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Battlefield 3

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Truely fantastic game.

| | See all Brooke5000's reviews (1)

Got this and loved it straight away. Soon as modern Warefare 3 came out I bought that and tried it but found myself going straight back to this. 5 Stars

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  Slick and action packed

| | See all wanorak's reviews (8)

Loving BF3. Multiplayer has a lot to offer whether you want to run and gun as part of a squad or snipe from a far with the recon kit. The different kit classes are well balanced with various upgrades available as you progress. The vehicles offer an added dimension too, in the form of jet fighters, choppers and tanks, all complete with their own upgrades. I haven't even touched the campaign yet because multiplayer just keeps on giving! The visuals and sound design are first class and the maps are epic.
The only negative is the servers. Sometimes it can take ages to get on the game mode you want. oh yeah and people hogging the jets.
Overall this game is genre defining and, for me, represents the pinnacle of first person shooters.

  loved it!

| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

loved this game, great graphics, sound, storyline etc. probably preferred the 2nd one to this but still a great game. only reason i give 4 stars instead of 5 is because the game crashes a lot and i know many people have had the same issue, why this is i don't know? top game though!

  Must have

| | See all Benjamin121's reviews (1)

This is one of the best FPS I have ever played
I have logged over 40 hours and still im entertained but people may say your a addict but hey if I'm a addict then it must be a good game then so people say mw3 is better but I would disagree what would you prefer realism when gravity actually has a effect like in real life but if you like false firing then go for mw3 n yes I have played them both n battlefield is worth more than cod

  OK but not great

| | See all trubaz's reviews (2)

I have played all MW and like it's simplicity and thought I would take up the superior challange of BF3 as I got bored with quickscopers and campers . Rush and Conquest are good and you get to drive/fly lots of vehicles but if you like Team Death matches then MW is the better of the two. Both franchises are good and both are frustrating in their own ways, for example I shot an RPG at 3 opponents hitting all 3 in BF3 and never got 1 kill. It is mad! You can blow up buildings with RPG's but killing an opponent with one is difficult. MW3 is exactly like MW2 but with different maps and again can easily frustrate. Both games are good and both are engaging but both are very annoying. BF3 is more than just Team Death matches but if that is all you crave then go for MW3. I would rate both games the same but for different merits.

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| | See all bezzzina's reviews (3)

Well, I have both MW3 and Battlefield 3 and can say that both are great games. For me this game is a must buy this year. MW3 has so much more problems in it than Battlefield. such as LAG, quickscoping , camping, deathstreaks. it makes it impossible to play somtimes. On the other hand, Battlefield 3 also has issues like somtimes you have to run for miles until you get to your objectives. Like i said both have issues but MW3 has more problems in it. For me its BATTLEFIELD 3 for the win this year.
and PLEASE dont take notice of stupid kids who say Battlefield3 is junk because its not. Im a COD fan bdw and only stating whats true.

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| | See all FPShooterNo1's reviews (1)

i have always been a call of duty fan but i thought id give this a try i went all the way to my local town to WASTE 30pound it is by far the worst FPS i have ever played the multiplayer pre-game lobby is horrific you cannot leave nor create classes i playeed this for 23 minutes and i have turnt it off and is now sat covered in dust.. the guns are out of control also.... want a FPS go for mw3

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  Cod vs BF3

| | See all dragon23's reviews (27)

you cannot compare the 2 games as they are both good in their own rights..... BF3 has better maps and helicopters jets etc... cod has that smooth playability and easier to use.. both get 4 stars in their own right and both in my collection.... both worth playing and both will be played...

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