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Battlefield 3

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Total waste of money

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

I thought Id give this game a go. I really dont know what all the fuss it about. Yeah the maps are big, but the graphics are weak, it is very glitchy and if you are new to the game you die within two seconds of spawning whilst you are trying it out. which becomes very frustrating. I gave it enough time to know that Id wasted my money and that it would be an instant trade in... I thought cod had become very predictable, yet I dont really think its in danger of being knocked off its perch if this is its best competition!!


| | See all willdastoner's reviews (5)

iv had this game for about 8 months and im still hooked I used to love cod but ever since I played this i haven't played cod once defiantly the best shooter out the would recommend


| | See all JJPAGE's reviews (1)

Winner games of year better than cod it true go try it... Gonna love it... Beat mw3 and bops ... Best game of year.


| | See all rashidhumine's reviews (1)

I also have both Mw3 and Bf3 but i have to say Bf3 is a clear winner in terms of online gameplay, dont get me wrong Mw3 is also good but CoD is pretty much the same as before, anyways enough about Mw3, Bf3 is amazing when playing online as its so much more intense at times, i love the fighter jets, the graphics is amazing im sure everyone knows by now and for me its the best looking Fps atm. I gave it a 4 star as the story mode isnt that good, only a few missions that i liked but it felt unfinished for me. But overall if your looking for a new challenge in the Fps genre then i suggest you pick this up and start flying :)

  MUST BUY!!!!!

| | See all miller5850's reviews (2)

This game is awsome , single player is great and the muliplayer is the best u can get , i was always a fan of call of duty and never thought much of battlefield 2 but battlefield 3 is another level , brilliant game and a must buy !!!


| | See all Joshua2009Morris's reviews (8)

I have recently bought this game and have 8-9 hours of multiplayer game time. I can't comment on the campaign as I only did the first mission then went straight to multiplayer.

My initial thoughts on multiplayer were very negative, I found the aiming ridiculous, I just couldn't find the right sensitivity, there just didn't seem to be that middle ground, it was either too high or way too slow. I was thinking i had made a big mistake with this purchase, but I really wanted to like this game (I LOVED bad company 2) so I kept playing. After a couple more hours I really started enjoying it, I was dying a lot, but I was just focusing on supplying team mates with ammo or medic packs and I gained a lot of experience points which lead to unlocking attachments for weapons.

Since unlocking those attachment it has made the aiming better, I have adapted to the style of the game, TEAM WORK! I am finishing each game with a positive K/D and a lot of points. That's the thing I love most about BF3, the fact that you can get points from anything! suppressive fire, kill assist, capturing objectives, destroying vehicles, defending objectives, reviving team mates, resupplying team mates, the game just rewards you for everything!.

I give the multiplayer 9/10, it really does feel like what I imagine a battlefield to be like :)

  Battlefield 3

| | See all YaggaMcC's reviews (1)

Campaign mode was very good However as with MW and Black Ops the value is in the MP Mode This failed badly No connection in some zone connection dropped in others Game now back in box after one weeks play

  good game

| | See all batttlingjimmy179's reviews (10)

this game is fantastic its in the range of call of duty but you cant compare this game to it because this game has got its good things as cod does if you are a shooter fan i would advise you to get this game


| | See all steewaart's reviews (2)

This is an absolute must have! Got it yesterday and played it for hours. Amazing grafics, smooth gameplay, spicy missions. It's got it all. I'm going to stop writing and play some more battlefield!