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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  career mode is awful!!!

| | See all thegamer211's reviews (2)

i love fifa but fifa 12 really is annoying. i am manchester united i win the league but due to the difficulty mode i dont always win the champ lge. if i dont win this every year i get sacked!!!!! Also which annoys me is wayne rooney demands a transfer even though i have won everything after two or three seasons and even after u refuse his request the board sell him anyway???? sorry but this does not make sense.Also i think the skill are boring and could of been better only messi and ronaldo have great skills but they are not the only two players in the world that can do ball skills!
hopefully fifa 13 is much better than this because iv had enuf of fifa12!!!!

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  best fifa in the series so far

| | See all kades2000's reviews (3)

great game, the new defensive system is great once you get used to it

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  Great Game !!

| | See all mattselectronics's reviews (4)

This is by far the best fifa ever. I began playing fifa 12 thinking "Woooooah"...it was so different to all the other fifa's. the improvement is massive compared to the previous ones.

New features:

Impact engine- It definitely improves the realism of the game but is flawed. You will concede penalties for no apparent reason and there will be some collisions where players react very strangely...Look on youtube it's hilarious.

Gameplay- the shooting is now more realistic. There is a smaller gap in the power bar between hitting a weak shot and smashing one over the bar. I find the movement, passing and playability better as well. It seems to do what I want more. One downside is that I do sometimes feel that the gameplay is a bit repetitive...It doesn't quite have the same unpredictability of real life football. Skill moves are also easier than in past years to learn. They feel more intuitive

Graphics/Presentation: Brilliant graphics, some of the best you'll see on consoles today! game faces are well done although they still look a tad like waxworks. Stadiums and menus all good. Menus are easy to navigate.

Online: This is where it slips up a bit...If you lose connection online it counts it as a loss. This is very frustrating, especially when you were winning 3-0 GRRR! Ultimate team is good but they do seem to try and rake the money in as much as they can. I really don't like this side of it. Head to head seasons is great (a mode in which you have to try and get to division 1 by getting 16 points from 10 games in each division). Friendly matches and 11v11 team games are also great fun!

Offline: I personally feel that manager mode has been improved greatly from previous years. The money issues of previous years also seem better...

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  Fifa does it again

| | See all Simico92's reviews (3)

From the moment I bought my PS3 I knew the 1st game I was going to buy was Fifa 09 and then I was won over, then came Fifa 10 & Fifa 11 who I thought that's it EA are at there peak with Fifa 11 nothing could beat this in the future. How wrong I was, Fifa 12 delivers a whole new Footballing Experience, I can't describe how fluid and real it feels, the players actually look like the real life stars, with Wayne Rooney for example you can see the difference on his head, after his transplant. Other stars like Joe Hart, Xabi Alonso, John Terry, Carlos Tevez and many more look exactly like they do on the pitch, there has been many changes to Fifa 12 with the introduction of the impact engine, precision dribbling and most noticeable of all tactical defending which I think make's it feel borderline real. Many of the reviews I've seen on here slagging off tactical defending, which I can't understand. But for me Fifa 12 is a must buy for any footballing fan, I wait eagerly for late 2012 when Fifa 13 gets released I wonder what will be changed what will be altered and which will come out on top for game of the year.

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  Utter disappointment

| | See all Spikeymackai's reviews (1)

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! I would rate it zero stars if I could! I am a BIG FIFA fan, have been all my life. I don't know what they were thinking with this version but it is truly awful! I'm not the greatest in the world, but not am I a complete moron, which this game makes you out to be! Don't think you'll get a fair game at all - you won't! You can't attack as it insists on you passing the ball anywhere but where you direct it, and should you ever get through on goal, you'll likely think an open goal is a gimme - it's not, it'll still make you try and hit the corner flag! Defending is atrocious, the new system is completely crass - you will not be allowed to defend, tackle, speed up (attacking or defending!), and 50-50 headers are likely to go 100-0 in the CPUs favour! I bought this game being an avid fan and dismissing negative reviews I'd read, but now I've played, I can't believe I've wasted my money! Shame on EA! No redeeming factors! You have been warned!

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  Best football game ever

| | See all daveswann's reviews (2)

FIFA 12 is a great game. Still more to come i'm guessing by the next installment. I've always been a FIFA person never liked pro evo and i like to play a game where the club names are player names are real not made up. FIFA will always bee the best in my eyes

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  Great potential but...

| | See all Cucullin's reviews (12)

For me career mode is everything so my review is based on this primarily. Fifa 12s gameplay on a basic level is adventurous, but my god after 2 weeks of trying I couldnt take being beaten 5-0 in each game just because I couldn't get used to their new defence control system. I tried remapping the buttons which helped but just a waste of time. Once I changed back to the 'normal' controls I enjoyed it alot more.

As soon as I started playing this game I realised that I now had to wait up to 3-4 seconds for a player to actually do what I tell them to. This is the single most annoying thing for me. In real life if I decide to kick a ball I do it almost instantly. I often find myself screaming at the TV asking them to please kick the F***ing ball. Fifa 11 was better for this. I could honestly talk for hours about this game but I'm going to make my own little twist on this review.

I honestly feel that EA sports purposely give and take from each Fifa title so they have something to add to the next. I suppose they probably think that if they made the perfect title people would'nt be as pushed to buy the next one. I just dont get it. Certain things like removing the ability to buy and upgrade stadiums as one example just seems daft to me otherwise. Why remove cool features from a game?

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| | See all Bagz1984's reviews (1)

First time ive bought a FIFA game, always been a Pro Lad!. Got to say glad i did, LOVE IT!, Got used it now! Online is GREAT the league mode etc!. Played 10, won 7, los 2, drew 1!

Come ON!

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| | See all FLIRTONI's reviews (17)

The worst fifa yet i have had previous fifa's like 09,10 & 11 these were fantastic online gameplay was great. But the new tactical defending makes defending harder - especially online you can easily get beaten by faster players, hope they don't do this for the next fifa if so i won't be buying.

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  FIFA 12 Scores!

| | See all hartspiros's reviews (9)

Brilliant game, best in the series so far and surpasses any other football game in the current market. Ignore the FIFA haters. I switched from FIFA to Evo about 5 years ago, I came back for FIFA 10 and have stayed with FIFA since then. I don't have a loyalty to either brand of game but having played both FIFA and Evo over the past 10 years I can safely say that FIFA 12 is one of the best footy games I've played ever. It can be tricky to master (especially against the CPU on harder difficulties) and it requires a footballing brain to play it well. If you don't like your games to challenge you, have no footballing brain, no creativity, have a taste for second rate entertainment then choose Evo. Else do the right thing; sack of the Evo franchise until they start developing their games to justify you spending your 40 quid a year and get this and enjoy the EA master class in football gaming.

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