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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Great value RPG

| | See all Badmfzombiekiller's reviews (3)

I love this kinda game when you can get stuck into the whole far fetched storyline and lose yourself for couple of hrs. It's immersive, fun and the familiar upgrade system keeps you wanting more as you twist and turn your way through the game. I never really quite got my head around the hacking but managed to blag my way to the end of the game. In all a very good gaming experience. And for a tenner you can't go wrong at that price.


| | See all WilsonInacio's reviews (10)

Awsome game: great graphics, very good story and gameplay. Customisation is easy and fun, and the game is challenging. I recommend.

  A Really Great Game

| | See all MassiveAcid's reviews (7)

I wasn't sure what I'd expect to find in this game, given the mixed reviews and opinions of different people who had played the game. Some said the game is awesome, others said it was just okay, or not really that impressive.

To describe this game, I'd say, MSG comes to mind, but then also FPS games like MW2 and such. Also a bit of splinter cell maybe? You can play this game differently, depending on what you upgrade, and your own style, and in some instances you will be forced to play it as a shooter (example boss fights).

I was impressed by the graphics, the smooth frame rate, the environment, and other smaller details. Even though I think they could have done a much better job if they wanted to, but you can't have a perfect game. The main character is pretty cool, the dialogue options I like the idea, similar to 'Heavy Rain' and 'Mass Effect 2'. The story is solid, I wouldn't say original, but they did attempt to keep it as original as they could. Nonetheless unique in its own way. Soundtrack is great, and the music compliments the game, giving you a very unique connection.

Few flaws I wish to point out: The voice acting, well, its apparent to me that they recorded in a room with Reverberation that doesn't match the scenes in the game, but that's too picky of me to even point out. Its a minor thing really. But the quality of the voice of the characters are superb. Another big disappointment is the replay value. I was expecting a 'continue with the current powers second play' kinda thing, but nope. Although that doesn't stop you from playing the 2nd and 3rd time perhaps, because of how many upgrades you may not be able to do within one play-through, which means you can play the game completely differently the 2nd time, and so on. Other than that, I wish the game was longer. I guess there is an extra mission through DLC? They should have put it in this package! Really.

I still recommend this game. At that price, I could not resist.


| | See all bubble81's reviews (16)

This is one of the best games i have played for a long time and it really is the sort of game you can't put down once u start. Gameplay is excellent and the game is quite long and can be real challengeing if not on the easy level. Well worth the money.

  PS2 graphics, a lot of rough edges.

| | See all DonKuan's reviews (6)

Don't get trick by the game clips. It's nothing like that.

The game play graphics is absolutely dated like PS2 and the characters movement during conversation are jerky and unreal. The voices & sound are okay, it is nothing special. The speech is very robotic and the environment is simply lack of atmosphere.

It's different league compare to Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Red Dead Redemption.

It seems to me that the developer could improve the PS3 port a lot but released early instead. Very disappointed. Maybe that's why they push the price down and I am glad I got it for a tenner.

  An Absolute BARGAIN.

| | See all JoshRobinson's reviews (3)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the best games I've ever played; and is an absolute bargain that I'd get everyone to buy with their Christmas money!!

Your character, Jensen, plays his way around the world looking for answers after an ambush at the beginning of the game... You can choose to upgrade various "augmentations" to give you advantages through the game, however, you do not have enough time to upgrade everything, therefore your choices determine how you'll have to play the game later on... You can choose to play the game shooting through enemies, using the wide range of weapons and explosives, or try and be as stealthy as possible, hacking into security systems and side rooms.. You could probably play this game twice and play each level in a different way!

  For £10, this is a MUSTBUY!!!

| | See all Austyn's reviews (2)

Honestly, this is an absolute steal at this price, and having played it, i would of spent full price on it aswell. This is a game not to be ignored. Absolutely perfect balance of combat/stealth and upgrading elements to satisfy most, however i cant stress enough to play this on the hardest difficulty to get the most satisfaction out of it. The "missing link" dlc that can be picked up is definitly worth the extra cash aswell, giving about 5 hours more of gameplay and alot of great features.

In short, if you are not sure, or on the fence on whether to pick this up, do not hesitate, GET IT!

  Amazing value!!

| | See all daveyboy86's reviews (1)

I had not heard much about this game but found it at this bargain price. After playing and enjoying the first Deus Ex many years ago I was a bit aprahensive that the game was this cheap, but my god what a bargain it's turned out to be!!!

After having a spell of not playing much ps3 lately this is easily the best game I've played in some time! The story is very immersive and the augmentation system is brilliant to say the least.

What really takes this game to a new level is the sheer amount of ways to approach each mission - may it be a stealthy approach, guns blazing or a compromise somewhere inbetween.

While not as expansive a world as say the Fallout games, the world of Deus Ex is still a fair size and free roaming. I would say I prefer the enclosed city backdrops as it keeps the player interested, while not having to travel for ages to get to the next mission point.

Having not yet completed the game this is a premature review, but from what I have played through thus far I would definitely recommend this game to any RPG fan. And at this price, what's to lose?!

  dude buy buy buy

| | See all jetboyjoe's reviews (1)

one of the best games ive played on... oh believe me once you on the game you find it hard to get off. 10/10 tip take the game slow never rush remember never take the easy rouite tho it seems easy lisen its not lol look for tunel path ways this will deffo help this game is about thinking outside the box your always thinking. and at this price you cant go wrong thanks play.com :)