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Battlefield 3

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  great game the best

| | See all goldboy's reviews (3)

This game is the best game in the universe great multiplayer and awseome weapons great campaign a little short but fantastic buy it today!

  Best Multiplayer around!

| | See all Murray5543's reviews (5)

I will start outright by saying the single player is boring and done completely wrong. But that doesnt matter in the slightest because the multiplayer is where its at!!

The cooperation between players is brilliant, where a great little bit of team work really pays off and is greatly satisfying. Even more than that it means that each game is an entirely different experience based upon the cooperation and good team play by players as well as individual performances.

It is so much more rewarding the mindless run and gun of the MW series. I find this to get a bit old after a while, and is easily visible when comparing all the recent COD games, where the multiplayer is just a carbon copy of the last and with no true intrigue offered, this game offers it and so, SO much more!!

  Super game. Only issue is the servers

| | See all Brianiwooster's reviews (2)

This is a super game. Endless gameplay. New map pack is amazing. The only issue and to be fair its a big one is the servers tend to go down a lot and the headset's are a bit hit and miss. Hopefully Dice will sort this out as this game has a hugh following just like BFBC2. Must buy game.

  Better than mw3

| | See all Glitched's reviews (3)

Considering everyone is comparing to mw3 I'm going to do the same.
What you get in modern warfare what you don't get in battlefield,

Glitches, campers, just a mess running round the maps, stupid second chance,as in battlefield,only another player can revive you.
Unfair teams- all the time
Knife glitches
Little kids playing the game which is rated 18!
People arguing because you have just nicked his kill! As in battlefield 3 you work as a team.
Respawning on top of the person that has just killed you. As in battlefield 3 you get to choose where you want to respawn.
Stupid sound effects every time you level up it's worse this time because you level your weapons up aswell!
Personally I think battlefield is a much better gameplay with amazing sound effects, specially if you play it through turtle beach headphones.

I would stick to playing cod black ops so much better than mw3!! Or obviously battlefield 3

  First Battlefield I've played and...

| | See all Akabane's reviews (3)

I played 12 hours straight!
This is very funny and entertaining to play. The fact that you can use a ton of vehicles is a very nice feature. It's always a lot of fun when I play with my friends, whether we're playing on the PS3 and talking on Skype on the computer or whether someone's playing and the other ones are watching.
The fact that you might be running to climb over a wall that gets blasted to pieces by a tank is always awesome, and also what's pretty cool is that sometimes the airplanes shoot a missile that passes right by your head and destroys a building that's behind you or next to you.

Anyway, at this price you cannot hesitate! Buy it!

  Showing CoD how to make FPShooters . . .

| | See all Goatboy1974's reviews (3)

I don't have much time to write but I don't dislike CoD at all, in fact I fell in love with FPS because of CoD, but CoD have not moved on. Battlefield 3 has very realistic sound effects, I've not been to war, but I'm guessing there's no other game as close in terms of sound. The graphics aren't as shiny and perfect as CoD but this is war, when was war shiny and perfect? I think the more grainy graphics make it more realistic. Whilst it's a first person shooter you can still have a lot of fun with this game even if you're ageing a bit, as I am, and aren't quite as reactive as those on-line players who are 15 years your junior. You need good tactics for your team to win, have excellent tactics and at can make up for, in part, a lesser skill. But you need a brain for it . . . unlike CoD which is just gungho and requires very little thought. CoD hasn't moved on but Battlefield 3 has and it's taken the destructabilty seen in the earlier games one step further. I could go on but time doesn't allow it . . . but if you're only going to buy one FPS this year buy Battlefield 3.

  When it came down to it i went for Battlefield 3.

| | See all wwekevin's reviews (54)

Why are modern warfare fanboys rating if you cant handle it don't bash it. I played alot of bad company 2 then once battlefield 3 came out i was more than happy to buy it instead of modern warfare 3. The campaign is average with some good moments not enough to keep you playinig again and again but it does offer excellent graphics, destruction and audio even the co op is pretty decent. Multiplayer well its the king nothing comes close to it with really good maps and gameplay and a really good overall experience but my only problem is that the graphics don't seem to be as good as the singleplayer. Theres alot of fun to be had ok you do get dominated by snipers and ocasional campers possible cod players but the game is worth it even though modern warfare 3 had the better campaign. Cod players listen it requires skill and team work to win not camping the whole game. Anyone who liked bad company 2 i recommend this obviously for the unbeatable multiplayer or if your like me i like both cod (treyarch ones) i play both. SERIOUSLY MODERN WARFARE FANBOYS STAY AWAY!!! Yeah i have owned all cods except modern warfare 3 so im no fanboy.

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  Don't Bother Buying

| | See all baz2baz's reviews (1)

Being a big MW fan I thought I would try BF3 just to see what all the hype was about! Well I wish I hadn't bothered you respawn in the same place you were killed and then get killed by the same person again !!!! The maps may be bigger than MW3 but the maps aren't as detailed,yes you be able to blow a hole in a wall and destroy the odd tree. The game just doesn't draw you in like MW3. Sorry BF3 R.I.P.

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  Amazing - Still playing from release date

| | See all Johnson1980's reviews (4)

This game is a must have for any self respecting fps lover! That is all

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