot them with your silenced handgun, or use a cool takedown by pressing the R3 button.
The locations can look pretty impressive too, especially the last chapter in Nigeria. And of course, let's not forget the soundtrack, which really makes the bond-feel more obvious.

Multiplayer is fine though, but not at fun as the N64 version. That's it!

All in all:
An okay game, but that's it. FPS gamers look somewhere else, and Bond fans, it's a rent or a pass on this one.
In my opinion, Blood Stone, had more variety, even though that game wasn't the best either. God, I miss "Everything or Nothing"

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| | See all KingLeema's reviews (2)

I wanted to love this game. I really did WANT to love this game. But, you know what, EA needs to step up on the Bond franchise. For years, our favourite spy has languished in the 'ho-hum, kind of average' category, and this falls right in there.

Goldeneye was a classic, hands down, but like that re-make of your favourite classic movie, this just doesn't live up to the original. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad game. It's just an average shooter. The problem with EA is that they are so lazy when it comes to game design. Their idea of a challenge is to throw 100 bad guys at you. That's OK if all you want to do is blast away with no regard for story of gameplay, but Bond deserves better. If this wasn't a Bond title, I wouldn't have bothered. But as a lifelong Bond fan, I had to play it. So I did, and was disappointed. Come on EA, put some effort in, like you did with Everything or Nothing.

Having said all this, for the price currently on site, you could do a lot worse. Just don't expect to re-live your memories of an N64 classic.

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  Great game!

| | See all Tininha's reviews (1)

Quick delivery,great graphics, great Xmas present. Very good product and as described. Brand New, Original package.

  A Refreshing Reboot

| | See all mikey310192's reviews (4)

Well for starters I'm certainly impressed with how varied, but still faithful the story in this game was to the original. It follows the basic concept but with a few changes here or there that certainly had a little bit of wow factor.

The MI6 Ops mode is also a great addition to the game, though it'd be nice to see just a little more in that division, instead of the same 3 or 4 types of mission. Perhaps a split-screen variant for co-op players to run through?

My disappointment with the game is the multiplayer/split-screen. Online is great, though it's a shame that the split-screen element with AI players has not been added, as is with the original N64 game. That would have been great.

I have to say I was a little let down by the fact that the satellite level (the cradle) is not part of the game, though that was changed in the story entirely.

Anyways, great play and worth the money! Though the campaign could have been stretched a little more...

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