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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Agreeing with other reviews, a massive disappointment!

| | See all JoshRobinson's reviews (3)

Having been a fan of the FIFA games for a good few years, I got the latest installment this Christmas and have been nothing but disappointed...

There a few nice improvements, transfer deadline day on career mode, having ultimate team on the disc rather than online etc but the graphics aren't any sharper, the players look equally realistic.

The game has become so much more frustrating, on any of the higher difficulties, defending is ten times harder.. And yes, where it is more realistic, I dont think the majority of the loyal gamers to the brand will want the fine details, they want to get on it with their mates and enjoy it the way it usually is. If you want realistic action, get outside!!

Massively disappointed, waste of money. Will go back to PES next Christmas.


| | See all dragon23's reviews (27)

Played this game and enjoy it however it only comes off the shelf if family over or online playing... otherwise its collecting dust but still by far the best football game out there....

  Best one so far

| | See all TommoJ's reviews (4)

It did take a little time to get used to but once you do it's a very good game. The new defending system makes it a lot more realistic. You can still play out the high scoring games against your mates but it's more rewarding this time.

  I take it all back!

| | See all kevstar27's reviews (14)

When I wrote my original review for this game I only gave it two stars and called it "poor" but I now take that back. I should've played it a bit more, given it more time and now that I actually have, I can honestly say that my opinion has changed alot - FIFA 12 is a fantastic game.

One of the things that did put me off at first was the new "Tactical Defending" system as I (like many other people) found it quite difficult to get to grips with. However, with a bit of perseverance I started to find it quite easy and can now safely say that it's a brilliant addition from EA. Marking players and keeping your teams shape is more easier than in previous FIFA's and the fact that you have to time tackles just right make defending almost as pleasurable as scoring a goal.

The "Player Impact" system is also a great addition and is really noticeable. Players injuries are now far more realistic and the ref even does 'drop ball' for teams to give back possession after a stoppage, it's quite smart.

You can edit the style of play in great detail including how tight or loose you want yours or your opponents (CPU) defenders to mark, how much error should be applied/reduced to shots, passing and crossing plus increasing/decreasing the goalkeeper's ability so in essence you don't have to stick with just the usual difficulty modes, they are there to be edited 'til your content.

Graphics are fantastic, the new menu layout is nice and even the soundtrack is a winner in my opinion so well done EA, FIFA 12 is a piece of footballing greatness (once you get used to the new features!)

  good but not the best fifa

| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

EA have made alot of changes to this years fifa, most notably a massive change in the way teams defend. a new system called tactical defending is what its all about where you can control other defenders around you that would normally be controlled by the computer. you can also pull on players shirts that go past you amongst other changes that have been brought in to this years edition, if however you prefer the controls from previous fifas then you can revert back to those settings in the main menu. this years game is alot more realistic and goes alot more in depth with the career mode and online gaming. i personally like the changes that have been brought in but do agree with some people that it does make the games less enjoyable and does take the fun out of it a bit but to be honest in previous fifas you could score some pretty easy goals a lot against the AI so in that respect im glad of the changes.

  Very good!

| | See all ryanmangan123's reviews (1)

Really Big improvement i think on fifa 11. a lot more realistic and despite it being a lot harder, especially defending its all about the realism! the defending just takes a little bit of getting used to. worst thing about it, the songs! but thats not enough to knock it down from a 5 star review

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  way too hard

| | See all jibbajabba76's reviews (13)

after playing for a few weeks i have to say this is way too hard. you cannot take your eye off the ball for a second because the oppo will score and there is nothing you can do about it. The AI all play like lionel messi and will rung rings round you. forget about sliding tackling because you won't get near them.
spend ages trying to carve out 1 chance in 10 and then the oppo score on their first attack. i just lost 2-1 to a team. i had 10 shots, hit the bar three times, they crossed twice, twice my defence stood still and they scored twice. they had no other shots. really really frustrating!!!

it's great what they have done to the career mode this year but unless you play it on semi you will get whipped. The AI are 5 times better than you at all times and lap up every pass, through ball and rebound.

where has the fun gone FIFA?

As usual though you get the best from these games playing with a mate as their useless defending leaves big holes in midfield and defence. There are also tons of options and modes in this game.

i always used to find a new PES tough and after a while you would master it and really enjoy it. i just don't see this happening in FIFA12 it feels too unbalanced.

i could add that it's ultra realistic as i'm playing as Millwall and we can barely score let alone win :)

  Fifa 11 still owns the show.

| | See all KUBS25's reviews (2)

I think EA have tried to do to much to this years addition, they have tried to make dribbling more precise but it has actually worsened, Fifa 11 dribbling was fine. The new defensive system is not very good takes a lot of time to get used. All in all actually quite disappointed.

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  Fifa 0 - 1 PES

| | See all thebigbad82's reviews (1)

This year after believing all the hype surrounding FIFA 12 I thought I'd try it for a change, big mistake. Come on, playing a football game is about sticking it in when you have a spare 20 - 30 mins or you've got the lads round and FIFA is just too serious and zaps the fun out of it. For me it has zero playability as it's just too hard. Having played the Pro Evo demo for comparison and it's way better and more fun. I'll be sticking to the Pro Evo's from now on.

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